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Thursday March 11, 2010


Thanks to all who bought or renewed their VIP Club Card at Biblioteca during the month of February and then permitted Your Club pay for their new library card. Muchas Mahalos!

Participating VIP Club restaurant Tex-Mex, Prolongacion Pila Seca #55, 154-9716, (formally location of Don Quijote), has finally reopened, after the city's dug up the street and placed so much stress on diners and management alike that Tex-Mex felt compelled to temporarily close. BUT THEY ARE BACK and ready to rock and serve up Tex-Mex grub. Also, local gal, Erika Romo now manages the place, will do so with flair, and she'd love to see all those who favor Tex-Mex dishes as a treat. Presenting the VIP Club Card at this time not only offers our members 15% off their tab but for a limited time, Tex-Mex will offer our members a complimentary drink. Gracias, Erika!

Speaking of rumbles . . . Fight Fans! VIP Club participating restaurant and sports bar, El Gozo, Zacateros #85, will feature live, on satellite TV, the Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey hard-punching bout, Saturday, March 13 at 10:30 p.m. El Gozo will also me March Madness headquarters during the annual "George Davis San Miguel March Madness Bracket Tournament." See all the B-ball games a El Gozo and check out the great line up of chicken wings! (any who might like to pick their teams in our local tournament can email at

VIP Club participating hotel restaurant, Cantesse, at the entrance of the Los Frailes subdivision, is having a wine tasting on Wednesday, March 17. We will attach the info below.

VIP Club member Tom Frazee would like everyone to remember Tennesse Williams': "Suddenly Last Summer." You can view the nifty poster that gives the whole who, what where and when: Poster

VIP Club participating Hotel and Spa Dona Urraca, Hidalgo #69, 154-9770 is offering VIP Club members 50% off accommodations to VIP Club members or their guests the following dates: March 21-25 and March 28-30.

VIP Club member Issac Toporek, owner of El Viejo Topo in the shopping plaza off Stirling Dickinson, has teamed up with Antonio Lozoya, Director of the International Jazz and Blues Festival of San Miguel, and both are collaborating to bring state of the art musical projects to El Topo Viejo. Two very accomplished European stars will perform at El Viejo Topo, one on Friday, March 19 and the other Tuesday, March 23. Good luck and thanks, Issac.

We are also attaching on the bottom of this post the calendar for the rest of the month at VIP Club participating establishment Arthur Murray Dance Studios on Hidalgo, right next to VIP Club participating restaurant Vivoli Cafe.

Emblematic trumpet player, Doc Severinson, of Johnny Carson fame, along with local-favorite and dynamic-guitar player, Gil Gutierrez, along with accomplished esemble of musicians who stem from around the world, are putting on a special Spring Dinner Concert at VIP Club participating restaurant, Mi Casa, inside Instituto Allende, on Sunday, March 21 at 6 p.m. It is being billed as a hot show since this is the new band that Severinson has just put together for his North American summer tour! Cost is $600 pesos for dinner and show, dinner consists of choices of two salads, soup, Pescado Vera Cruz or Chiles en Nogada, mango mouse dessert and cafe de Olla. Call or visit Instituto Allende's Mi Casa Restaurant for reservations, Ancha de San Antonio #20, or 154-5890.

VIP Club participating restaurant, Wollis Kaban, San Francisco #25 offers live music: Monday through Wednesday, 7 p.m. Trova, with Paco, in Spanish and English. Thursdays, 8 p.m., Jazz and friends, Fridays and Saturdays, 9 p.m., Vudo Chile, featuring David, Scott and Javier. No cover.

Your town's local Lions Club has a 3-day trip in store, for who wants to go, to the city of Uruapan, Palm Sunday weekend. The trip and what comes with it is extremely reasonable. For details email Jean at:

VIP Club participating restaurant, Oliver's Hamburgers, has moved! Oliver's was formally on Correo. Now you can again sink those fangs of yours into Oliver's array of international flavored burgers at Zacateros #12. They're open Tuesday through Saturday 'til 10 p.m. at and Sundays 1 p.m. to 6. Closed Mondays . .  they have also added other items to their burger menu, good luck Chucho and Elizabeth.

Look for VIP Club Restaurant, The Restaurant, aka: Sollano #16, will soon sell organic vegetable right on the premesis. More to come about that in the near future.

Some time ago a Newsflash mentioned that "Ci Banco," casa de cambio, investments and more, on the corner of Juerez and San Francisco were willing to offer VIP Club members a higher rate, when purchasing pesos or dollars and even cash VIP Club members' checks! What we failed to mention is that VIP Club members need to go into the office, just behind the cash cage, identify themselves to Josefa, Ci Banco's affable manager and she and her staff will be glad to accommodate all VIP Club members and truly make them feel as if they are VIPs. It was our fault for not mentioning this earlier since some members just went to the window and they drew that blank stare . . . I think many of you understand what I mean . . . yet see Josefa, she'll put more pesos in your pocket than those that are posted publicly for rate of return. You can also now pay your telephone bills at Ci Banco too.

