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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by Buenos Aires Bistro, Mesones #62, Tel. 154-6390, Open daily: 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM. A rich mix of Italian and Argentine synergy featuring; arrachera, Argentinian and other prime cuts including Rib Eyes, cooked-to-perfection pastas, scrumptious fishes and great wines. "Eat Well, Feel Better," says the bistro's menu creator, Chef Mariano! VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill when paying cash.

(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out over 1700 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)


    Your VIP Club Welcomes El Coyote Flaco Restaurante and Bar, an outside of town favorite by in-the-know locals, just on the other side of historic Atotonilco, ten minues outside town on the road connecting Atotonilco with the road to Dolores, (415) 119-4719. Open Thursday through Sundays, Noon 'til 8 pm in a great campo setting in the midst of nature, serving an array of meats, including, ribs and pork, with seafood dishes like mussels, shrimp and Mediterranean veggies, lasagna, mushroom dishes, along with Greek salads and much more. See El Coyote's cave, a deep underground wonder, over 200 years old, that also acts as Coyote's wine cellar! Jose Bernardo and Alida are your hosts. For more info, visit: VIP Club members take  10% off cash or credit card.

El Coyote Flaco now joins Casa de Aves another outside of town, countryside getaway offering VIP Club members a discount.

Sally Leonard guarantees this will be a great show!

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Join the author of 'Frutas y Verduras- Guide to the Fresh Taste of Mexico'. Margret Hefner, and Chef Gabriela Green of Aguamiel Cocina Rustica for six special tasting courses celebrating more than 12 regional and indigenous ingredients of Mexico. A preview version of the upcoming guide will be available on eBooks for those in attendance. Thursday, March 10, 5:00 pm. Special menu: Plantain fritters filled with black beans epazote, Huauzontle soup, tamal of huitlacoche with hoja santa and goat cheese cream, Chaya and lamb packages of risotto of amaranth and roasted roots, Salad of jicama, verdolagas and cucumber with guanábana and herb sorbet, Trifle of mamey and zapote negro with pepita tuile. (Entire menu is Gluten Free) *** Your choice of signature cocktail or agua fresca is included with ticket. Cash bar also available*** Tickets are $55 CDN / $40 USD / $750MXN (may be paid via Paypal or in cash at Aguamiel) -  MUST be purchased in advance as seating is limited! Please contact to reserve your tickets:

Crab cakes from Aguamiel Cocina Rustica

Earmark Friday, March 11th at Berlin Restaurant for exhibit and reception for two of our favorite artists, Peter Leventhal and Gene Johns at 6 pm.

Once again, the third, now annual Magic Town Music Festival spearheaded by Rusty Henson and Carrie Cameron and their dedicated team of loyal volunteers raising funds of Casa de Los Angeles a local and deserving orphanage.

Magic Town Music Festival runs for three days, March 11th, 12th, and 13th, 2016 for a memorable weekend of live music, great food and drink, auctions, art, and tons of fun! Performers include Jim Scarborough, Tom Driscoll & Dave Bingham, Media Luna, Etta Britt, Rayland Baxter, Teresa James and the Rhythm Tramps, Red Young and Silvie Rider-Young, Oh Whitney, The Eric Gales Band, Timka, Elijah Tucker, Lady Zen, The Rabeats, The Joey Love Band, The Maylee Thomas Band, Doug Robinson, Rick Shlosser, and featuring our own VIP Club member, Johnny Starbuck, as Master of Ceremonies…. If like the past, if you never heard of some of these groups, once seen and listened to, you might be more unlikely to forget them! For ticket info and much more including the kick off party go to or call 152-4990

Your Club has been receiving great reviews about VIP Club participating restaurant, Lolita, Salida de Celaya #52, 185-8009, open daily 9 am - 11 pm. for full menu and bar. Terrace or inside serving in its beautiful dining room.! Easy parking! Lolita has just installed a new kitchen that's whipping up tasty meals! Raul, the man in charge,  wants all members to know that Lolita just expanded their happy hours from Noon 'til 7:00 pm. Happy hour drinks included are Margaritas, Mojitos red and white wine, vodkas, whiskeys and Cubas Bacardis!

