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Friday, March 14, 2014

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Bajio Rep featuring Bob Webb's special performance, produced and directed by Allan Gross. Webb will dance Butoh, an esoteric and dramatic Japanese, modern dance form with accompanying dancers for just "4" performances, March 21- 23 at the Shelter Theater. Performances are 7 pm, Friday, March 21, Saturday, March 22, 2 pm and 7 pm. plus Sunday at 5 pm., Shelter Theater Guerrero #4, 154-7524 for reservations with tickets at the door for $150 pesos. This spectacular show sold out last time Bob Webb was in town in 2011. (See attachment)

(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out over 1700 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


When Your Club first began sending out flashes updating members about add ons or changes we hoped to do so without being a nuisance. Even with the expansion of services we've been able to keep the notices to once or twice a month. At one time Your Club was strictly a restaurant discount card. With growth there's much news to spread. We try to condense yet we're often wordy or like to exercise a sense of humor and other gobblely-goop. Brevity is always in vogue but doesn't always pan out especially if you take in this entire flash! This flash is lengthily. Also, Your Club likes to remind members and invites individuals, including those in business, to have shout outs within the flashes. We do so as a courtesy with no charge.

Clinica de Especialdades Dentales and Dentist, Dr. Claudia Llanes is now providing a 15% discount special for a limited time, off a 2000-peso new teeth whitening procedure that includes a maintenance kit. Dra. Llanes offers 15% off to VIP Club members for most of her services. Located at 20 de Enero S. #17-A, Col. San Antonio, 152-8044, Claudia (totally bilingual), general and cosmetic work. Modern equipment., 25 years experience , a graduate of UNAM, cleaning, filling, whitening, crowns, bridges, tooth reconstruction, etc. (see attachment)

Your VIP Club Welcomes: De - Temporada Farm Restaurant, at Rancho La Trinidad, across the railroad tracks, past San Miguel Viejo, toward Otomi, down the road a piece to the right, cel 415-151-0673. Iliana runs the show at this quaint country side restaurant with a pretty view and easy-going vibes. The menu is simple and tasty and varies with pork belly and pork loin sandwiches, home-made gnocchi, and even vegan dishes that include roasted vegetables. No beer or wine. New items hit the menu board constantly; a slew of home made desserts including some tasting-sounding ice cream flavors. It's an afternoon eatery, Noon 'til 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturdasy. VIP Club members take 10% off their bills with a minimum of 100 peso purchase.

Your VIP Club welcomes, Gelato Dolce Far Niente, Cuna de Allende #3, 152-3544 open: Sundays - Thursdays: 9 am. - 9 pm., Friday and Saturdays, 'til 11 pm. Felato Dolce dishes and cones: Gelato, Sorbetto, plus brews Italian Coffee and sells Italian sodas, espresso etc. Gelato Dolce made fresh daily using only organic and natural ingredients. Open, since March 2013, Alexandra and Guillermo strive for quality and want clients to taste their rich creamy, gelato flavors. The Swedish - Mexican couple, after living in Mexico City, have fallen in love with our town and have chosen to do business here. Alexandra and Guillermo offer VIP Club members a whopping 17% off any double cone.

VIP Club participating restaurant El Meson, Mesones #80, 152-4343, situated in the patio of the Meson Hotel is now named and operating as Patio3, beautifully remodeled with a swank bar nestled in the rear. The concept: A/M/E, Ptio3's conceptual take in their logo (see webpage) Alegria/Joy, Martinez/ Mexican conceptual kitchen and Envinarte/The art of wine. The menu isn't overly ambitous but presents a reasonable, eclectic mix with Patio3 desiring those items be prepared and presented with special care at a competitive price. A very wide selection of classic imported wines are readily available for wine aficinados. Open everyday except Thursdays. See: VIP Club members mays take 15% off when paying cash and 10% cc.

Maybe you regret you missed Woodstock, or Monterrey Pop Festival, Farm Aid or even Yanni. Here's your chance to connect live with today's young people that's way more than hip-hop or rap. We'er talking music here! Calling out all rockers in San Miguel, for San Miguel SOUND, a major musical event at the bull ring on Recreo, April 4-5-6 and the incredible Lorde appearing Tuesday, April 8. See info:

Marnier purified water, a locally owned VIP Club participating business, says members pay just 21 pesos for each garafone and not the standard 26 peso price Also, for members, they've waived the minimum to receive the discount plus, send back any other companies emptiesand get credit! Marnier Agua,152-8886 or 154-6505, free delivery.

Your Club had a meeting with Providencia home propane delivery. Lorenzo, el jefe grande, tells us that VIP Club members make up 25 - 30% of their business here in town. Providencia is grateful to the membership. Providencia offers members 40 centavos off each liter with a minimum purchase of 1000 pesos. Propane continues to go up in price! Take advantage of the deep discount. If we can inch up the percentage of users we will politic Providencia to perhaps get 50 centavos off. Call directly to the truck and talk to Lazaro, 415-109-5357. Now taking credit cards.

Keith Thompson's Longhorn Roadhouse BBQ Pit is open and operating during daylight hours located just before the entrance to Los Frailes! "Erin Go Bragh," takes place at Longhorn's St. Paddy's Day party, Monday March 17, 6 pm. at the new location!

