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Saturday, June 22, 2013

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Poppy's, opening soon, Ancha de San Antonio #9, just across from Hecho en Mexico. With decor reminding one of diners in the 1950s, Poppy's will be serving up yummy gourmet popcorn, in a host of flavors. The grand opening is June 30 but hold on . . . a dynamite party is planned for June 29th, a fund raiser for the SPA with a dance band playing rock n roll music from the '50s, professional dancers, BBQ dinner catered by Longhorn, and a huge raffle and auction with many premium donations! Tickets are 275 pesos and available to La Conexion on Aldama and at Longhorn! If you can't make the party do check out Poppy's and look for their special cart, soon enough, at the Saturday morning organic market. (see attachments for more info on Poppy's) Good luck Poppy's!

(Attention business owners: One can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash for 1000 pesos. We send out over 1600 once to twice a month!)


    Your VIP Club welcomes in two restaurants into the mix, in the form of something old and something new! 

     La Brasserie in front of Cafe Parroquia, Jesus, #11, has been a hallmark San Miguel dinner-house for years. La Brasserie opens Tuesday through Saturday, 5 pm  - 10 p.m. Valeria is your host, an expert cook, renowned for her international cuisne. Menu includes items such as pastas and salads, French inspired dishes, Mexican, tacos and mussels. La Brsserie offers VIP Club members 10% off when paying cash! La Brasserie offers a nightly full dinner special that includes multiple courses. THE NIGHTLY SPECIAL is not included in the VIP Club discount. It is already deeply discounted!

    Your Club also welcomes Santos Crudoteca, a new establishment, honchoed by some familiar faces in the San Miguel food and club scene. Crudoteca is a fun new neighborhood restaurant, Suspiros (#7, off Calle Nueva, near Rosewood and Cafe Rama) opened three weeks ago. SANTOS CRUDOTECA is serving delicious seafood dishes (think tacos, tostadas, chilpachole and more) and as a special treat for all you Canadians out there, they're also serving POUTINE! Chicken wings will be added to the menu soon. Drop by for a bite to eat or a drink and say hello! (Open noon to midnight, 6 days a week- closed Tuesdays. ) VIP club members can take 10% off their bill 100 peso minimum. 

     Your Club has engaged in enlightening pow-wows with a number of our participating businesses! We sat down with Katy from Oko, Plaza Alhondiga, in the shopping center across from Mega, home of very good Oriental cuisine and sushi. Oko says they love seeing VIP Club members but only one thing, they say they haven't seen that many new faces! Seems our members keep going back for the great synergy of flavors along with their discount but we sense there might be a huge portion of the membership who haven't tried Oko.           The bellwether noodle house serves up noodles and rice based dishes that includes: Chicken, Tofu, Shrimp and Beef, prepared Pad Thai style; Peanut Noodle; Coconut Curry and Stir Fry! Oko also features noodle bowls and yummy sandwiches and tacos, some with fish and all with an Oriental flair! Side dishes are grilled pineapple, roasted peppers, ancho chili, sweet corn and more! Also, full bar and Friday night dancing and Wednesday night movie and get down. (See the attached photos that highlight a sampling of Oko's cuisine!) 

    Other things we have learned, Omar, who runs Olimpia Zuniga, auto repair, service and tire, Celaya #68 offering members 10% off tune ups and oil changes and tire repair, air conditioning freon and more, while giving serious consideration to members on big engine or transmission jobs, says he wants to see more members and now wants members to know, during the month of July, Omar will give an extra 10% off the quoted price, exclusively to VIP Club members for body work and paint work! See Omar personally.

   A little bit about VIP Club decorum. The Club has always desired to be easy-going and flash some panache with just a few chump rules. A good many of our members are genuine mensches! On small bills many don't bother to employ the card, yet remember, as a representative of the club, various businesses really appreciate and hopes that their affiliation with the club brings them plus business! We ask, even if you do not use your card, please let the manager or owner know you might patronize their establishment because of the club. It will make them feel better about their participation and your membership! We don't want members to fib or embellish but please tell it like it is!

    Also, about tipping, we know that VIP club members might be the most generous and biggest tippers in town, yet the mission of the club is to save members money. Regardless, if you're a 10- 15-20% tipper, how about consider tipping on the full retail price, instead of the VIP discounted one. We never want to hurt our wait help! They are our front line spokes people to management about the club and its members! The work is hard and their hours long, so consider taking care of the wait help.

    One more thing! You'll help the efficiency of restaurants if you can remember to produce the card when asking for the bill! Not doing so dictates another walk back to the cashier to do some arithmetic, while readjusting the bill, making for an extra trip. At the same time, there might be natural concern that some funny stuff could happen! Our take: If funny stuff is going to happen, no matter who, what or when, funny stuff is gonna happen! 

    Thank you members for ingesting these few findings when we're out and about. We think our membership is the greatest and we think all businesses that participate in our program appreciate our robust membership who seek them out providing valued cash flow, as appreciative local merchants offer locals a break. Ya! Enough already!

    Back to the good stuff: Your VIP Club welcomes, Matrix, car wash and detail center, Stirling Dickinson #9. Forget about the pushy wise-guy rip offs car washers around town, use this long established car wash. Matrix, open Monday through Saturday, 8 - 8, Sunday's  9 - 2 p.m. 152-3371. Such a deal for VIP Club members: Wash and wax: Small car Reg. price, 170 pesos, VIP Club price, 145! Med Size, 240 vs VIP 205! and for SUV size ,280, reg. while VIP is 240! The guys know their job and other detail services are available. Show the Card!