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Also, VIP Club's Andanza Restaurant, inside the Sierra Nevada's swank Blue Bar now has happy hour through March!

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Check out VIP Club participating spa Dos Casa's new link:
Plus check out Your Club's other fine spas on

VIP Club member Marge Fahey has just published a handy visitors guide, "Under the Spell of San Miguel," selling  for 200 pesos. For more info email:

Thanks to an addendum to our list about centro propane delivers provided by member Suzanne Goldstein for the notice about new municipal schedule in centro, Sundays include, Barranca y Murillo. Providencia, for now don't deliver on Sundays, but the drivers said those streets can also get Saturday delivery but better check it out first and weekend delivery time is extended one hour 'til 10 am.

Dentist and Doctor Cedric McMillian, head honcho at VIP Club participating dental clinic, Dental Age, has  strong views about the effect on children's teeth from the local water table. He's heading up a campaign to eradicate the maladies he suspects are the causes for poor dental health especially those of impoverished children. Extra funding is required. Want to know more or help out? email: (As a matter of policy Your Club does not endorse any medical treatments or methods employed by medical facilitators. We respect all efforts to improve health and welfare yet w aren't qualified to pass any judgments) 

VIP Club participating business: Counter Cultures has new digs: Calle San Juan #11a, Col, Prividncia, Lebramiento a Dolores Hidalgo y Calle  Santa Rosa, 415-154-8375

Market Place San Miguel's vibrant classified and real estate webpage and newsletter, headed up by member Ron Lenox, has teamed up with the VIP Club. Check out their Discover SMA link:
The San Miguel Market Place/Discover SMA has all the info on VIP Club participating restaurants including listings on a handy map!

Tickets now available for the annual Spring Equinox Concert at El Charco del Ingenio March 19.  

This event sells out fast! The concert takes place in the fabulous natural ampitheater below the presa.  The Pasatono Orquesta will perform. They have given concerts at Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center, the Getty Museum and other major venues in the US and Mexico. It promises to be a magical event! For additional info:

Looking towards March 20th, a book signing will take place at the VIP Club's Paprika Restaurant, Ancha de San Antonio #7, 4:00 - 7:00 pm.  There's a silent auction on a painting by e.c.Bell to benefit a local woman's charity. Woody Price's band performs 4:00 to 6:00 pm. the Book is co-written by Rebecca Fass, Rebecca Hartmann & Demetrio Aldana

Tres Vampiras is a series of three books, historical fiction, travelogue and gourmet expedition set in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Three unlikely friends come together under extenuating circumstances. Each separately encountered a irresistible White Vampire who unwittingly changed their lives forever. The three are thrown into a chaotic, romantic and dangerous world in which they must learn the ways of Vampires before the balance among forces never

Willie Royal is in trouble! . . .  Willie, the other half of the incomparable Willie and Lobo, the famous guitar and violin playing duo who have delighted San Miguel audiences for decades, now finds Willie fighting the effects of Alzheimer's. Willie grew up here. There is a "gofund" available for anyone desiring to help!

Sushi Gama                                                                Sabores y Salsas

Mama Mia, that's a spicy-meats-sa-ball!" You Club boasts an impressive line up of fine Italian Restaurants:

Antigua Trattatoria Roma                                     Bacco

Firenze                                                                     Sicilia en Boca

Vivali Cafe

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Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig!Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig!Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig!Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig!Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig!Pizza Pig! Pizza b-ball junkiesPig! Pizza Pig!Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig!

B-Ball and March Madness junkies we begin our 21st March Madness bracket playoff here in San Miguel. You want action, 200 pesos buy in, email, for info on how to get in our tournament.

Report lost or misplaced cards here for immediate replacement.

We are going on the road for a spell. There will be no flashes until mid to late April.
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