Go to Hank's on Thursday evenings, order two entries and get a complimentary bottle of wine, red or white. Make it it a foursome and there's two bottles coming your way. Just because the Mardi Gras is over doesn't mean the party is!

Seems we jumped the gun broadcasting Berlin's new menu. LOL, it's still at the printer or perhaps the new recipes are still being formulated in Carlos' head. Anyway, still serving great traditional food and eventually Mexican time will dictate when the new menu will hit the table clothes.

VIP Club participating restaurant Dos Casas, co-cohabitant B & B is offering 30% off rack rates for mid-week stays during the entire month of March!

Participating, Vivoli Cafe now closed Thursdays and not Tuesdays!

Yves Vincent of VIP Club participating business "Le Cochon qui Saute!" French Food says check out:

Get the info about big-time, S. P. A. fundraiser, (See attachment) Your Club met with participating VIP Club business, Honda Motors. If VIP Club members buy a bike or four wheeler at Honda they get a new helmet and first service free, plus 10% off service to their bikes or four wheelers.

VIP Club member Fernando Munoz owns and operates SMA-K9, a serious dog training program. Dog training deals with: Obedience, Agility, Guard and Protection training along with other tasks dogs are called upon to do. Fernando says dogs can also be rehabilitated. He can train your dog at yours, his and has remote training available via SKYPE., 415-107-4403.

Our favorite Swedish couple Anders and Kasja went back to the home country but decided they couldn't stay away from San Miguel. You might remember they were driving the bus for a bit out at Los Senderos and also have worked closely with VIP Club restaurants Cumpanio and Dos Casas. They are back and soon will be involved in their own restaurant. In the mean time, the Anders dude has stepped up to be a participant in a prize fight, yep, you read right, a fisticuffs battle using the Queensburry rules. His ring name, "El Vikingo El Sueco Loco,"(The Crazy Swede Viking!" Anders says this is his first and last fight. Can our guy survive in the ring? (See attachment)

In our last flash when we talked about the front bar now reopened at La Casa de Los Milagros on Relox, and we wrongly identified the front bar's name as Gustos. The proper new name of the front bar is Cantina Milagros. Also, Milagros is now the new location for "Gringo Bingo"for charity, Monday evenings, 6:30 - 9:30 pm.

Congratulatory kudos to VIP Club member Susan Page and her cracker-jack volunteers for orchestrating another bombastic San Miguel Writers Conference. There's a great article posted in Huffington Post. Big shout out to Susan!

Your Club heard from member, Donna Tanner, informing members about her new affiliation with Coldwell Banker 360 Solutions, Zacateros #81. Donna says she gets results because of 20 years of expertise and her "customer first" way of doing business. Donna says she represents both historic and new San Miguel properties. Cel 415-109-6727, 154- 8531. Donna offers referral fees.

Members: Have you looked at menu prices lately? They're on the rise. Not too-too long ago, prime fish and meat dishes were somewhere between 100 and 200 pesos, days are long gone. Rents, energy, help and product costs are skyrocketing. Some wholesalers are tagging on the newer 16% tax, not taking any chances, even though in most cases for many small businesses the 16% will kick in gradually over a ten year period. Some dishes are topping 400 pesos! We are not saying they aren't worth it, but goods and services in the #1 rated city in the entire world are gonna get pricey! All the reason more to be a VIP Club Card member. We highly recommend to inquire at all restaurants these days if the tax is included in the price. Some, not many, but a few are tagging that big-daddy tax on the end of the bills.

Seems these days Security is a major concern. We don't have the answers: Has the #1 ranking been a curse and an invite to crooks and scalawags? Sorry to say crime has never been more prevalent. Are our police and investigative forces weak, overwhelmed or just ambivalent? It really doesn't matter. We might be on our own and have to take care of ourselves. We urge members to watch out. Form alliances with your neighbors. Fortify your home. Don't go out with anything you can't afford to lose. Guard your possessions. All and all San Miguel is a great town with great people, mostly safe with tremendous weather and we love our hometown but for the moment, something stinks in the State of Denmark! Don't be a victim.

It's never too early to book in San Miguel and Tres Casitas, Sollano #34, a VIP Club participating business has a deal for those fixin' to rent after January 3, 2015 and Tres Casitas is offering a 20% discount off of weekly rates for a 3-week stay. Click on "other VIP Club discounts" to contact Nanci for more info.

Special thanks to all who bought or renewed their VIP Club Card at the library and took advantage of our joint promotion with Biblioteca Publica and received a 100-peso-value, free library card provided by Your Club!

Ball don't lie. Since the mid '90s a group of college basketball fans here in SMA have participated in what has become the George Davis Memorial March Madness Bracket Basketball Tournament. George, former partner with the then Harry's, was a B-ball freak. We honor George's devotion to the game and tournament. All are welcomed. It's fellowship, a chance to compete for some modest winnings and a great sports event. (See attachment for instructions to play March Madness with fellow sanmiguelenses)

Report lost or misplaced VIP Club Cards here for immediate replacement. (it's a free service)

Congrats: Benjamin Diamond and Lee Bellevance's recent engagement.

Congrats: Susan Garcia and Oscar Yanez on their recent marriage.

A poignant goodbye to brother, Keith Keller.

Congrats to all members who read and made it all the way through this flash!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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