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Friday, June 01, 2012

This news flash is brought to you by the merger of San Miguel G7 and Viajes San Miguel shuttle, now with many more services!

The joint venture is now one company with 45 vans and 10 sedans, a fleet upgraded and designed to provide 24-hour a day service almost anywhere in the Bajio region including to-and-from Mexico City! Highly trained bilingual guides! June specials include, to-or-fro, BJX, Leon airport $26 USD. Round trip just $50 USD. Mexico City to downtown or to the airport from SMA, $70 USD (minimum 2 people) each way. Private tours and airline tickets also available. Call for reservations, 152-2538 or emergency # cel 415-114-0383, (Click on their ad on the VIP Club web page).


Lots of news!

First off: Viajes San Miguel and VIP Club San Miguel Sweepstakes!

First Place Prize: Win accommodations for two, six days, seven nights, at Beach Bungalow Hotel, "Bahia de La Luna" 1000 yards of private beach on the Pacific Ocean. "It's like a tropical island," pure nature- get-away resort. Excellent kitchen, best food south of Acapulco. Detlev & Dagmar, Berlin - Cafe San Miguel are co-owners. (Black out dates, two week Christmas and Easter Holidays.) Prize must be cashed in during one year's time.

2nd Place Prize: Dinner for six including bottle of wine at Harry's!

3rd Place Prize: Round Trip: free shuttle, San Miguel -- BJX. Shuttle company : Viajes San Miguel & G7!

4th Place Prize: All you can eat gourmet meal at Berlin Restaurant for two, including a bottle of wine.

5th Place Prize: Complimentary VIP Club membership for one full year.

Here's the Sweepstakes . . . Between now and August 15th take a "guesstimate" at what the visitor count will be on the VIP Club's web page clicker (on the right side column of the home page or at the bottom of this News page), guessing what the count will be at 23:59, August 31st, 2012. The closest numbers (over or under) will determine the winners. (Flip of the coin will decide all ties)

Rules: Each participant is limited to three entries per email address over the course of the sweepstakes. Send name, phone and estimated visitor count to

Subject line MUST SAY: “VIP Club Sweepstakes” Entries omitting the words "VIP Club Sweepstakes" on the Subject line will "not" be valid!

Sweepstake entries will close at 11:59 pm. August 15.

Here's a little help, present clicker count as of midnight May 31 is 174,017 and for the last three months there have been 1,764 hits. So, figure, by August 31, the count should be somewhat higher considering the sweepstakes!

More News!

Your VIP Club welcomes back, MEZZANINE, Cuna Allende #11, 152-2799, a fine restaurant deep inside Hotel Vista Hermosa Taboado, and up the stairs to the Mezzanine floor. Mezzanine offers an array of fantastic and authentic French-Portuguese dishes, now including home-made Mexican meals. Hours Tuesday - Wednesdays, lunch only, Noon - 6 p.m.,Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, lunch and dinner until 11 pm. Sundays, Noon 'till 6 pm. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill when paying cash.

More News!

Your VIP Club has made new arrangements for deeper discounts with Unisono, San Miguel's wireless communication company now under new management. Members receive a 500 peso discount from the 3,000 peso set up fee, making the initial investment 2,500 pesos. Plus, VIP Club members who pay up front for a year will receive a whopping 20% discount exclusively for VIP Club members or a 5% discount for a 6-month payment.

There's more folks . . . Unisono now has a new Vonage-like phone service for locals. 550 pesos a month will buy you unlimited calls to the U.S. and Mexico, including cel phone calls. One can have both a U.S. (any area code) or Mexican phone number (Mexican #s are Queretaro, Mexico City and Monterrey area code numbers). Either, or, comes for the 550 peso price for month, or if one wants both a U.S. and a Mexican # it costs 150 pesos more a month but wait, VIP Club members get a 10% discount off the above. For more info call 152-6331.

We're far from done gang! . . . Auto insurance, or let's call it anything on wheels insurance. Your VIP Club has hooked up with Qualitas, a name brand. national. auto insurance company with a great reputation. Let's say you don't bother with Mexican car insurance because you hardly use your car in San Miguel and when you do, you rarely go over 15 miles per hour. But wait, what if you want to take a jaunt to the beach, or a fast trip to the border, or to the big city, well now, using Qualitas, you can buy auto insurance for just one day, or just one week, or one month or one year. Your choice. Right now this deal is strictly for foreign plated cars and the deal for VIP Club members is 20% off their posted rates! Qualitas insures cars, trucks, motor-cycles or bikes, trailers, campers and anything on wheels. Next month, Your Club and Qualitas, will be able to offer a discount to VIP Club members who have national plates, but for now, just those vehicles foreign plates. If any of you are up in the States or Canada presently and need insurance prior to crossing the border, no problem, just call and make arrangements with Alejandra at 185-8541 or her cel at 415-100-3857, Salida de Celaya #59, local #4, or, credit cards accepted.

