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VIP Club Newsflash

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by Dos Casas, San Miguel’s upscale spa housed inside Dos Casa's B & B, corner of Quebrada and Umaran, with the spa offering VIP Club members a generous 15% off services. All details, services and prices are clearly written in English and Spanish

Intuitive, inspiring and imaginative, Dos Casas Spa is a relaxed and holistic space where guests are invited to take a journey deep within. Our services create unique healing experiences, individually selected between guest and therapist, to provide personalized attention, therapeutic recuperation, and spiritual renovation.
Hours 9am – 9pm, Tuesdays 9am - 5 pm, Quebrada 101. Col. Centro
(415) 154 4958, Reservations

     Big Savings!
     Exclusively for VIP Club members, during July and August ONLY
, buy future airport shuttles from BajioGo, to-or-fro, Leon's or Queretaro's airports, to be used in the near-or-distant futur,e pay in advance, only $400 pesos ($21 USD) per shuttle! No limit on purchases
     For Mexico City's International Airport, VIP Club members, only, $1000 pesos each way ($54 USD) (double occupancy) to-or-fro. Single passengers pay $1850 pesos. (if another party signs up and accompanies a member, the member will be refunded 800 pesos, in cash, by the driver.
     Rules: Please read carefully: ALL purchases must be conducted over the phone, 152-1999 (ONLY ON THE PHONE) and ONLY by applying a MAJOR CREDIT CARD for shuttles. All taxes IVA etc INCLUDED! Prepaid shuttle purchases DO NOT HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE. VIP Club Members MUST provide BajioGo's reservation taker their VIP Club Card # and date of expiration! There's no limit on the amount of purchases.

     Your VIP Club Welcomes, Jacinto 1930 Restaurant, Relox #18, a relaxed atmosphere yet showcasing a casual elegance tucked inside San Miguel’s newest Concept House, 150-0075. Jacinto 1930 joins some of San Miguel’s now in vogue other popular chef driven restaurants, where food mavens seek out locally grown produce and product while then wielding their skills having their concoctions explode with natural and unique flavors.

Chefs; Enrique Farjeat and Mateo Sales,
all-stars in their field, seasoned and respected within the San Miguel Restaurant scene, have merged talents. Prior to Jacinto 1930 they've both have spun their magic at VIP Club participating restaurants Cumpanio and Aperi. An array of corns and chiles, cheeses then synergizes with sea foods meats, poultry etc. with added spices tend make up an ambitious botana menu. Gourmet tacos done with flair are both sumptuous and artful. Ensaladas of all sorts and meats, ribs, seafood along with tasty tongue can be found on a menu, on a menu not often found. Lots of side orders. Full bar. Tasting menu available as well as one that includes wine parings. Ask your matra de. VIP Club members may take 10% off when paying cash or credit card.
     Your VIP Club welcomes the services of Lewis Chiropractic, Mike Lewis, DC, CCSP  Sollano #50 (corner of Terraplen), 415 119-4693 Available: Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays. By appointment. 

Chiropractic care for all ages and all activity levels. Twenty years experience from Seattle, WA. VIP Offer: $100-mxp off of initial visit (usually $600).,
     We got big-time, major-league, downtown music happenings this weekend here in the old town, June 25th, at Bibliotca, Relox 50-A 7:30 pm show tickets $250 and then we have the Blues Festival ll day and into the evening at Hotel Sautto for $150 pesos. They be styling!

     Recent VIP Club business participator, Spiegelau glass ware, Umaran #44,  has already increased their discount towards members from 10 to 15% plus here’s their facebook page with samples

They're back! Mi Casa is back open!

     Your Club owes an apology to Luna de Queso I and II. We, namely me, misspoke when stating the 10% VIP Club discount included shelf and cold case goods. Our deal is and has always been 10% discount off all prepared foods. Sorry for the error.
Serena Gorda (click twice on images to enlarge)

  See what our French chef Yves Vincent got up his sleeve this weekend:  (sorry it's not mobile friendly... yet.)

La Parilla


Sabores y Salsas

VIP Club participating business, Honda San Miguel, Salida de Celaya, 152-1080. with two and four wheelers galore, has a couple of deals they wish to share. The popular Zoomer-X scooter, now on sale for $39.999, 2000 pesos off. The CGL 125 Tool, just 19,400 with 500 pesos off. See them at  Coming soon XRE -300!  VIP Club members get 10% off for mechanical service at Honda. Plus, today June 25, take a safety course at Honda Mototanda  just 300 peso. It could save your life. Call for appointment.
      VIP Club member George Sickler felt it important to share the following message with fellow members:  From Bank of America: “We want to let you know about an upcoming change since you've used Banco Santander ATMs in the past:  Beginning August 15, 2016, if you use your Bank of America card at a Banco Santander ATM in Mexico for a withdrawal, transfer or balance inquiry, our Non-Bank of America International ATM Usage Fee of $5 and the Santander ATM operator access fee will no longer be waived.” George is going Ci Banco from now on.
    From esteemed members Kathy Snodgrass and Patricia Frey: We're looking for teachers and subs at The San Miguel School of English, an all-volunteer organization in operation over over 60 years, desires teachers and those willing to substitute for the Fall semester. Our students are 16-years-old and up. We would love to have experienced teachers; however, no prior teaching experience is required. We use a textbook series that removes the burden of detailed lesson plans. Classes meet Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 6-7:30, September 1 to December 11 and January 7 to mid-April.  Usually, two teachers share the class, each teaching one or two nights a week.
If interested, please contact Kathy Snodgrass, 152 0176,
    Coming soon, Hank's in Luis Potosi! Look for a late summer opening!

It's been some year so far!
R. I. P. Sharon Riis
R. I. P. Jack Buffan
R. I. P. Ken Baseman
With great sadness our terrific bartender at Hank's Guillermo  (Memo) R.I. P.
A fund raiser takes place Monday, June 27, 3 pm -11 pm. Callejon Volanteros 1B, $500 peso donation at the door.
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     Report lost or misplaced cards here for immediate replacement

Thank you for your loyal and continuous supoort

Your San Miguel Club


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