Don't forget, Harry's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar's, diverse brunch "every" Saturday and Sunday, 10 - 2 p.m., sleep late! Twelve different egg dishes, national and foreign, with names like Baronne, Oslo with choices of sausages, salmons and steaks, along with yummy, homemade sauces. Recipes stem from here, north of the border and across blue seas. Omelets are crabby and fishy, soft or firm, if you prefer them that way. The toast can be French or your brunch sandwich can be a sturdy Montecristo, just the way you remember that bad boy, powdered sugar and all and there's a slew of brunch dishes whose last names are Benedict. There are crepes, chilaquiles and burritos and too many more dishes to squeeze into this space. Yet we have to mention, along with the lip-smacking goods, also with brunch comes: A mimosa, a mixed fruit plate, a basket of bread, including especially freshly-baked, crunchy cornbread, butter and jellies, along with New Orleans style biegnets all included, and the price for most brunches are still under 100 pesos. We don't want to make this sound like an ad, LOL, but Your Club gives it thumbs up! Oh, yeah, use your card.

Bambu Spa & Salon says they want your hands and feet, promising to return them to you in perfect condition, at Monday-only prices: $130 peso manicures and $180 peso pedicures. More than 100 OPI colors to choose from. Book early; these days fill up fast. On Wednesday it's Waxes: A 20% discount for the body part(s) of your choice.

They say they offer bilingual, state-of-the-art hair styling with Maru Sandoval. She's taking appointments for all hair services, including men's and women's cuts, blow-dries, and highlights. They employ, Alfaparf Evolution, for the richest, longest-lasting colors. Join them for a complimentary coffee (this week's special: home-roasted Costa Rican—lovely!) or an afternoon glass of wine: Maru, Araceli and Matthew: Bambu Spa & Salon #15 Ancha de San Antonio, in the courtyard of Posada de La Aldea Hotel. 415-103-0240, 415-107-5013 or

Tecolote Book Store, on Jesus, reminds members that Your Card works at the bookstore. Ten per cent can be taken off books and other specified merchandise but not items on consignment. New releases in hard cover are sold at a deep 30% discount. Mary also says she can get most special orders in about seven days!

VIP Club member Rhonda Lerner has some stuff for sale: Custom made desks with bookcases, TV/stereo corner unit, armoire with shelving, armoire for clothing, tan love-seat, painted tin mirror by Chilo Botes, turquoise fabric upholstered Icipali chair. Call 154-9731.

VIP Club member, Pierre Lepoureau, would like members to know about an addiction clinic he’s affiliated with out at Cieneguita. According to Pierre, the procedures offered at Ibogain Treatment Centers take into consideration the psychological and physiological effects and have measured a higher success rate than results coming from other addiction centers. To get the real skinny on what they do just click on:

Shelving my normal humblenss for a bit, Your VIP Club founder and president has created his own literary blog: Some of you know, yet many of you might not, I've tried my hand at writing since the mid eighties. Lack of commercial success enabled me to dream up Your Club, with necessity being the mother of invention. So I've permitted my ego to place a selection on the blog chock with some of my original novels, scripts, plays, essays and don't laugh, my (ahem) my memoir! (Don't worry, most of your aren't in it.) Stories vary, some you could share with mom, and others are not fit for the genteel ears. I want to give a strong plug to Kimberly Kubalek, a local whiz at creating blogs, webpages and other aspects when working the Internet. Kimberly's prices are reasonable and she speaks the sort of computer language that morons like me can comprehend. She's at her webpage is

Hey! Marcia has moved her Black and White VIP Club participating boutique to, Ledesma Margarito #12 in Colonial Guadalupe.

Old buddy and former member Carlos Caban, a great painter, who now resides in Chile sent in a message for his old San Miguel amigos, saying he's OK from the quake. Here's an abbreviated message of what he sent: "I am missing you guys in San Miguel.  The quake here in Chile and was really something.  Our house really shook (a whole lot of shaking going on ,we were outside fast all in our underwear)  but we live in the country but we had no damages at all (one cup broke)  but others were not so lucky (we have a family staying with us whose house is a total loss).  We still don´t have any electricity but have a tank of water that wil last 2 days.(This is the first time I have been able to get to an internet). The next few days will be very interesting because the services will be slow in coming back and everything is at a halt but we are alright. Please send word to my friends and everyone in San Miguel who know me. Please give people my email if they want to communicate with me. The most important thing is that we are alright (most of the country is in very bad shape). We are trying to pull out of this and it would be nice to get a little moral support from my friends in San Miguel. Hope all you guys are well and hope to hear from you soon."


Hang in there, Carlos! Here is Carlos’ email:

Members!!! Get back to us if you can't find your card for easy replacement.

That's it, we're breathless and we apologize upfront for what we forget to get in the flash. We'll catch up with it next time.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.



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