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July 29, 2015

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by MH Eleva Residential Elevators here in San Miguel. MH designs, fabricates, installs and services dumbwaiter type elevators here in San Miguel.

Our elevators comply with all US safety standard. * We are located here in San Miguel, so if the elevator need repair we can be there the same day. * We have 24-hour emergency service. * We do service every 12 months; the first service after 3 months is free. * We have our own building crew so we can retrofit elevators to existing houses. * We have our own architect and design crew in case you want help with a custom design. * Our system does not require a “machine room,” so no need to take up extra space in the house with machinery. * We make a lot of the parts for our elevators right here in San Miguel and can therefore keep the cost down. * We make export parts for elevators to USA, which attests to the quality of our work. webpage:,

  English: Mats Hammarlund Tel: (415)155-8111, Spanish ask for Fransisco Aragon Tel: (415)1558111 From USA: (213) 291-1840 email us:  or

(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash! We send out 2000 emails to the membership once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)
Your VIP Club Welcomes EmbarKdero, Plaza Alondiga, 415-103-3153, open at 1 pm. each day ‘til 8 pm. Monday and Tuesday, ‘til 10 pm. Wednesdays through Saturdays and Sundays ‘til 6 pm.    Various seafood specialties along with favorite Mexican dishes, full bar. VIP Club members can take 10% off their bill when paying in cash.

Embarcadero too is affiliated with the newly located La Sirena Gorda . . . off the corner of Umaran and Hernandez Macias. La Sirena Gorda, with a roomier location, full bar, serving the same great tostadas served at the Barranca location but now with an expanded menu. Tuesday to Saturday 1 pm ‘til 11:30 pm. Sundays ‘til 7:30 pm.  Luis is your host. 10% off cash.

El Manantiel, Barranca #78. El Manantiel Cantina offers a delicious seafood menu. They will be expanding their set menu shortly. On Thursdays it’s 2 X 1 margaritas; Tuesdays it’s always 2 X 1 tostadas.

Now there is “Take a Taxi” Tuesday. On Tuesdays, take a Taxi from anywhere inside San Miguel, get a nota remission from the driver and hand it in with your check and El Manantial will take the taxi fare, for the ride up the hill, off your bill! El Manantial still takes 10% off VIP Club members’ bills when paying cash. Jose Luis and Pepe are your gracious hosts.
Your VIP Club Welcome Tannat Restaurant, Ancha de San Antonio #67, 415-117-6994. The small and charming restaurant features Uruguayan style cooking with pastas and meat loaf being their two specialties. Tannat offers a modest yet ambitious wine selection. Monica and Jose Manuel, formally of The Restaurant fame, are your hosts.

Your VIP Club welcomes The Pain Medical Center, 415-100-6920  The Pain Center says they offer a profound natural spine and joint French therapy focused on those issues but not solely limited to spine and joint disorders. Contact them for a free evaluation. Read all about their procedures and services. VIP Club members can get 10% off all treatments. We had no choice and asked, they’re very sorry but they can’t do anything about Heart Ache!
Look out for the Bug!
Late coming info but thank you VIP Club member Dirk Bakker seeing to it that VIP Club members can get 10% off San Miguel’s 37th Chamber Music Festival tickets if they buy either the full season or a half season! Here’s a chance to see and hear 11-stunning, world-class, chamber music right in our hometown. Tickets must be purchased at the box office. No rebates on previous ticket sales. From 31 July until 22 August. All performances at 7 pm. at Angela Peralta. See for schedules etc.

Aguamiel                                                              Antigua Trattatoria Roma
VIP Club members Mort Erlich and Norma Richman are having a garage sale, Saturday, August 1 with unusual and decorative items, including Mexican Antiques, Santos, Textiles, Old Pottery, Folk Art, at Cuesta de San Jose #29, 152-8180. No time sent in so I am guessing morning to early afternoon hours.

Cafe Contento                                                 Cafe Rama

Look out! Here comes the Bug!

Cumpanio                                                      Cielo 13

San Miguel these days has four, quality, on-line magazines and information guides: San Miguel Scene is one with in depth stories about happenings in San Miguel: Events San Miguel is another showing what’s gone on during the week and week end: and last but not least The San Miguel Market Place your local classified ads special: Also to find important information always click on Access San Miguel:

Members: Need a phone # to a VIP Cub establishment? Need an address? Need the hours? Need to know the amount of discount etc.? Know that 24/7/365 at you can find what info your'r looking for info you’re looking for.

Queso de Luna  


Sabores and Salsa has closed! Thank you Maria for your generosity and best wishes in the future!
Coming Soon San Miguel’s Fashion Bug!

The Food Factory                        

Vivali Cafe

Heal Up: Weeda Moss
R. I. P. and aloha to brother, Joseph Dispensa
Thank you for your loyal and continuous support.
Your VIP Club of San Miguel


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