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Sunday, May 6, 2012


  This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Harry's Louisiana Cafe and Oyster Bar! 

      It's Spring Break, 2012! Spring Break at Harry's means great deals for customers. 
    Order your first entree and receive 50% off the second entree! (only in the dining room).
     It's 3 X 1, (only at the bar)  3:30 pm. until 5 pm. with regular happy hour extended from 5 - 9 pm. until June 15th.

     Who would have thunk? It was 12 years ago, almost to this day, that your humble founder with just a handful of supporters decided to embark on the unknown by manifesting a pipe dream into reality as to create the VIP Club of San Miguel! 

     We're still in business and better than ever. We estimate we have saved the membership over a million pesos and provided needed customers for our participating establishments. So much has occurred since then with many of Your Club's original restaurants and charter members still active. Your Club is more robust than ever with increased membership number over 700, almost 60, Hallmark restaurants and almost 70 other businesses and services entitling members to receive substantial discounts. 

     Dues for new members remain at 500 pesos, (still under 40 US and Canadian dollars)for a full year and 400 pesos for members who renew within a 45 day period after expiration. "Significant Other" cards are available for one hundred additional pesos if ordered directly through the club. Same as ever savings are guaranteed.
     Strides continue to make available additional and diverse discounts. Final negotiations are taking place between Your Club and a nationwide auto insurance company enabling members to insure vehicles for a day, or week, month or yearly with money off the premiums. Look for deals coming your way to enhance your looks with both surgical and non-surgical methods. Your Club is constantly pursuing deals that encourage membership.
     Your Club sincerely thanks those initial restaurants and card holders who helped us get off the ground. We ask that during off-season the membership considers all restaurants and businesses affiliated with the Club. Help keep San Miguel vibrant. Buy local and shop mom and pop and thanks to all for being valued members!

Now: Down to business.

We need to clear up a couple of cloudy issues. Some miscommunications took place between Your Club President and Berlin. Some members, not all members, were told the 2 X 1 meal special was for anything off the menu. Not true. Each night, between now and June 15, members may order the special of the day and get the second special free providing you have your valid VIP Club Card. Also, every night, all night, is ladies night, meaning that house wines, beer particular spirits are gratis for females during all open hours. In these case we don't make the rules just pass on what is told to us. We've been there and have seen many members return to Berlin. Seems business has gotten pretty brisk at Berlin since this deal has gone into effect.

Also, we didn't quite get it right in our last shout-out about Cafe Rama's Sunday Brunch. We wrongly posted and the post should have read "If there is MORE than six in your party you need reservations for the brunch. So, under six, come as you are any time. Our apologies to Jason and Wilka. To find out what is going on at Cafe Rama including their special Wednesday night dinner just click on their webpage:

There was also a slight misunderstanding with some waiters at Restaurante de Jardin. Seems some thought the VIP Club relationship with the restaurant was no longer in vogue. WRONG! Restaurante de Jardin welcomes your business and Your Card!

Your VIP Club welcomes Bistro Los Senderos, 155-9594, open Thursdays through Saturdays, 1 - 9 pm and Sundays, 11 - 7 pm. Los Senderos is a stone's throw outside town on the other side of the Libramiento coming out of Colonia Independencia. The setting is beautiful overlooking the spacious, picturesque grounds of Los Senderos. It's country elegance just outside town. Los Senderos specializes in European Cuisine featuring Tostados Sueco a Swedish delight, along with Meat, Poultry, seafood and vegetarian dishes including a hailed fruta de mare . . . along with soups and salads. Members may take 10% off when paying with cash and credit card.

VIP Club participating restaurant Companio has a special Mother's Day menu: see attachment in this post.

 Also, for Mothers Day, charter member and VIP Club participating hotel restaurant, La Puertecita, up in Colonia Santa Domingo, is offering a whopping 30% discount for both the restaurant May 10th and buy mom a gift certificate at La Puertecita's world-class spa, good for six months, and also get 30% off!

VIP Club participating bakery and coffee shop, La Mesa Grande has news for May and June, just click on this web link:

           La Mesa Grande News

Sicilia in Boca wants members to know that they still honor, for VIP Club members only, free cab service from centro, up to their location just off the mirador. Just tell your waiter the cab #. They also offer 10% off VIP Club members' bills. Sorry afterward you might have to walk back down the hill. 

Talking about other red gravy joints in the VIP Club don't forget Antigua Trattororia Romana Bacco, La Toscana and Vivoli Cafe! "Mama mia that's a spicy meat-sa ball!"

One more time: 25% off at The Restaurant, Sollano #16, for lunch on Fridays!

One more time because of popular demand." How do you get your cel phone back if you lose it? If someone finds it, they can't call you, because they have your phone! Who knows if the finder is sharp enough to go into your phone book and start calling people at random, to see if they recognize your phone #? Some have locks on their phone or the account won't have any minutes left. Then consider language barriers. More than likely most will have to just write it off.

Yet, hold on here, Your VIP Club has a way to help get your phone back to you! We have a free gift for members! We will place an ID on your phone with your email address on it so the "finder" can contact you. I will be at Harry's Restaurant between the hours of 1 and 3 pm on Thursday, May 10. Stop by and I will make a custom ID to place on your phone. This is just a way of Your VIP Club saying thank you for your valued support. If members can't make it, get back to us, and we can make arrangements to get you your phone ID.

Report lost or misplaced back to this email address for immediate replacement.

A VIP Club Card makes for a great gift. Contact us.

Lastly, Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there. You know who your are. Don't forget dearest mom! Get mom a gift at a participating VIP Club boutique or span or hair dressing shop or nail salon. Click on the puzzle piece that says "Other Discounts and view our line up of places that says, "other discounts1"

    Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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