VIP Club San Miguel: "The Smart Fit"

June 16 , 2009


     This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by Viajes San Miguel, 152-2537.

     Members, look for the reopening of Buen Cafe Thursday June 25, pending last minute renovations, since they've moved to Jesus #36, just down the block from their older corner location. As a charter member of Your VIP Club, chef Kris Rudolph has always provided the tastiest of samplings and has done it consistently for 17-years, rather they be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The new location has a lot of history; once it was called (House of Tithes). The new and improved cafe boasts a cozy dining patio, garden seating and Buen Cafe will offer a tasty New York Style brunch each Sunday,  10- 2 p.m. 

    Members, there are a slew of deals from our robust line up of restaurants still in vogue until the end of June. For brevity sake go to: View Your Club's last two newsflashes to see those deals. In addition, our friends at Antigua Trattatoria Roma, where Zacateros meets Codo, commonly referred to as the Flat Iron Building, they want you to know that a VIP Club Card holder in a party of four will receive a complimentary bottle of wine with four diners. If it is just a couple, two glasses will be provided.

    Other deals in those past newsflashes show special deals from Harry's, Don Quijote, The Restaurant (Sollano #16), La Toscana, Vivoli Cafe, Villa Mirosol and don't forget Dila's for that special South Asian pizzaz. Free margaritas for the ladies Friday nights, 9 - 11 p.m.

    See some of the new services with discounts now provided for members that have nothing to do with feeding your face. They're on Your Club's web page: Spas and hairdressers, dry cleaning, jewelers, gyms, free shuttle to Leon, paint stores doctor's care, pharmaceuticals, blood labs and much more.

   Billy Rose has switched nights and now plays Longhorn Smokehouse Tuesdays and they got some Hootin' Annie dancing on Saturdays these days.

    While at check out Your Club's comment page. Read what some of your fellow members say about Your Club.

    VIP Club member Susan Lawrence and her associates have launched a new web site with a thought out directory that will promote your business or event. Visit VIP Club member Mary Jane Miller has her July workshop posted there. You can have yours.  Contact Sue!

    Report lost or misplaced VIP Cards here for immediate replacement. 

     Happy Fathers Day. If you give a hoot about the old man, don't forget to give him a call.

Adios to Anthony and Laura Dwyer. Good luck in your new home at the beach!

Another Adios to Mary Jones, founder of the chili cook off and whose charitable activities will resonate around these parts for a long-ong time.

Congrats to Luis and Lourdes Soria on the birth of their son, Emiliano!

Thank you for your continuous loyalty and support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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