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June 29, 2011

Quick VipClub Card Update


We realize we recently sent out a flash, just last week, and we hate to be a nuisance but stuff keeps happening!

In a joint effort to increase local library membership Your VIP Club has a one month promotion taking place at Biblioteca Publica. Buy for yourself or someone else a VIP Club membership for the standard price of $500 pesos and the VIP Club will PAY FOR YOUR NEW LIBRARY CARD! Library cards cost 80 pesos but in this case Your Club will pay the cost. This deal can only be had at the library's front desk and for the entire month of July. (To join the library one needs to take along FMMs. Support your local library. Cards purchased at the library will be valid until July 31, 2012.

(If you already possess a valid VIP Club Card and if you purchase another at the library, obtain your free promotional library card, return to us your new card (unsigned) to and we will replace that one and extend your present membership another full year! For instance, if a member has a card that will expire 30 November 2011 once you exchange the new card, not signed, Your Club will issue you another VIP Card valid until November 30, 2012.) Any questions? Bring 'em on.

This Friday, July 1, consider attending VIP Club member Myrl's Celebration with her painting exhibit at The James Harvey Gallery in Fabrica Aurora at 5 pm on the front end of your evening, along with seeing Holly Wilmeth's photo exhibit at Art Print, Coreo #46 and then perhaps attend Michael Sudheer's Broadway tune-fest at Arthur Murray Dance studio with Michael belting out time-honored songs for the sake of deserving charities. (100 peso cover).

See attachment about Henry Vermillion's new gallery.

Moonrise Health, Organos #29, special 4th of July sale, 15% off EO luxurious skin products.

Patrice Wynne, owner of ABRAZOS, invites all VIPs to the book reading at her store by her mother, Gloria Bertonis, on Thursday, July 7th, 10am to 12. Her mother will be discussing her book, STONE AGE DIVAS, based on 25 yrs of research and 3000 books of research on women's contributions to civilization. Gloria began writing the book after raising a family of 6 children, including her oldest daughter. TICKET FREE WITH BOOK PURCHASE or 60 pesos. VIP members can buy a ticket for 50 pesos. ABRAZOS, Zacateros 24, between Pila Seca and Umuran, TEL: 154-8580.

Members, get 50 pesos off on prime seating (rows 1 through 8) during the Chamber Music Festival. Buy your tickets at the office to the left when entering Bellas Artes.

To our fellow Americans: Happy Independence Day!

There is, and always will be a price to pay for freedom!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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June 23, 2011


Your VIP Club welcomes Carcasonne (car-ca-son) Correo #34, 152-0053, open everyday, Sunday through Thursday 1 - 10 pm., Friday and Saturday 'til 11 pm. Carcasonne, at first specialized in French dishes but now has added an array of International plates. Some favorites are the escargots, the duck, beef Wellington and a wide variety of other dishes. Carcasonne features a full bar. VIP Club members can take off 10% when paying cash and 7% when using a credit card. Hannah, is your host.

Your VIP Club also welcomes Cafe Rama, Nuevos #7. Cafe Rama has developed a steady following who rave about Cafe Rama's daily and ever changing menu and we welcome chef Jason along with his restaurant into the club. Cafe Rama is in the midst of a complete make over and should open to serve customers in about two weeks. VIP Club members can take 10% off their bill.

In an effort to continue to expand services to our members Your VIP Club has recruited two local doctors who will conduct "house calls" for the membership. They are a husband and wife team: Doctor Christian Salcedo and wife, Doctor Mariana Licea Elias, both who speak great English and both are licensed MDs. Both are authorized to write script. Because of other health related commitments the doctors can only call upon patients during mornings and early afternoons. Dr. Salcedo's cel is: 044 415 151 1223, and Dr. Licea's is: 044 415 119 4615. VIP Club members, in this exclusive deal, pay just $500 pesos for a house call.

Moving right ahead. Chamber Music fans. VIP Club members will be afforded a special discount at the 33rd Annual San Miguel Chamber Music Festival, July 29 until August 14. Tickets will be discounted within the first 8 rows for seats and those in boxes that normally run $450 pesos for each performance. VIP Club members pay $400 pesos for these prime seats. For the who's-who and what's-what and the all important schedule go to: Discounted tickets for members must be purchased in the office to the left once entering Bellas Artes from 10 am - 2 pm.

