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May 26, 2011


     When the VIP Club began in May of 2000 the card was strictly a restaurant discount card. Today other participating business establishments out-number our restaurants. In an effort to become more diversified and to make Your Card even more a tool for savings Your Club is making strides to enlist businesses providing our valued membership discounts making the Card a MUST HAVE while residing here in San Miguel. 

     Your Club recently has recruited three more business establishments not restaurant related. They will join the ranks and likes of our participating propane gas company (Providencia), dentists, dry cleaners, auto repair, hot springs and the full line-up of goods and services as ways to save serious money. During these iffy business times most enterprises are challenged to both maintain and then develop new clients. Your Club is rolling up its sleeves and hopes to seek out businesses that will give our members a break enabling those businesses to develop solid relationships with our esteemed members. Our present line up can always be found at here on our Vipsanmiguel website. So when in search of something, anything, SHOW THE CARD, SHOW THE COLORS! Send us what types of businesses you would like to see in the VIP Club program.

     Your San Miguel VIP Club welcomes Shaw Direct Satellite TV! Get up to 300 TV stations including major USA and Canadian networks including PBS. Shaw will be able to convert your old equipment, satellite dishes etc. that might be rendered useless from now lost-in-space satellite systems. HBO and other premium channels are available. T-Bow available including all the bells and whistles available for satellite TV users. New basic satellite TV, including hook-up and equipment can be had for $450 USD with a fee of $90 USD per month. No contracts or long term commitments. Multiple boxes for multiple TVs in households cost a bit more. Another special toward VIP Club members who have dishes and receivers from old systems, they'll pay as little as $250 for new set up and can be enjoying their favorite shows as long as the old dish and thigamajig can be employed. No more systems going down in the middle of your favorite programs. VIP Club Cardholders will get the first month FREE, a 90-dollar value, enough that pays for VIP Club card membership for as much as two years. Also VIP Club members will be afforded an exclusive opportunity to suspend their service from time to time for 3 months at no charge or reconnect fees! Call Paul Fireman at 122-2085. See all services available at Satellite TV Mexico

     Your VIP Club welcomes MARNIER purified water. Marinier is a local water company not a lower tier of a multi-national, corporate behemoth. Using their purified water service pumps money back into the local economy of which STAYS in the community. VIP Club members who order five or more garfones of water at a regular retail price of 21 pesos per garfone receive a VIP Club 15% discount with OUR price being just 18 pesos. Perhaps it doesn't sound like much but, do the arithmetic, and over a year's time it is another value that could alone pay your VIP Club dues. Call Juan Carlos at 152-8886 or 154-6505 for water delivery or pick up at Carr. a Celaya #8, just past Fitness International on the road to Celaya.

    Your VIP Club welcomes the chiropractic services of Dr. Douglas Inkol, Calle Zacateros #83-A, 152-1761.  Services offered include: Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Custom fitted Orthotics, Nutrition, Medical Pedicures, Reiki and other healing therapies for the relief of back and neck pain, Sciatica, numbness and tingling in the arms, hands and legs, migraines, TMJ, Scoliosis and Posturial problems etc. See their webpage; ManosdeSalud  VIP Club members will have the initial and normal $200 peso consultation fee completely waived and Dr. Inkol's $3,900 pesos 12-visit program significantly reduced for VIP Club members.

    Participating VIP Club business establishment Abrazos, Zacateros # 24 has scheduled a Friday lecture and slide show named: Textileandia: Living textiles of Oaxaca and Chiapas. Sheri Brautigam, a researcher/textile collector who has lived and traveled in southern Mexico for many years, will conduct the lecture and presentation. it's 80 pesos but if anyone is curious about this great craft do attend.

     Fitness International is extending free one-month memberships to anyone who can show a receipt or proof they were recently signed up with one of the defunct gyms here in town. International Fitness wants those who may feel gym-less to know theirs is a top-shelf place to work out. Also during the month of June, International Fitness will have special offers that shortly will be posted for six-month memberships. VIP Club members will be able to take another 10% off the reduced prices. Get in shape or stay in shape at San Miguel's best equipped, immaculate and most energetic fitness center. Here's the note we received from the gym's owner, Jim Starr:

"Hey Lou, mention about the semi-annual sale June 1st! It's the best time for members to sign up and get the same discounts just as in December. VIPs get 10% over the best offer so they can`t go wrong. We also are inviting for the month of May, any member of another gym can spend a month with us for free if they show proof of active membership in another gym. Two gyms have closed so we are trying to help those who joined another club and now have to eat their membership.  Let me know if there is something I can do further to help get this word out. See our manager Betty!"

     VIP Club's participating Italian Restaurant La Toscana (Tuscany) will be closed from May 22 until June 1. 

     Vivole Cafe has just reopened.

