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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Your San Miguel VIP Club celebrated 10 continuous years of operating this past June. Back in 2000 we brought a kernel of an idea to fruition. The VIP Club is as good of a deal today as it was back then, perhaps better. Your Club has more restaurants (almost 50) and other services (almost 50) moreso than in its entire history. Our membership is robust and diversified. Your Club enjoys an enormous renewal rate, why? because it works. And Your Club will work hard at bringing its membership more good deals.

One member indicated, when asked about renewal, and sort of pooh-poohed that some restaurants only give 10% and it wasn't worth it to him. Bear in mind that most restaurants have raised their prices more than 10% in the past two years! So being a member is like not paying for the "price increases" and also bear in mind, tequila is no longer about 35-40 pesos a pop; for a good reposado it's more like 55-60-65 pesos and maybe even more depending on the establishment; fine bottles of wines are 400-600 pesos. This isn't Kansas anymore!

Not so long ago one could have a steak dinner in town for under 100 pesos; fat chance in this market. You can't blame the restaurants because they're facing increases in rents and other essential expenses. All-and-all Your Club figures it has saved its members 100s of thousands in pesos and maybe even a million or more in the past ten years.

Our membership has enabled our participating establishments to increase their gross sales and develop new customers. Put a white hat on us if you may. We want to especially thank those of you who have been with us since the very beginning and there are a slew of you (thank you!) and we'll never forget those who have passed on who also were instrumental in You Club's success. Without those initial members we may not have gotten off the ground.

Lastly, all members are guaranteed to save money above and beyond their dues and if any member feels they did not get their money back at no fault of their own, Your Club will REFUND them their dues.

Mucho Mahalos, Lou.

OK! OK! OK! Enough of the posturing. We mentioned in our last newsflash that Laboratorio de Analisis Clinicos "La Lejona" with two locations, Hidalgo #26 and Vincente Araisza, #7, in Colonia, Lejona, were offering a staggering discount to celebrate their new location. For now, both locations will offer 20% off blood, stool and urine tests providing the bill comes to over 200 pesos. See details at

VIP Club participating restaurant Mezzanine is having an open house Grand Opening at Cuna de Allende #11, inside Plaza Vista Hermosa, this Friday July 16, 7 - 9 p.m. See attachment.

VIP Club participating restaurant Ten-Ten Pie, corner of Cuna Allende and Cuadrante, has just installed a new, spiffy bar. Drop by and see Juan and have a couple of tastes, open late serving your favorite spirits and best of all, Juan takes the card and has inexpensive Mexican dishes!

Say, added to Berlin Bar's, Umaran #19, diversified and authentic German menu there are a few more new specials being served all summer.

See VIP Club member's Lulu Torbert's photograph exhibit: Battered Cars and Explosions at Cafe Iberico until July 18.

The raves have come in about VIP Club member, Mayer Shacter's fantastic and rare serape collection proudly on display at Bella Artes until August 1.

VIP Club member Tom Frazee's wife, Teresa, is revitalized her Spanish Lesson classes both at Biblioteca and or at your location. For more info call 152-4310.

VIP Club member Doug Henning, retired M.D., has formed Medicos del Bajio and is offering a space-age Microcurrent Facial for total face and body rejuvenation. Doc says the Microcurrent reduces fine lines, wrinkles and firms the skin. He's offering VIP Club members 50% off the usual price and for just $35 USD or equal in pesos one can be treated to a one hour session. (You'll need your card) Call for appointment at 152-5886 or local cel: 122-0749.

Talk about fitness . . . Fitness International, Salida de Celaya, just past Mega, gives VIP Club members 20% off their initial sign up fee and 10% off monthly dues. The fitness center also has private trainers, dance and zumba classes, and other activities that can tone you up or build you up and let the titan who lives inside of you show themselves.

VIP Club member Rebecca Fass wants all to know that there will be a fund raiser benefiting The Oz Project and Lavender Project, July 19, after 7 p.m. at Sunset Bar, 101 Mesones. Cafe Iberico will provide the bontanas. Oh yeah, it's a bachelors auction, with some of San Miguel's most eligible bachelors available to the highest bidder. Date packages are provided by VIP Club member restaurants, Cafe Iberico and The Restaurant. Plus Planta Baja (none participating restaurant) is also involved. Both men and women are invited to come place bids on these hunks. It should be a stud filled meat market and fun for all. Reservations available at Sunset Bar with 100 peso deposit credited toward your tab.

Here's a notice sent by VIP Club participating establishment: Arthur Murray Dance Studios:

"If you love watching people dance and eating good food, you won't want to miss the Arthur Murray® First Anniversary Party on Friday July 30th! We will be featuring Tiafau and Marie Purcell from Brigham Young University and the whole Arthur Murray® staff performing everything from Foxtrot to Argentine Tango to Cha Cha to Waltz--more than 20 numbers in all. It will be an unbelievable show and will even feature some of the actual costumes from Dancing with the Stars® Season 10. A delicious dinner will be catered by Baile Café and will include: Copa Kabobs, Watermelon Soup, Mango Tango Fish, and a surprise dessert. Champagne will be complementary. Other alcoholic drinks will also be available.

Here is the schedule and ticket information:

7:00 pm Doors Open to VIP and General ticket holders 7:30 pm Dinner and Professional Dance Show 9:00 pm General Dancing until midnight, doors open to dance-only ticket holders

$600 pesos VIP (seating in the ballroom for pro show, dinner, champagne) ONLY 25 STILL AVAILABLE $500 pesos General (seating on the patio for show, dinner, champagne) ONLY 35 STILL AVAILABLE $200 pesos Dancing Only (champagne, snacks and dancing only---arrive after the show at 9:00 pm) ONLY 25 STILL AVAILABLE

Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to call today for yours! 152-0095. See you there because this is one show you don't want to miss.

Christie Olvera Owner

Looking ahead, VIP Club member Ken Bichel will be having a special concert the end of August, and for Mexico's Bicentennial and Centennial look for some outstanding House and Garden Tour in September. We'll post exact dates and times in forthcoming flashes.

Do you know where your VIP Club Card is? Report here for immediate replacement.

R.I.P. Ellen Gary

Heal Well: Bob Remak

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club



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