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July 08, 2008


Your VIP Club wishes to clarify the rumors as Your Club officially welcomes Sierra Nevada Hotel Restaurants back into the VIP Club. Sierra Nevada was a charter restaurant member since 2000 for six years but when Orient Express took over they cancelled their membership until they felt their house was in order. The CONTRACT goes into effect JULY 15. Members will be able to take off 15% off their food and beverage bill when paying cash and 10% when paying via credit card at both the Centro and parque locations.

There was a slight glitch but we want members to know that Ole-Ole, on Loreto, is a member in good standing offering 10% off the bill for VIP Club members.

VIP Club participating restaurant Antigua Trattoria Roma, Zacateros and Codo celebrates one year under new management. VIP Club members are entitled to a complimentary Sambuca Romano, when dining and showing their card.

A big gracias to Bugambilia and Villa Mira Sol Hotel Restaurants for their generous offering to members during the month of June!

Some members have received duplicate newsflashes in the past. For some reason, certain members were posted twice in our address book. We think we have straightened this part out. If you are still receiving duplicates, please contact us so we can correct the situation! (gracias)

We have been overwhelmed with requests by members to announce events within our informal newsflashes. Your Club can not always print all the information verbatim. We do our best but must abbreviate messages. We often take the brunt of criticism for misspellings in Spanish. (Thank you Tom Frazee and Henry Vermillion) We don't mind so much the good-natured ribbing laid on us but we do not have the time and energy to double check the spelling in your messages.

Many of our establishments and establishments owned by members have a slew of entertainment and events this month. Below are some of the events that are happening.

It's the Coen Brothers week at Market Bistro's, Alex Phillips Theater. Three showings a day, 1:30, 4 and 7 p.m. Line up's in Atencion.

Romanos: In the new and remodeled back patio: Each Wednesday, Anita & Beto specialize in Klezmer and Gypsy music. On Thursdays it's usually Parker and Young, strong vocals in duet with sounds we grew up with. Friday features, Billie Rose, who sings soulful blues and plays guitar and the reviews have been "outstanding." Saturdays it's Jorge Rodriguez a fine singer and guitar player singing Mexican ballads.

Also mark your calendars for Tuesday, July 15, at Romanos. Back by popular demand is a terrific slide show with great scenes of San Miguel at 8 p.m., with accompanying, rich, recorded music provided by Marilyn Peterson. DVD copies can be had with proceeds going to charity. For more info about events and home delivery at Romanos Call Dave or Patrice at 15-26454

Here's a message from member Rodrigo Gariby, It's the Summer of Love Story Dinner! . . . Renowned vocalist & wellness expert, Dreah Pennington, sings the jazzy, sultry story of love that will take you from the first blush of infatuation to the rush of falling in love along with the deep spiritual commitment of true love. Enjoy a lovely dinner under the stars or in the Grande Sala, inspired by all of the phases of love at the incredibly romantic, Rancho Lemuria, and listen to a rare talent who is only in Mexico for one more week and then she's back to Italy! (We couldn't have said more lovingly ourselves) this event is Thursday, 10th July, 7:30 p.m. $350 pesos Dinner begins promptly at 8:00 p.m. Space is limited so get your tickets early. Reserved seating only - no tickets available on night of performance. Ticket info at: or call 473-102-4355.

BTW: Rodrigo is your VIP Club's in-house veterinarian who offers discounts on his services. He charges a fat 50 pesos to clip your animals' nails. From now on he can only afford to give members a 10% discount on the minimum of $300 pesos worth of care. (gracias)

Also on July 10, Topo Viejo, Stirling Dickinson 28, Plaza Pueblito, Col San Antonio will present The Cross Border Trio, at 9 p.m. featuring pianist Joshua White. This group travels the U.S. Central America and the Caribbean. Admission $150 pesos. Also on Wednesdays, there's live Jazz at Limerick on Umaran starting at 9 p.m.

VIP Club participating restaurant Arte Vivo Restaurante, Sollano 28, is opening a swank gallery inside the salon of their location with lamps and other furniture accessories, according to Arte Vivo, many of these items have never been seen in San Miguel. All are invited, on Friday, July 11, at 7 p.m. for wine and d'oeuvres and also, at Arte Vivo, the next night, Arte Vivo will provide a top-notch disc jockey spinning hit records from the 50s and 60s for dancing on their picturesque terrace.

VIP participating member Kris Rudolph owner of Buen Cafe, Jesus and Cuadrante, is having one of her famous trunk sales, Sunday, July 20, from 11-4, featuring: textiles, jewelry, baskets, carpets, home decorating items, pillows, bedspreads etc. Kris travels the globe to bring sanmiguelense these items.

Member Kim Powell is touting, "Doc Makes A House Call!" She says, "Please join us for an extraordinary evening concert with legendary Doc Severinsen and El Ritmo de la Vida (Gil y Cartas). Bring your pocketbooks and participate in a silent art auction with renowned artist and jewelers. Come learn about all that is being done and all that needs to be done for the cats and dogs of the San Miguel de Allende area. Savory international cuisine will be passed and all drinks included in your evening at Casa Jazmin located just outside town with lovely views of San Miguel. Tuesday, July 22nd, 6 - 10 p,m. Tickets 1,000 pesos. Tickets on sale online at or at Border Crossings, Solutions, or La Conexion.

For profession house inspections, that will hold water in the eyes of bankers, city inspectors etc., contact Gordon Logan at 154-6918 or e-mail for info at

Want something different? Consider Harry's sensational brunch on Saturday and Sundays, start at 10 a.m. 'til 2 p.m. The brunch menu includes entrees such as Eggs Sardo, (with artichoke hearts), or Eggs Oslo, (with smoked Salmon), or two types of Eggs fillet, all served Benedict style smothered in rich hollandaise sauce, plus Eggs Constitution, Eggs baked, smothered with Oaxaca cheese with mushrooms and fresh fried beans stuffed inside, The weekend brunch also includes the standards, such as regular breakfast dishes, French Toast, Monte Cristo Sandwich and much more, it's very reasonable and includes a fruit plate. Also, do know that Harry's has free, two-hour parking for customers who use the valet parking at Hotel Sautto.

Your VIP Club participating dentist, Doctora Karla Carter (english spoken), who offers our membrship 10% off, is now in San Miguel, not only on Friday and Saturdays but from now on, on Mondays too. See your VIP Club webpage for her info

Do you know where your VIP Club Card is? If you don't contact us here, ASAP for a replacement.

Regardless of what you may have heard, it is not a sin to save money. The whole world is boo-hooing that business stinks with signs of recession and shortages etc. So, why not save a peso or a buck? USE your card and show the colors. Take advantage of Your Club's services. Show.

Get better and heal up Christine Conway!
Congrats to Robbie (formally bagel face) Mantooth and Stephanie on the birth of their second baby. (Still no name but it's another boy!
Good luck on moving to Austin to members Max and Martha Holmes!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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