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This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by “Sabores San Miguel 2016,” Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 17, 18 and 19th, Parque Juarez! Free admission, live music etc. All portions of foods and drink offered, just 30 pesos.

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     Join fellow sanmiguelenses in this 4th annual community event. Savor the very best San Miguel has to offer in foods prepared inside the kitchens of our town’s most trendy gourmet restaurants while at the same time sampling the flavors provided by our street carts and food trucks. We are confident Donnie and Angela and their seasoned team again, will out do themselves.
(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out over 1700 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)
     Sixteen years have gone by since we first launched Your VIP Club. There’s probably a novel’s worth of tidbits regarding Club’s existence and history considering how San Miguel has been in a constant flux.
      It’s mind-boggling how our artists utopia, mostly known as colonial and ancestral mountain town hosting art and language schools has emerged into a Mecca for national and international tourists! Just utter you’re from San Miguel and in most places in Mexico and there’s no need to even mention “Allende”.
     Your Club has expanded along with our town. At first we just worked with restaurants. After 16 years, Your Club has never been more diverse or robust! Yet a Club cannot exist without its membership its participating restaurants and other businesses, and would be a mere ghost without a loyal and supportive base,
      If you’ve been paying attention, why lately, there’s been a another major spike in restaurant openings. There are the new, the gentrified along with some opening additional locations! There’s new, spiffy food-courts, along with a couple of, other food-a-ramas coming soon now under construction. Venues vary from foodie-lovin’, chef-driven joints, to family establishments, to those operated by the courageous, “Hey! Let’s open a restaurant!” crowd. Your Club loves them all. Prosperity is good yet often there’s a downside considering. crowds, congestion and crime. Inflation and greed too often come into play. Facts are: What once went for 15 pesos a decade ago now goes of 65-75-85! Competition is fierce.
     Your Club will eagerly continue to engage restaurants and businesses aiming to provide discounts and publicize local business. The idea or perception that participating establishments might not embrace your membership is the far from the truth! The number one complaint Your Club hears back from participating businesses: They say they don’t see enough members employing their VIP cards! So please always consider giving local businesses a considerate shot while flashing your card even if you deem not to use it.
    Your Club again sincerely pays homage to those who have placed their faith and money with us since May of 2000, from the first-half-dozen, initial members who signed-up on day-one, and as we thank brand new member who may have just joined last week. Your Club continues to strive to provide guaranteed savings while enabling members to receive super and solid service.
Aloha, Lou
    Your VIP Club welcomes Luna de Queso II, Centro, with a second great location, Jesus #2, 152-6558 open Monday through Saturday, 8:30 – 5 pm. Many know of our Mariana’s initial location, Salida a Celaya #51, with an amazing variety of cheeses and gourmet selection of groceries, prepared, yummy foods,  too many to mention in this flash. Now that same great assortment is available at the new location that's spacious and roomier. Even bigger news, now for VIP Club members it is 10% off (cash only) shelf, chill case and prepared food items rather than just on prepared foods. Best wishes and best of luck. (Word has it the older Salida location will soon be moving nearby)

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Luna de Queso                                                         Luna de Queso

     Your VIP Club welcomes Mon Bistro, Mesones #56, 154-5109, open Tuesday through Thursdays 2 – 10 pm with Friday and Saturday open 'til 11 pm. Come meet Gil and Alexandra for an international selection of entrees, meats, poultry and fishes, fresh salads all chock with the flavors; perfectly marinated flavors bursting with the exquisite cooking methods stemming from cosmopolitan Montreal! Gil and Alexandra have redecorated and look forward to serving members. Mon Bistro will offer 10% off for all food or drink, cash or credit card.

    One of the VIP Club’s flagship restaurants, Berlin, Umaran 19, 154-9432, now open at 1 pm for lunch! There's a new lunch menu including Berlin widely sought after, mainstays but there's new entrees! "Fish rolatini, catfish filet rolled up with spinach and fresh veggies topped with a for-sure "gumba" marinara sauce!" Or, "A grown-up grilled-cheese sandwich: Black Forest ham, brie cheese and roasted red peppers on a buttery wheat bread served with salad and potato chips!" Or, Crisp, peppery arugula topped with grilled sliced filet mignon, with veggies and fries! New desserts too: Pannactta; cold-creamy Italian cusard with fresh fruits;  Rum-soaked cream, cheese-iced carrot cake and the ice gelatos of the day! Cafes and Teas galore. Berlin will now be closed all day Sundays.

     Participating VIP Club Restaurante Baile, Salida a Celaya #59, on the terrace at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio, 185-8282, desires members to know about Baile's BBQ on Fire Wood Saturdays! Drinks all day, all night 2 X 1, pick a plate, be it: ribs, wings, burger, chicken fingers or chicken for just 110 pesos that includes fries!

     San Miguel’s Aguamiel Cosina Rustica, Pipila 3A, 150-7387, rated #1 restaurant in San Miguel, according to Don Day’s restaurant survey will be closed from May 13 - 26th. Sunday Brunch, early bird specials, monthly fixed menu and more. All dynamite. VIP Club members get 10% off cash.

     Bonds Martinis Ginandfoundue, Hidalgo #30, all day, all the  ime, for the rest of the month of May, it’s two for one on the below! *Double click on image to enhance*

    Your Club wishes to announce: Harold James Dean, now manages and owns VIP Club participating The Beer Company, Ancha de San Antonio #17. Waiting to hear from Harold on the summertime goings on at The Beer Company. Don't forget, You can be the singingstar each Friday for the "sing your ass off" Karioke night!
The Beer Company beer fans! *double click on image to enhance*

     Don't miss: Toastada Tuesdays at Manantial, Barranca and Huertas, 110-0007.

     Great Sunday brunches at Aguamiel Cusina Rustica, Hank’s, The Restaurant, La Casa Del Diezmo and La Puertecita Hotel restaurants.
Hank's                                                                      The Restaurant

     Consider checking our Yves Vincent's, "Chef at home menu" at:
     Yves comes o your home, cooks, serves and cleans up. He also has a home delivery service that showcases his fine authentic French Cuisine, Cash or credit card or Pay Pal. 10% off for VIP Club members with a minimum of 500 pesos! No delivery on Sundays . . . 415-119-2024
Panio       (Cumpanio)                                                               Instituto Allende's

The Nail Lounge                                                     Sofia Collection


     Your Club has been on the road. We're catching up. Look for another flash soon with some exciting new announcements.
     See Your Club's full line up always at
     Report lost or misplaced VIP Club Cards here for immediate replacement.
     The membership has experienced an emotional bruising couple of weeks, a difficult time, considering the establishment of so many warm and personal relationships over the years and then dealing with loss. Let it be a lesson; try to treat each other kindly, as if it might be the last time you see each other. It just might be!
R. I. P. Joann Howard
R. I. P. Bill Pearlman
R. I. P. Lulu Torbet
R. I. P. Caren Cross
R. I. P. Joe Minton
R. I. P. John H. Wood
Congrats to Laura and John Wood (deceased) on the healthy births of twins in early April.
Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there.
Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.
Your San Miguel VIP Club

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