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Friday, March 15, 2013

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Hank's Louisana Cafe, open seven days a week with free, two-hour, valet parking! Beginning, Thursday, April 4th and all Thursdays to follow, your weekend starts early at Hank's! Any pair or couple ordering a Hank's dinner, off their diverse menu, will be entitled to a complimentary bottle of red or white quality wine. If there would be four in the party, then two bottles would be afforded on a complimentary basis, so forth and so on. Don't forget, Hank's fabulous Sunday brunch menu, 10 - 2 pm, with an array of brunch/breakfast favorites from around the world. The inexpensive brunch items include a mimosa or orange juice, a powered sugar sprinkled beignet, bread basket, fruit plate and main dish.

(Attention business people: Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out 1500 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


     VIP Club participating restaurant, Oko, is proudly displaying artist, Anna Sharpe's new collection of paintings and photos and they're kicking it off with a bombastic party, Friday, March 15th, at 8 pm. Sharpe's art is specially priced, under 3000 pesos. Tim will provide the music!!! There will be a four-course wine dinner with renowned seemlier Jose Manuel will host! As of this posting there are just 20 spaces still available! Call 415-110-3283 for RSVP reservations.

     Many don't know but there is a fabulous Bicentenario Park open this side of Queretaro! There's a three day, Festival de Comunicades Extranjeros, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 15, 16 and 17th, including exhibits, dances, singing, rides for kids and food to try from 60 nations. Entrance fee is 35 pesos and one can follow the provided link for the full line up of activities. People may bring their own food. The park director desires all from the Bajio region to attend and they have a great water park when the weather gets warmer. Directions: turn off Hiway 57 at Sta. Rosa, look for big sign just before Juriquilla: Parque BiCentenario Festival Website

          For college basketball fans and fans of Longhorn Smokehouse, Keith's joint will be March Madness headquarters! All games will be televised from morning through the night! During all the games cheeseburgers will be 2 X 1 and Marguaritas, same. All games will be broadcast at Longhorn starting Thursday, March 21 and then subsequently the 22nd, 23, 24 and then, the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st. The Final Four matches April 6 and Championship game April 8th! Longhorn also now has live music Wednesdays beginning at 7:30 plus Bingo Monday nights to support various local charities. (For 18 years March Madness fans in San Miguel and have participated in a Tournament Bracket Pool. It's 100 peso buy in for three weeks of action with all monies going back to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Anyone interested in participating should email me back).

     Warren Hardy, community leader and founder of the famous Warren Hardy Spanish Language School will deliver a eye-opening and educational lecture. The lecture is addressed to all expats residing in Mexico. Hardy's talk is titled: "What really matters to Mexicans and Social protocol in Mexico," Monday, March 18, at 9 am, at the Hardy school, San Rafael #6 across from San Juan de Dios church. This lecture is free and attendees are asked to arrive at 8:45 am. (Too often we witness some of this country's basic mannerisms being ignored by the uniformed or those who have never taken the time to grasp onto the customs of this nation). Hardy's talk will educate and direct listeners toward familiarizing themselves some of the finer points of Mexican society.)

    The many fans of VIP charter member and renowned local artist Sharon Milligan should keep Thursday, March 21 open, for a cocktail party and reception presenting recent works created by Milligan at Megenta Gallery consisting of her iconic ceramic, "Open Minded People" The receptions will take place from 5 - 8 pm. Zacateros #26.        Also, on Thursday, March 21, just up the street, at Instituto Allende's Pergola Galeria, VIP Club member and painter Carlos Caban will show some of his recent oil paintings at a reception from 6 pm until 8. Caban's known as a visual artist and some of his recent works could be described as cosmic, mystical and visionary arranged in sync immersed in a cornucopia of color.

    VIP Club participating restaurant and bakery, La Mesa Grande is in the midst of celebrating its 2nd anniversary. The main event and party is March 24! Get to La Mesa, corner of Pila Seca and Zacateros and sign the guest book and get an invite to the bash. Way to go Fernando and Robin! Don't tell anybody, Robin just turned 40 this past week! Mondays are Meat Ball Mondays. (Mama Mia, that's-a spicy meats-a-ball!)

