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Tuesday, June 18, 2014

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by Orient-Express' Sierra Nevada Hotel, the Laja Spa, Sazon's Cooking School/kitchen center and Andanza, Casa de Sierra Nevada Restaurant! Consider Sierra Nevada for weddings or special events or for a romantic, casual, elegant breakfast, lunch or dinner, or by relaxing at their first-class spa and so much more. The public at large is always welcomed at Sierra Nevada, San Miguel's bellwether luxury hotel and spa. Scan their new menu and taste some of the new items the chefs have put together. Your VIP Club Card is always welcomed at any Sierra Nevada restaurant or service with 15% off when paying cash and 10% when using Credit Card.

(Attention business people: Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out 1800 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


     Your VIP Club welcomes three, new eateries into Your Club!

The three are not big venues but never the less, all are diverse.

     Welcome: Luna de Queso, Salida a Celaya #51, 154-8122, open Monday through Friday 9 am. - 7 pm., Saturday 10 am. - 5 pm., closed Sundays. Marianna's the girl in the moon and runs a great deli type eatery and grocery store. They carry a vast array of, what else? cheeses, plus! Mariana, long-time amiga and a one time art student at Instituto Allende, some time ago, now show cases her artistic side as a restauranteur and cheese shop owner. VIP Club members may take 10% off, PREPARED FOOD served or for take out! One more time: PREPARED FOOD ONLY at Luna de Questo with 100 peso minimum cash.

    Your VIP Club Welcomes: La Bonita Restaurant, Canal #90, 152-1888, open 9 am - 10:30 p.m. Wednesdays through Mondays, Closed Tuesdays. La Bonita is a new restaurant. Your Club doesn't normally seek to enlist brand new restaurants but if you go for Tamales . . .  and we're not just talking the standard deliciousness in corn tusk kind but talking 27, count 'em! 27 different kinds and different flavored Tamales. We got the classic moles, or green sauced with chicken, Veracruz style, banana leaf with tomato sauce and chipotle, pork ribs etc. They got 'em Yucatan style too, with achiote, epazote with habernero chile with pork or chicken. Vegetarians delights, Rajas, with cheese, Purlsan with nopales and even Mediterranean with goat cheese, eggplant, black olives, zucchini, tomatoes sauces with chipotle. Like sweets? Hows Sweet with raisins or Pineapple and nut, blackberry with cheese, Guava, lord-have-mercy, NUTELLLA, Sweet carmel and more! We''ll go on a bit more: Pork chicharron, Oaxocan, green and red coastal, Chiapas kind and don't forgot , they make the Puebla kind too. 

     Also, 12-different type tasty atoles, to drink: Cajeta, capuchin o, coco, fresco, grosella, guayabal, licor de cafe, mocha, nuez, pina colada, rompope and tuti fruiti. Price for tamales are very reasonable 16 - 19 per and the atolls just 12 pesos a glass. They deliver! Order in advance for parties . . . VIP Club members take 10% off, 100 peso minimum!

     Welcome: Sakura Roll, home-delivery Sushi service, 123-0491. They have it all, with rolls, sushis and breaded makis. VIP members may take 10 off their orders when ordering 100 pesos or more, cash only.

     Your Club had a fruitful meeting with Providencia, our home delivery propane gas company. We are pressing Providencia for a tad more of a discount for the membership. Providencia is very grateful to VIP Club members, sensing the membership is the key ingredient that enabled them to get a foothold on the market here in SMA. Providencia wants members to know crackjack and honesty is an effort they are their drivers strive for. Prividencia now accepts major credit cards and still provide the discount and they said if they can sense an increase in VIP Club participation they will up the discount. 

     OK, members, it's up to you. Call the truck or the 800 # and if you want the small tanks or cylinders delivered to you home you can find all the numbers on the front page at Just click there.

    Hallmark VIP Club participating and German style restaurant and more, Berlin, has been serving up what has become popular specials amongst their regulars during the week. They are getting high marks. On Monday it's Italian-style meat loaf, a bit tangy, something tasty that Carlos has created. On Thursday, its' rib night, they're tender and juicy.

