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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by J.A. Jimenez Asociados, DBA: Qualitas Insurance, Salida de Queretaro, Plaza Primavera,  before the Pemex near the glorieta. Qualitas specializes in long or short term insurance here in Mexico rather for vehicles registered (U.S-Canadian-Mex) or home protection.

Auto insurance is mandatory in Mexico when driving federal hi-ways. VIP Club members are afforded substantial discounts with Qualitas. For rates an additional info call Alejandra at 415-100-3857 or Marina 415-107-4008.

(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out over 1800 to our mailing list once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1800 pesos.)

The VIP Club/ Bahia de La Luna Sweepstakes is in full swing!

Thanks to the many members who have already sent in their estimates and guesses!

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Grand prize is a week's lodging for two at this great Oaxacan beach-side resort. Lots of runner up prizes too; like a rooftop tank full of propane gas, dinner for four at Hank's, dinner for four at Berlin Bar and Bistro, Dinner for two at Buenos Aires Bistro, dinner for two at Vivali, lunch for two at Nectar, breakfast for four at Maria Xoconostle aka: Hotel Carmina, breakfast for two at La Mesa Grande, breakfast for two at Oso Azul and a VIP Club Card membership! For further details on how to enter go to Click on the green piece of the puzzle "Past news" . . . then click on February 26th, it's all there!


Anybody ever hear of Gout de France?
It's a more recent yearly celebration taking place world wide in over 3000 restaurants to celebrate French gastronomy.

Two of our participating VIP Club restaurants have notified Your Club they will be part of this world wide event on March 21st hosting special menus. Those restaurants are Cafe Contento, Hernandez Macias #72 154-8020 with a specially timed seating and El Vergel, 110-2254, who will be serving 12:30 pm. 'til 9:00 pm.. (See below)


VIP Club participating restaurant BHAJI CURRY HOUSE, Cuadrante 34-A, HAS OR IS in the process of moving! The new location is Correo # 48.

Dynamic local songstress Maria Sanchez's voice accompanies our Gil's tasty guitar at Bistro Mi Casa this coming Tuesday, March 20! (Effective immediately reservations are only held 'til 7:00 pm.)

VIP Club member Mary Li is also showing at San Francisco #29 in a show titled, "Casa Europa en Mexico, Tres Caminos" along with other noted artists: Richard Keene and Lauren Linowitz. The show will remain up 'til 29 March.


As of right now, until BajioGo's webpage is updated, members can "only" get their five dollars off discounts by personally paying at the office or over the phone. BajioGo's webpage is not presently set up to register such.


in the near future:
March 30th, At Marsala, Hernandez Macias, a sensational beer pairing with 5-course feast. 700 pesos.

Hey Members! Over the years Your Club has become way more than a restaurant discount card! Go to Go  to the "Health and Beauty" Great services and products with good discounts.

Members have saved serious money when replacing their eye "contacts" at
Opticare, with 3 locations: La Comer and La Luciemaga and in Dolores Hidalgo, Calle Puebla #14, Centro 15% off all products and services. (Cash or Credit Card).

Their have been instances when expats, despite having health insurance in their home countries, have been stricken unable to be stabilized enough to travel home.
Instances of enormous and unexpected bills have been noted.
VIP Club member and insurance representative Victor Hugo Ruiz reps reasonably priced and contoured health insurance programs coverage that can protect assets here in Mexico with coverage up to a million and a half USDs., with 5,000 dollars deductible for someone 60 - 64 it's just $848 a year for what reads like pretty good coverage. They cover people up to age 74 with just a 30 day waiting period at the better hospitals in the region. Contact Hugo for various programs and their rates. Cel. (442) 446-8498 Tel. (415) 154-6924 (415) 152-4969
(Note: The VIP Club does not receive any sort of kickback or commission from any of the insurance companies noted in our flashes nor does The Club referee in any way if disputes arise. The Club accepts the good faith of legitimate businesses under its umbrella.)

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