    Conducting a forthright effort to curb the blight of graffiti, Muros en Blanco, a grass roots organization that encourages youth to create wall art, over random tagging, is hosting an event to beautify rather than mar. With the blessings of the current municipal administration, Colonia Guadalupe has been designated as ground zero for this beatification artistic project. On Friday and Saturday, March 22 and 23, 22 talented artists will wield their magic turning blank and marred walls into true works of art on streets, Maria Felix, Margarito Ledesma and Julian Carrillo. All are welcome to come to the colonia to watch and perhaps encourage artists. Hopefully, in the near future, other internationally known artists will come in the future to participate in this ongoing project in order to give opportunity to youth to spray something constructive on walls rather than just tag. Know that home owners have given permission for this project so no wall will be painted at random without permission. Some volunteers are needed for this event and those of the future, so if anyone would like to get involved either by donating or helping to curb random graffiti contact Colleen Sorenson at

    See the photo below of the hard-working gals, Nancy and Leticia, at San Miguel's hallmark Middle Eastern restaurant, Finecia, Zacateros #73. For authentic Lebanese dishes and more visit VIP Club particiapting restaurant Fenicia!

     We've recently heard for head man, Doug Cullen, at VIP Club participating restaurant El Contento! Lots of stuff going on there with the addition of new chef, Chef Bossuet, now a partner at Cafe Contento. Many new items have been added to the already ambitious menu. Prices remain competitive.

     Also, above Cafe Contento, Hernandez Macias #72, Your VIP Club welcomes, THE LAB, a new to San Miguel learning center! The Lab conducts classes, lectures and workshops from creativity art classes to health and well-being! The month of March The Lab is offering figure drawing for everyone and creative self-expressing. Coming in April, The Artist Way Revisited and Abstract Lettering in mixed media, The Lab welcomes all. Contact Nina Wisniewski to register: cel 415-151-2462. VIP Club members receive 10% off when attending events at The Lab!

     From charter VIP Club member, Jo Brenzo, presents, "Easter Photography Workshop with Jo Brenzo" - March 23rd - March 31st. Jo will include preperation for the technical demands of photographing the events surrounding Easter week.  She will suggust “best” locations and times for optimal results. There will be a 2-hour private review with each participant that will result in a slide presentation and gallery exhibition.  VIP Club members get 5% discount. Contact Jo at

     Juan the Man at Cafe Etc. reminds members that besides being able to order breakfast all day along with his diverse menu that until the end of the month of March, Juan will extend the 10% VIP Club discounts off of his DVDs!

    Uncle Sam Tax Time is coming for some . . . consider Herb Wilson to help with your taxes, extensions or to answer questions about the (gulp) IRS! Wilson provides consideration to VIP Club members.

    Reserve Viajes Travel for your shuttles and earn free shuttles to BJX. All VIP Club members reserve five shuttle trips, doing so within 18 months, for whoever, and that earns them a free shuttle trip to or from BJX. Click on the puzzle piece in the navigation menu above saying "Other VIP Club Discounts."

    Members, concerned VIP Club member Kimberly Kubiak contacted the club. Recently there have been some unexpected deaths. "Wills," the legal kind, prepared and registered in other countries may not always hold water here in Mexico! Anyone with property here could save their heirs aggravation and even eventual loss of their inheritance if there is no valid Mexican will! We implore anyone with something of value, especially real estate, to hire a local attorney to have a Mexican based will drawn up. During the month of September Mexican attorneys, as a service to their communities prepare wills at half price. Your Club is in search of an attorney who will perhaps offer a reduction of costs for such services when pertaining to VIP Club members. Stay tuned.

    Report lost cards here for immediate replacement!

R. I. P. Peter Butler

R. I. P. David Keselbaum

R. I. P. Rick Rosmarin

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club



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