Salvadore Orozco, Your Club's friend, who operates Milagros on Relox, a VIP Club participating restaurant, wants to remind members that Milagros too has a happy hour from 5 - 8 pm daily.

The VIP Club welcomes Galeria Izamal, Mesones #80, generously offering VIP Club members a 10% discount on a minimum of 300 pesos. Galeria Izamal's partner and artist Henry Vermillion is in the process of opening a new artists studio a stones throw away.

VIP Club member Gary Richtmyer announces The Mayan Baths and its public event This will be our last open event until August. To ensure everyone’s comfort and enjoyment open events are limited to 25 people available by advanced reservation only. Open events include our dinner buffet and the Topo Loco Bar will be at your service throughout the evening. You can pick up tickets, $475 pesos, at our store, "Remate" at # 30 Calzada de la Aurora any weekday between 12:30 and 7:30 PM. If you would like more information please call or write. We welcome you to join us in our quartz / crystal underground retreat and don't worry if it (hopefully) starts to rain, it's always pleasant underground. If you would like a Massage please make your reservation in advance. For information regarding private events, please contact us with your request. English - Gary Richtmyer Mexico Cell 415 103-0249

Galeria Atotonilco will have an open house Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26. This, according to card member Susan Page, is an opportunity to visit the gallery without an appointment. Featured will be: Angel Oritz's traditional burnished ceramics; Abraham Rosales' paper mache; wood carvings by Claudio Ojeda and Teresa Morales and items like "The Tree of Life" by Tomas Pascual from Michoacan. There's much more. The open house will open new horizons for both fans and anyone interested to learn about Mexican Folk Art with fantastic representations.

For info and directions call 044-415-153-5365,

VIP Club member Michael Sudheer Returns to Broadway" July 1st for Jovenes Adelante. Jovenes. Michael, in full command, with an all new, never before seen or heard, "Michael Sudheer Returns to Broadway" cabaret show at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio at Hernandez Macias 68, July 1. The 100-peso cover charge will be donated in total by Mr. Sudheer to Jovenes Adelante. The show begins at 8:00 PM. Dinner at Café Baile will be served beginning at 6 PM. Those wishing to have cocktails only are advised to arrive by 7:30 as there will be no service during the 75 minute show. For reservations (a must!) and more information, please contact Arthur Murray Dance Studio at 044-415-109-7720 or 415-152-0095, or Café Baile at

From VIP Club member Mary Jane Miller:

Modern Iconography Class

No artistic experience is necessary for the iconography classes in egg tempera. The course is a meditation as well as a painting class. It is an introduction to the practice and theory of traditional icon writing, a multi-step process, leading form dark to light, rough to refined and chaos to order. Egg Tempera is not an easy medium, what I am offering is an experience of the paint in a quiet environment to have it in. The main goal of the study is to cultivate a clear and conscious image that becomes a window to the divine, an image reflecting our thoughts of God and ourselves in the world. The process of icon painting moves us beyond the act of painting, eventually revealing our understanding and limits of self.

July 6th and 8th to 20th and 22nd

Wednesdays and Fridays, mornings 9:30 to 11:30

1,800 pesos, 3 week commitment.

Sagrado Corazon #14 Col. San Antonio 152 5762

"The Dialogue Project for World Peace" by Mary Jane Miller Contemporary Iconography

VIP Club member Roger Williams of VIP Club participating establishment Counter Cultures sends this:

Sorry time restraints stopped us from announcing Bo-Bo's furniture extravaganza at their new shop on Cuna Allende #1, Thursday evening, as was the beer pairing the same evening at VIP Club's participating establishment La Mesa Grande on Zacateros and Pila Seca, BUT we can mention that La Mesa Grande's pair of proprietors, baker's personified, Robin McKenzie and Fernando Etxeberria, have announced their engagement! Since when did jointly kneading dough together become so intimate? I guess you have to keep baker's hours. Have a great marriage and life Robin and Fernando!

VIP Club participating restaurant Dos Casas, on the corner of Quebrada and Umaran, desires members to know about their gourmet pizza nights on Tuesdays! Dos Casas have four or five various pizzas to offer, a far cry from your standard red gravy and mozzarella concoctions we are familiar with. These jobbies have toppings that are a unique mix and surely will excite the pallid. (I had the glazed walnut and apple topping along with other ingredients that I can't pronounce or spell but they wuz goooood! Chef Dina also has an international line up of standard and flair type dishes too all readily available on the small but enticing menu.

