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"Happy Fathers Day!
"Happy Day of the Locos!". . . (Aren't we all?)

he value of the VIP Club membership continues to sky-rocket! Generous and smart merchants are interested in Your business, not just once but for a lifetime, willing to give locals a price break! Need something? Check out the Club's diversified line-up of restaurants and more:

"VIP Club dues will remain the same throughout 2018!"

We're asking members to follow and like the VIP Club Card on Facebook! We post updates daily along with last minute news, including plenty of yummy photos from our VIP Club participating restaurants.

Great News! Cumpanio and Panio bakeries/panadaries, are now offering at all three locations, (Correo, Relox and Salida de la Celaya) VIP Club members 10% discount when paying cash! (Minimum purchase 300 pesos)


The restaurant section at Cumpanio, on Correo, has long offered members a 10% discount . The bakery was exempt. All Cumpanio and Panio locations offer a 10% discount on all baked goods.

Panio, the restaurant, Salida de Celaya #69, now offers the same Cumpanio discount to members (10%). Welcome: Panio!


Wednesday, June 20
Gil Gutierrez​
David Mendoza
Ruben Olvera

Thursday, June 21
Gil Gutierrez​
David Mendoza
Ruben Olvera

BHAJI (New location Correo #48

New location Correo #48.

Your VIP Club welcomes: Sophie's Make Up and Skin Care and Merak Hair Studio!

Both Sophie's and Merak share space but are two separate entities, Ancha de San Antonio #9A, in the rear. to the left; see the steps; take them up. Sophie's 415-156-3160 -Ramon, 415-688-1309 - 415 -115 -7133.

The hair stylist, Ramon Salazar, formally with Andre is a long time local hair stylist with a good following. We wish Ramon and Sophie much success! Sophie has received raves from ladies in the know. Members get 10% off services, cash or credit card.

MON BISTRO (at Ventanas)

VIP Club participating restaurant Mivida, Hernandez Macias #97, has expanded and added to their Italian-themed restaurant the Deli, "Molto Rico!"

Open daily 10 am. - 9:00 pm. daily, except Tuesdays,
"Molto Rico," inside Mivida offers: Homemade croissants, sandwiches, salads, pastas, mermelada, tomato, bolognese, pesto sauces biscotti, sweet tarts, granola, grissini, dry-homemade pasta, gelato, coffee, fruit water, smoothies, tiramissu and more!

Your VIP Club welcomes The Opal Mine, Hernandez Macias #99, 154-6823, 11:00 am. Mon-Wed-Thurs 'til 7:30, Fri-Sat 'til 8:00 pm, Sundays 'til 6:00 pm. Closed Tuesdays.

Fine jewelry with Opal, precious stones in gold and silver design:  VIP members get 10% off at the Opal Mine

VIP Club participating Dentist, Dra. Eugena Beltran, Calzada de la Presa #43,152-2694, cel 415-566-4621,, has expanded her practice now specializing as an "Endodontist" while performing "Apical surgery." VIP Club members get 15% off the standard $3500 peso price for root canals reduced to $2975. That's a savings of $525 pesos!

VIP Club participating business Moonrise, with its full array of health-oriented products, is back up and running, Organos #29, 10 - am - 5 pm.

Apologies to our Maggie of Talula de la Lune, Pila Seca, in our last flash we misspelled her name. Please check out the smooth selection of sandals.




In our last flash, May 15th, we sadly reported the passing of Paul Fireman, a solid cat and the driving force behind Shaw Satellite TV. Maria Fireman, Paul's wife, desires members to know the recent Shaw Satellite upgrades haven't anything to do with Paul's passing. Both are strictly a coincidence.

Maria Fireman is now at the helm of Shaw Satellite Services here in San Miguel. All contracts and services will continue as usual.
VIP Club members still receive a $50 USD discount off the price of equipment requirements along with the first month's broadcast being free, a $90 USD savings. For details call: 120-0200 or cel 415-106-5600 or

World Cup Fans can rub knee caps with other World Cup junkies at:
BOND'S TERRANCE PUB, Hidalgo #30, upstairs!

Catch the early matches havie some Bloodies and Spanish/Coffee and snacks on Bond's Terrace.


Want to get away to the perfect beach-side hideaway?
Quaint rustic accommodations along with gourmet cuisine including a friendly staff at an affordable price.

WEGO will not only pick up and deliver your food orders when it rains or shines but they'll even deliver within 5 kilometers, small packages, documents, lost keys etc. Hours: Mondays - Saturdays, 10:30 am. - 9:00 pm., Sundays, 11:00 am. - 7:00 pm. Phone # 185-8100/ciento ochenta y cinco - ochenta y cien

Get Better: Tom Frazee
Heal up: Henry Vermillion
Heal up: Dick Avery
R. I. P. Maggie Bongiovanni
R. I. P. Greg Morton

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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