Your VIP Club has entered an arrangement with Rancho Los Labradores and their Cielito Lindo assisted living project. If you, or any of your relatives, consider quality, assisted living, Cielito Lindo is a proven and caring facility, not far outside town on the road to Dolores. Your Club can attest first hand the care this facility and its professional staff render to those who may no longer be able to care for themselves. Inscription fee is $3,000 USD but VIP club members may take off for themselves or loved ones 10%. Daily care rates are $50 USD a day and VIP Club members also can deduct 10% off the list price for any of their time frames. In addition, those who sign up will enable San Miguel favorite son, and Cielito Lindo patient, Don Clay, to have a one-time 200 dollar deduction taken off his monthly charges. Don, a stroke victim, who has been under Cielito Lindo's care for a couple of years. Don's friends have been impressed at the kindness and generosity extended towards Don and continue to raise money finding ways enabling Don to stay at the facility, as is the professional and benevolent staff at Cielito Lindo. For more info, click on Cielito Lindo's advertisement on the VIP club webpage on the "health and beauty" page.

The fellows at Providencia Gas and owners of Marnier Purified Water want to thank VIP Club members for their valued business. Both companies say our membership has made a huge difference and have helped with sales and they are glad to be able to offer the membership the discounts they provide. Save on Gas and Save on purified Water!

VIP Club participating restaurant Dragon Chino now accepts credit cards and they have a portable credit card accepter they can employ at your location when you order home delivery (120 peso minimum). VIP Club members, when calling, should provide their VIP Card # over the phone, prior to showing the card once the food arrives. The discount will then be applied. Home deliveries were not part of the VIP Club program beforehand with Dragon nor were credit cards, but now both are! Plus Monday through Friday, it's 2x1 for Tequila, Rum and Vodka, Fridays still 2x1 beer. Dragon Chino is now air-conditioned in their newly remodeled restaurant. For great Chinese food, rather it be at their location, to-go, or home delivery consider Dragon Chino.

The Spring Break great deals are still in vogue at Harry's and Berlin. At Harry's. it's 3 X 1 for beer wine and on certain spirits, 3:30 pm. until 5:30, and then 2 X 1 extended until 9 pm. at the bar only. Inside the dining room take 50% off second main course! At Berlin women drink house drinks (beer, wine, national spirits for FREE during all open hours and with selected meals, each day, it's 2 X 1 for designated dishes. These deals are happening at both restaurants until June 15.

VIP Club sponsor and participating business, Fitness International, is offering FREE months during June and July! With the purchase of a: *Three-month package you get one, free month, *Six-month package you get two, free months, *One year package you get four, free months! Applicable restrictions (When a special there are no additional discounts)

If any members are in need for a temporary yard man or all around help or perhaps a housekeeper for even one day, think about contacting your VIP Club and take advantage of Your Club's new, temporary, reliable help program. We have staff ready and willing, rather it be half a day or full day, or just one day or more steady work. Rates vary from 200 pesos for half a day to a bit more for all day. Cab fare will be added on for those who reside outside town. For house help email us back at Vipsanmiguel Email

VIP Club member, Haily Nicols, has a shout out about her Paradise interior design business posted in an attachment below!

VIP Club participating auto repair business, Clinica Automotriz, has new hours: 8:30 - 2:00 pm, and 4:00 - 6:30!

It's aloha and adios for Dila's and Mama Tina's Restaurants, closed! We wish to thank the management of both enterprises for their generosity and wish them great luck in the very near future.

VIP Club participating establishment, Moonrise, now has summer hours, 10:00 - 6:00 pm. now closed both Saturdays and Sundays!

We wanted to expand, in this news flash, about the diversity of our ethnic restaurants. Yet with some of the new deals that we have wrestled out of the bushes this plate of News Flash looks mighty full and sometimes we can't get it all out without being obviously "wordy." Still we were hoping to talk more about some of our other restaurants this go around but time and space won't allow. We are blessed to have a great line up of restaurants. Also, it is obvious Your Club is making strides to provide the membership with a wide selection of businesses eager to have your business and just as eager to save you money. Your Club implores you might always consider shopping local first. We all need each other! And if you have gotten this far and have let your membership lapse and you live a good deal of the time in San Miguel, and then haven't renewed, do realize . . . ah, forget about it!

Happy Trails: Dila

Heal Up: Susan Evans

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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