    Your VIP Club welcomes Laika Boutique, at the entrance of Hotel Carmina, Cuna Allende, carrying a wide variety of women's fashions, shoes, bags, costume jewelry and much more! Open Mondays through Saturdays  9 a.m. - 8 p.m., Sundays 10 - 5 p.m. VIP Club members may take 10% off marked prices.

    From VIP club members Mark Johaningsmeir and Judith Jenya, about their IONS Community Discussion Group taking place at VIP Club participating restaurant Cafe Contento, Monday, June 24 at 5 p.m. (see attachment for further details)

    There are weekly happenings as we come into summer season. Kareoke! Friday nights at VIP Club participating establishment The Beer Company! We got dinner, dance lessons and dancing at VIP Club participating duo, Baile Cafe and Arthur Murray each and every Friday night, at the dance studio and accompanying restaurant. We will paste on details at the end of the flash! Oh, yeah, live entertainment at Cafe Rama, Friday evenings.

   Further more . . .  Is ya down to da like-wow bikini size, you so desire? . . .  If you think HCG could be the defining difference, contact Valerie at: Valerie just got in a new supply. She sells for 600 pesos a bottle! VIP Club members get 10% off that 600 peso price! See website: For those who have questions concerning side-effects etc. a 24-hour a day, free hotline is available.

    Then, come to think, what good's that perfect bikini body without a great smile? We also heard from VIP Club participating dentist Claudia Llanas: Lookie here! "Dentist Dr Claudia Llanas has the latest dental spa equipment to make patients more comfortable before, during and after their treatment.  Dr. Claudia offers the best dental care with spa pampering at a 15% discount for VIP members.  (They should show  their VIP card.).  She is located at 20 de Enero # 17, near Sterling Dickinson, Colonia San Antonio.  Her telephone numbers are (415) 152-8044 (office)  and (415) 101-2454 (cellular).  Smile!" That's right from Claudia's office, direct to you!

    See attachment below on the Tom Frazee, 69th birthday celebration and fund raiser.

    Still good until the end of the month: The "Never Worry About Keys Again," promotion is on all month at VIP Club participating business Counter Cultures. Read all about it at     

     Members might be interested reading the great article in the NY Times about our local merchant and member Patrice Wynne, plus we didn't get out the word because of deadlines about how Abrazos and other merchants, many VIP club participating businesses, like Fenicia, Middle Eastern Restaurant and Mesa Grande Restaurant and bakery, have a monthly Friday night walk:  Patrice Wynne Profile

Below is an Summertime, every Friday night happening Baile Cafe and Arthur Murray Dance Studio

VIP San Miguel


     VIP Club participating business and sponsor, Fitness International kicks off it summer specials all July and all August. Sign up for 3 months, get one month free, sign upf for 6 months, get two months free and sign up for a ful year and get four months free!

     Looking ahead: Don't miss the Big Show at the Angela Peralta on the evening of Wednesday, July 3, at the Angela Peralta. The Celebration of U.S. Independence will focus on music of the Big Band era played by a 20-piece Guanajuato orchestra. The supporting cast includes San Miguel's own Maria Sanchez, Johnny Favourite, and J.K. O'Connell singing the songs from the '30s, '40s and '50s. The Arthur Murray Dancers will perform on stage.

     Orchestra seats are reserved and cost 200 pesos each. Balcony and upper balcony sell for 150 and 100 pesos, respectively. They can be purchased at the A.P. Box Office, or at MX. Restaurant on San Francisco. If you are near Salida de Celaya, at Kuni Doni Restaurant.  Call VIP member David Bossman for additional information at 415-1013149. See Attachment.

     There's a movement underway about an event that takes place world wide, coined First Friday. Some movers and shakers about town are banging the drum about First Friday and if they can pull it off and it pans out, it will bring additional vitality and revenue to our town. We're still in the"we'll see" stage fo the intent is very good. We are posting a general letter at an attachment about First Friday. Read it at your leisure and look for future postings!

     VIP Club member and long time friend Muriel Royal is seeking employment. Muriel, a single mom, is long-long-time sanmiguelenses, totally bilingual and has vast experience in the real estate market along with knowing much about taxes and home maintenance etc. Contact Muriel at

     Members, Harold and Rita Green, wish to thank all those in the community who reached out to them, offering condolences regarding the death of their boy, Houston firefighter, Robert Garner!

     We have another tragedy in our midst! Eddy Kaczmarek, son of Antonieta and step son to Roberto Remak, both fellow members. Eddy was hit by a train mid month. He has been through a tough time with a series of operations and procedures! The bills are mounting up! There's a heartfelt letter, written by Tuli Harding (attached) indicating ways to help. We are one world but maybe even more so, we are one community. When the chips are down we try out best to reach out and lend a helping hand to one another. Read Tuli's letter and if moved to help the info is there.

Get better Eddy!

    Lost or misplaced cards? Don't be shy, report it to us so we'll get you a new one to insure you get your monies worth.

    Oh, yeah, Welcome to the 80 new members who joined your Club through AMPI, San Miguel's front line real-estate organization.

    Show your card and be nobody's fool.

Thank you for your loyal and continuous membership.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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