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May 09, 2015

San Miguel’s steady as she goes, German style restaurant, Berlin, Umaran, 19, 154-9432, is bringing you this newsflash. Berlin’s open seven days a week, 5 pm. ‘til mid-night. Classic German dishes along with a variety of other national and international dishes. Meats, fishes, salads and much more with items not found on other menus. Great vibes, great staff, from the top man to the dishwashers. It’s meatloaf on Mondays.
(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out 2000 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)
First things, first. Some members, but not all members, may have received ambiguous emails from me. Some of those mails asked intrusive questions etc. As many of you guessed, we’ze wuz hacked!
The rogue mails were sent to business associates and those on my personal email accounts. I only employ one email address so the bugger could have infiltrated our account while I was on the road. Our apologies! There doesn’t seem to be any repercussions and we do have safe guards to stifle the onslaught. Let’s hope this is the end of it.
Your Club and many of its members were both shocked and saddened at the sudden passing of Rod Molot, the genius, creator and smiling face at Orquedia, Zacateros, a delicious and affordable Thai themed restaurant.
Being just 34 is way too early, especially a person who offered such warmth while always flashing a glowing personality. There’s speculation about poison fish, allergies, flesh eating bacteria etc. We have no firm answers. Rod’s mother told me Rod’s death certificate says pneumonia.
The one silver lining: The family will continue to operate the restaurant, Orquedia, at the same Zacateros location. Benz takes the reigns and will run the restaurant. We urge members to continue to support this establishment perhaps more now than ever. Ya!
Now let’s get on with what we do!
Your VIP Club welcomes, Firenze, Recreo #13, 121-0763, open daily for lunch and dinner. Chef and operator Antonio Arrieta, a familiar face, has wowed San Miguel restaurant goers for years. Firenze has been located at a few locations but now has settled in, in centro. It’s upscale Italian. No great secrets here other than Antonio working his magic with magnificent presentations and by using the very best ingredients available has enshrined Fireze as one of the great eating establishments in San Miguel. Homemade pastas, veal, fishes and an array of other gumba favorites that makes the mouth water vary as the menu often does. VIP Club members may take of 10% when paying cash.
Your VIP Club also welcomes Chao Ban, Pila Seca 16, 152-1559, Mondays through Saturdays, 12:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Home delivery 1 – 8 pm. Chao Ban is a small vegetarian themed restaurant with a strong slant toward Asian fusion. Ricardo is at the helm. Crisp Thai salads, bowls of noodles topped with choices of tuna, salmon, shrimp, duck tand strictly noodles alone, add, vegetarian and seafood summer rolls including tofu, Vietnamita, Hongos and setas. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill when paying cash. Also, for the rest of the month of May, VIP Club members, when ordering food get 2 X 1 cervezas or fruit water! (SeeVIP Club Attachments)

Delani, of Heco Con Amor Services wants members to know she is offering a 10% discount for her tapas parties!
Cel: 415-117-2942. There's a wide variety: coconut shrip, spring rolls, stuffed mushrooms, sliders, sish kabobs, chocolate avacado mouse andmore. Vegetarian too including both vegan and gluten free -  total catering. English and Spanish spoken and Delani's motto is: "You'll fall in love with the first bite!"

Girls! Girls! Girls! Your VIP Club is thrilled to announce and two, hip boutiques Sindashi & Fina Catrina.
Sindashi has built an interesting reputation being what’s best to described as a “Hand Painted Clothing Store, offering a vast selection of “Hand Painted Handbags” while also featuring other unique clothing and accessories. Trendy, printed designs have been inspired by Mexican and pre-Columbian culture. Sindashi and Fina Catrina boutiques present spectacular one-of-a-kind items many created here as to support young local artists. Sindashi: Mesones 74. 