     VIP Club participating Italian restaurant Bocca, Hernandez Macias, inside Hotel Sautto invites members to the 3rd annual, Blues Festival at Bocca Restaurant, Thursday, June 2 at 9 p.m. until midnight! (100 pesos includes two beers)

     Nellie Lorenzo from VIP Club outlet Border Crossings will be conducting a three-day hand woven rug sale in the courtyard of Border Crossings beginning June 2. See attachment. VIP Club members will get a 10% discount.

     The deals continue: Harry's Spring break until June 15. 3:30 until 5 p.m. (gulp)  3 X 1 for drinks, and extended happy hour, 5 - 9, 2 X 1 and in the dining room order a great dish from Harry's diversified menu and get the second entree at half price! Also . . . Achtung! . . .  Berlin, until the end of June, Happy Hour plus, from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m., order shots of tequila or mezcal, or domestic beer, or mojito and its (gulp) 3 X 1. Who's schlurring now? Anytime, get the daily special home-cooked, German-style meal, 2 X 1!

    Your Club's friend Erik Sanchez, Food and Beverage Manager at VIP Club participating restaurant inside La Puertecita Hotel has unveiled a new menu. It is attached to this news flash! Don't forget VIP members get a fat 20% off.

    Here's another glowing testimonial we received via email from one of the VIP Club's esteemed members:

"Hi, Lou, As you know, I send you the negative stuff. This one is the opposite. These guys (Providencia) are great! Based on my past experience with my other supplier for two years, I was expecting my stationary tank to be near empty since the last refill on April 5.  I was expecting to pay somewhere around $2,500 pesos for a refill. This is because on their other monthly "they-came-to-me" visits, the bill came to $1,500 to $1,800 pesos, with printed receipts. This is even for one month when I was in Texas for two weeks, they came back when I arrived and it was another $1,500 pesos for a half-month in March. Now, it's 6 weeks after their April 5 refill. Octavio came by to fill what I thought was an almost empty tank. While I watched, he filled it for $369.15 pesos.  He also showed me the tank was actually filled by turning on the vent knob to show LP immediately spewing into the atmosphere.  (The other supplier said my gage was defective and I had much less than what I really saw on the gage.) So, I didn't get the discount. But, WOW!, I didn't pay $2,500 pesos either. So, who's complain'?    Best regards, George" 

    Don't be no sucka, sucka for some suck-ya-dry gas company, save money and feel like a VIP. Call Providencia 01-800 821-0470 or cel: 415-109-5357.

    To read other testimonials your fellow members have mailed into Your Club, Click above on the puzzle piece that says "Comments."

    Again! Our girl Sabrina, of Seventh Heaven, is moving! She is splitting from her on-the-corner location at Pila Seca and Hernandez Macias! Right now they are trying to clear inventory to reduce schlepping with a whopping 20% discount on all. Don't forget to visit Sabrina at her new location come June 1 at Sollano #11. VIP customers always get good discounts at Seventh Heaven!

     Almost finished . . .  do you know where your VIP Club Card is? Contact here if you misplaced it so we can replace it.

     Ouch! We blew it somewhat in our last news flash with a typo when it came to the local cel phone # for Providencia Gas, the correct cel # is 415-109-5357.

     Ouch! Ouch! We blew it again when "I" tried to pay tribute to passed away member Loretta Sullivan who I referred to as Lorraine.

     Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I failed to mention charter VIP Club member Steve Wood is the designer of our logo and that the present spiffier logo took us from what we had before in the dark ages to the new modern look. Gracias and mahalo, Steve!

     Those errors are nobody's fault but moi. Quick! Just stab me in the eye with an ice pick as I open the veins inside my wrists!

     We want to mention some dynamite meals we have recently had at a couple more of our line up of participating restaurants. Hmmmmm, the ensalada special and crepes at Casa Blanca and up the hill, great seafood tacos and tostadas at El Manantial aka: La Sirena Gorda up on Baranca! Coming soon: We are looking forward to visiting with Dina Butterfield to hear about the new Menu at VIP Club participating restaurant Dos Casas.

     Also coming soon . . . bonafide M.D. local, bilingual doctor making, inexpensive house calls to VIP Club members . . . Cafe Rama will join the Club next month. Shhhh, don't tell anybody just yet, but a couple of new and exciting restaurants will join the VIP Club family.

     Remember what Philadelphian Benito Franklin said, "Un centavo ahorrado es un centavo ganado!"

     Sorry to say La Malinche has become a victim of the times and has bitten the dust! The joint is closed, kaput, gone-ski! Joseph was our kind of guy and tried his best to make La Malinche the place to be but it just wasn't in the cards. We wish Joseph only the best in future endeavors and we desire to thank him graciously for his grand generosity. 

     Still on the mend but soon to run marathons with their new plumbing: Get well:  Wayne Greenhaw and Doug Henning!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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