Cafe etc. aka: Juan's, on Relox, not only offers the membership 10% off their hearty anytime breakfasts, and finely put together meals -- members now get 10% off the DVD discs that Juan provides our community of movie buffs!

There's still time! . . . There's still time! . . . There's still time to get that bikini worthy figure or that don't-even-think-about-kicking-sand-in-my-face-look at International Fitness and take advantage of their June specials. During this month only International Fitness is offering one-month, three-months, six-months and full year drastically reduced fitness packages at dynamite prices. VIP Club members get even more consideration when renewing or joining International Fitness. Just click on their ad to go directly to International Fitness' web page. (You can suspend your membership if you leave for a time being and not lose any time!)

Our new gas company, Providencia, giving the membership a 7% rebate is a hit! Our new water company Marnier, suspending a minimum buy and by taking older garfones for the time being and giving our members 18-peso garfones are a hit! Your Club's wireless and satellite TV participating establishments giving discounts are hits! Your Club is giving away plenty of free shuttle trips to Leon's airport because sharp VIP Club members are using Viajes earning those trips and that's a hit. Your Club is striving to make hits, and make a difference, and save the membership money and yes, give our participating restaurants and other business establishments good solid business from good and solid sanmiguelense!

When you can: Support your local economy. Ask family and friends to go ahead and chance it and "C'mon down!" Once they get here with their heads still on their shoulders they'll just love it. We all know that Summertime in San Miguel is one of the best kept secrets on the planet!

See other recently added businesses offering the membership discounts on the attachment below.

Congrats to Petra, the smiling face who helps run La Conexion, for having a handsome, new born boy named Angel!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

Recent restaurants and other services offering VIP Club members’ discounts!

  • Mama Tina’s, Hernandez Macias #93, 15% cash, 10% credit card.
  • Bocca in Sicila, (Salida a Queretaro 10%)
  • Baile Café, (inside Arthur Murray Dance Studio, 10% cash
  • El Meson, Mesones #80, breakfast, lunch and dinner, 20% discount plus, 2 x 1 always for VIP Club members.
  • La Puertacita Hotel Restaurant, Col. Santo Domingo. Now offers VIP Club members 20% off their famed Sunday Brunch
  • Dragon Chinese Restaurant, 10% off, Wednesday and Friday, free corkage days.
  • Dr. Claudia Llanas, 20 de Enero 17-A, Col San Antonio, 30% off her dental services.
  • Providencia Gas (propane) cel: 415-109-5357, 7% cash, on-the-spot rebate, 1000 minimum.
  • Dr. Inkol chiropractic services, first consultation free (200) peso savings.
  • Super 30, aka: Fuji Film San Francisco #50, 10% off all merchandise, 15% off printing and developing, 20% off recovery or converting photos, tapes, VHS, just about anything to DVD.
  • Unisono wireless, 300 pesos off installation charge.
  • Mariner purified water 15% off
  • Shaw Satellite TV services, VIP Club members first month free.
  • Luis Urribe-Clinica Automotiriz: Big discounts off auto mechanical, bodywork, total car care, insurance claims.
  • Alas Wings, Flying, 15% off lessons and aerial sightseeing, see webpage for details.
    Galeria Isamial Mesones #80, 10%, 300 peso minimum.

All Natural HCG Is now available in Mexico. HCG is taken orally and triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as "food".  A 2 Oz Bottle is 70 USD or Pesos Equiv. They offr 10% discount to all VIP Members. We also offer Multi-Bottle Discounts (if you and your friends buy together)  For more information contact  Johnna or Valerie at Cell 415-153-2031 or email

Cel phone help with Sergio 11 am until 6 pm at 415-111-4400 or email: His regular fee is $150 pesos per hour but first time VIP Club member pay just 75 pesos for their first hour for Sergio to straighten it all out.
La Mesa Grande, cafe and panaderia and relocated to the corner of Pila Seca and Zacateros. Fernando and Robin are the principle bakers. cel: 415-113-8522 154-0838, 10% discount for VIP Club members still applies with minimum 100% peso purchase.

Gas Providencia cel: 415-109-5357, On the spot, 7% cash rebate, minimum 1000 pesos.

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