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Friday, May 24, 2014

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by: Grace's Sofas, 415-154-0475. Grace's Sofas, San Miguel's bellwether headquarters for custom sofas, chairs, sectionals and now sofa beds. New pillows or slips covers, no problem. Proprietors: Scotty Mason and Annie Lapham are hands on.

(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out over 1700 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


    Your VIP Club welcomes Cuatri-Rent, ATV rentals. Cuadrante #8, Centro, 415-103-2822. Some may have family come down for the summer. Family and friends will be looking for things to do, Go 4-wheeling! No better way to see San Miguel and the outside areas than on a 4-Wheeler! Ricardo Drago is the owner, speaks English. VIP Club members may take 10% off rental fees when showing the card when signing up.

    Your Club introduced "Call Buddy" last newsflash as an exclusive adage to your VIP Club. This is a 24 hour private service provided to VIP Club members by Carlos Gonzalez. 415-102-7949. Book mark that number. 

    Carlos is totally bilingual with long time San Miguel credentials. He is fully computer oriented and tech savvy. He has a list of doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths etc. etc. etc. available. The primary service offered to our membership, is that any hour of day, 24/7/365, if there's a problem or need, "Call Buddy!"

    It's slow season . . . consider supporting restaurants and businesses during this period. Restaurants aren't so crowded, dental appointments are easily available so forth and so on. Please consider, now is the time to support local enterprise.

   At the same time, we will be posting as an attachment a list of recent businesses to sign up with Your VIP Club. Often when we quiz these new businesses asking if they have gotten any action from card carrying members they say NO! Members, please take the time to review all businesses and serves available to members and know those proprietors are eager and willing to provide the discount. Please, even if you prefer NOT TO USE YOUR CARD, give the merchant the mental comfort of them knowing you may have shopped their business because of the Club. They will and The Club appreciates it.  

      Rod Molot's Orquidia Restaurant, Thai food, is moving off Umaran to Zacateros #83. Look for reopening soon.

   Congrats to VIP Club participating restaurant, Pizza Pig being named by that guy who writes restaurant reviews, in the third person, about himself yet a self-proclaimed foodie for choosing Pizza Pig best pizza in town, even though they are out of town and a well deserved accolade. Congrats to our Timmie Mac and his resilient crew. 

    Plus the food review guy also tabbed VIP Club Restaurant La Bodega La Chu, Correo #34, as having the very best Paella in town for their Sunday primary meal!

    Monex financial has closed their San Miguel office. Some VIP Club members may have had accounts there. All VIP Club members should be aware that Your Club has arrangements with Ci Banco, San Francisco #25 with two, other,in-town locations that Our members get a higher rate than posted when cashing in dollars for pesos or visa versa and also, Our Members get check cashing privileges. All one has to do is go see Josefa.

    Your Club wishes to point out, during this time of year, especially to those new to San Miguel that this time of year is often sick time. Things are dry and dusty and some nasty stuff is in the air. Plus, when the more serious rains first come many of the farmers' fields are irrigated by run off and unmentionables pour in and help irrigate many of our fresh fruits and veggies. Sterilize your produce with extra care this time of year. Those of you who might have sensitive systems we recommend taking preventive natural substances available in health stores. Your Club wants all to stay happy and healthy.

    Free CPR classes the next two weekends at VIP Club participating business, Fitness International, call 120-0700 for times.

    VIP Club participating business Moonrise Health, Organos #29 wants members to know they are carrying, "Fight the Bite," luscious skin cream produced with creamy coconut and lemon grass oils that also keeps mosquitos away.

    VIP Club restaurant  Fenecia, Zacateros #73, noted for original Middle Eastern Dishes, hick pipes and baklava will be closed for vacation until June 2.

   Many local restaurants are closed this time of year for vacation and renovations. 

    Your Club wants to acknowledge San Miguel's own Jennifer Reichert for graduating and achieving lofty enough grades enabling her to earn the spot to be valedictorian speaker at University of Indiana's Southeastern campus Many fondly remember Jenny as the spunky and pretty bartender at Berlin Restaurant. Jenny is the daughter of real estate broker and all around good guy, Erwit Reichert, president of AMPI, San Miguel's association of Real Estate brokers and agents. Photo of graduating Jenny and sanmiguelense sisters, Eileen and Julian attached. 

From member Klaudia Oliver and looking forward: TEDx San Miguel de Allende: See registration tickets etc and details for the upcoming June 7th event. 

See attached poster for our Angela Lewis' Sabores II a gastronomical festival in parquet Juarez. 

    World Cup viewing at Longhorn Smokehouse, La Choperia, Hanks (six shots of reposed tequila, 200 pesos during games). Perhaps others during the tournament will be showing games.

    Report missing or lost VIP Club Cards here for immediate replacement.

    Photos are worth so much more than our mush of words! So to feast your eyes on some of the sensation dishes our participating restaurants put out we are posting some photos below! Buen Provecho! 

Congrats to VIP Club participators' Max and Yedith, on their forthcoming marriage of the famed San Miguel Tio Lucas Restaurant!

R. I. P. Carol Moran

R. I. P. Montana

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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