Fina Catrina: Hernandez Macias 83-A, 10:30 am to 8:00 pm, every day of the week. Facebook and check out our daily pictures upload! Sindashi:
Fina Catrina:
Write: or
VIP Club Members receive 15% off when paying cash and 10% when using a CC. (SeeVIP Club Attachments
Your VIP Club welcomes IT and computer guru, Murray Frost. Murray’s credentials are attached. He comes with high regard from members who have used him for their PCs. (See VIP Club Attachments)
Last year Club member Rhonda Lerner created a terrific San Miguel street map, identifying all the colonias and streets witha smart cross-over references. It was paper thin, plastic, protecting the map from elements. Rhonda has just come out with a new edition!
The new map, with properties even sturdier, a thicker plastic coat now features all of Los Frailes and La Canada. Rhonda has out-did herself highlighting new businesses, local charities, the disabled and featuring businesses owned by women and up-to-date showing business accepting the VIP Club Card!
The digital version is $6.99, easy to down load to all devices from PDF etc. For 150 pesos you can pick one up at Darla’s, Magenta Gallery, Vintage Posters, Gallery, La Conexion, Biblioteca Publica, Juan’s Café etc. BajioGo Shuttle.
Look! You don’t need a map until you need one. Then what?
An off the beaten pathparticipating restaurant is: La Parrilla Al Rojo Vivo, Km 2.5 carril de Rodriguez, 120 3274. Commonly referred to as Hacienda Landeta, open Thursdays - Mondays 1 pm, - 9 pm. La Parrilla’s specialty are meats and their wizard chef, Aureliano. Dude knows meat big time. VIP Club members get 15% off when paying cash and 10% when employing credit card. The credit card system is not yet set but coming. Here is what member Kathleen Burns said about La Parrilla after her second visit: “Went back today. We were not disappointed. Fabulous!” Buen provecho! Kathleen (see VIP Club Attachments)
Abrazos Boutique on Zacateros #24, is a featured vendor at the blockbuster exhibition "Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life" opening May 16th at the New York Botanical Gardens. Abrazos products are being sold in the Botanical Gardens Shop, which has purchased "The Abrazos Frida's Garden and Viva Frida Collection" of aprons, handbags, table napkins, oven mitts, potholders and travel bags.
Owner Patrice Wynne, invites customers to visit Abrazos and take home a Frida creation, the perfect gift from San Miguel! 10% VIP discount with cash. Products at Abrazos make for great Mothers Day gifts.
Check out the link:  (See VIP Club Attachments)
We’d like our membership to look over some of the other fine boutiques willing to give our membership discounts.
Click on “Other VIP Club Discounts.”
Look out for Tuesday, May 19th when town vocalist, David Garza hooks up at 7 pm. at Bellas Artes Theater, with piano player Fredric Dammen in a special concert titled “The Art of the Rock Song!” Songs of Elton John, Billy Joel, Lennon & McCartney, Paul Simon and others will be performed in such a way. Tickets 200 pesos at Solutions, La Conexion and Los Milagros. (See VIP Club Attachments)
Certain members don’t always show or use the card in restaurants or even other businesses. Members explain, they take advantage of other discounts, like propane gas delivery, airport shuttles, dry cleaning etc., but if the bill isn’t significant they may not bother to ask for the discount. That’s fair and good, yet many restaurants do sometimes say they don’t see as many card as they may have anticipated. Those establishments could sense they're getting lost in the shuffle, asking, “Is it worthwhile to remain affiliated with Your Club?” Your Club asks, even if not seeking the discount, consider mentioning you might be dining or shopping there because of publicity provided by Your Club. They will appreciate such, as will Your Club.

Lastly the percentage you tip is strictly your business, but regardless, if you're a 10-15-20% tipper, consider tipping on the top price and not the price discounted. The wait staffs do pay attention and praise VIP Club members all the time.

From member Lulu Torbet: Comfy Casita for rent! nicely furnish, doube bed, full bath, kitchenette,big closet, gas fireplaces, filtered water, balcony patio. Separate entrace, quiet, safe, mixed neigborhood in Colonia Guadalupe. TV/VCR/wireless, washer/dryer, utilities included! Housekeeper available. $220 USD per week, variable $400 - 450 per month depending on months. Long term negotiable. CasitaLulu

Oh yeah! For all you mothers out there, "Happy Mothers Day!"
R. I. P. Rod Molot
Thank you for your loyal and continuous support.
Your San Miguel VIP Club

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