   Let's talk World Cup for just a moment. Just about every participating VIP Club restaurant has the TVs tuned into all the games. Yet specials we know about: Keith at Longhorn says free botanas served and 2 X 1 during games. Hank's! Hanks is offering an wide selection of spirit based drinks during all games!  Plus, La Mesa Grande will be showing as many World Cup games as they can with new wi-fi connected TV just for the games, as well as food and drink specials. For all Mexico games we will be selling Corona and Victoria beer at 2 for $40 pesos!) and staying open later on certain days to show the games, check out for updates and specials... or call us at 415.115.8757 to make a reservation for your

    VIP Club participating dentist, Dra. Claudia Llanes, wonders aloud why some dentists costs have skyrocketed. Dra. Llanes employs the very same Queretaro labs as many of the more expensive dentists use. Her care and talent genuine, equipment moder and prices reasonable, 20 de Enero # 17, 152-8044.

     Prolific local writer and VIP Club member, John Scherber, is weaving intriguing mystery plots again! John's methhodical sleuth and protagonist, Paul Zacker, latches on to the case. Check out his latest:  John's non-fiction, "A Place In The Heart," thoughtfully written for and about the expat experience is also worthwhile summertime reading:

    We have a slew of other talented VIP members. One such as member, Tom Pink is exhibiting exciting photographs on in the back of Berlin and also at VIP Club participating Thai/Oriental restaurant OKO. If ya like black and white . . .

   We also heard from Ruth. Now Ruth and her massage services have been participating in the club for some time. She is a local lady desiring to help relieve tension and stress with her tried and true methods.  So far, Ruth says, she hasn't had too many VIP Club members choose to enlist her services! Why not give Ruth a shot? Here is her particulars: Ruth Arguello , a 30 year resident and 11 year practitioner, comes to your home with her massage table for your privacy. She is certified in lymphatic, deep tissue, hot stone and therapeutic massage. Rates are $450 per 60 minute massage, $600 for 90 minutes. VIP Club members may take a 10% discount when you present your card at the time of your appointment. Also as a spiff to VIP members, recommend Ruth to your friends: if three show for a massage mentioning your name, the VIP Club member who recommended gets a free massage from Ruth! Call her at: 044-415-109-0331. Email San Miguel Massage

    Big shout out and kudos to Angela Lewis, who honchos La Pulga, for orchestrating another successful event at Sabores II at Parque Juarez. The event was super!

    Look for the reopening of VIP Club participating restaurant Orquedia moving to Zacteros #83.

    Your Club heard from Gary Peterson of midday rotary. The locally based selfless and giving group of sanmiguelenses do outstanding work in the community. They have a new web site: Consider checking it out. Also, Gary is now spearheading, "Feed the Hungry," another worthwhile San Miguel ex-pat led organization. Gary a busy man giving his time back to the community. Thumbs up, boss!

    Hey, members, Lee Carter moved his popular Zacateros gift and novelty shop, Colors,  just down the street to #48. The new spot looks great!

     Looking ahead, VIP Club member and master musician, Ken Bichel, will be performing a special piano concert come July 10 at Bellas Artes. (see attachment.)

    We have been placing some photos etc on as extras. For some of you, to see where certain dishes are served you might have to run your curser over the photo.

   Report lost or misplaced VIP Club Cards back to this address for immediate replacement.

    Read some of the newer restaurants and business establishments that recent have come aboard on accompanying attachment

    The VIP Club Card makes for a great gift. From now until July 31, want to buy a gift for a friend, well you as a member, we'll honor the grandfather price of 400 pesos for the new member you buy the card for. This deal can only occur through the club by emailing back to this address and not available at outlets.

R. I. P. Irv Kaczmerek

R. I. P. Sarah Clancy

R. I. P. Donna (Rays Win! Rays Win) Sharpe

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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