This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by Viajes San Miguel, 152-2537.

     As of May 15, 2009, Your San Miguel VIP Club became nine years old. How fast time flies. Our membership numbers around six hundred. We figure we've provided participating restaurants and business establishments a slew of quality customers and including saving sanmiguelenses hundreds of thousands or even millions of pesos. Your Club sincerely thanks all those who have helped the club become a viable part of the San Miguel business community and especially those charter members who supported Your Club since its inception.

     There have been very few, yet at times, glitches do occur when using the card. Perhaps a new employee isn't filled in. Perhaps a member doesn't fully understand the few rules the club has. Yet all members are guaranteed the savings Your Club provides and your club needs to have its Members' feedback at this email address ( if glitches occur so we can address any problems that might crop up. We love to hear the praises and we always address valid criticisms (we ain't no uncivil list). If any member senses they haven't made their dues back in a year's time, a full refund is not out of the question. We aim to provide the very best service and value available anywhere on this earth!  Also, please use Your Club's web page as to keep abreast of what establishments are on board and the amount of discounts provided. http://www,

    OK! OK! Enough of the chest thumping. Don't forget, exclusively for VIP Club members andsummer travelers, use Viajes San Miguel's shuttle service a mere five times and get your sixth shuttle ride FOR FREE. See the VIP Club webpage for full details.

     It's no secret business is down and times are tough. Below are some outstanding deals provided by some VIP Club establishments. If you're fortunate enough, spread the wealth!

      VIP Club Member Christine Conway, owner of the The Cutting Garden, Codo #4, 154-9130, has a summer special and will offer VIP Club members 15% off her regular, hair-do rates, plus, buy a Cutting Garden gift certificate for someone and Christine will give you 25% off her rates.

    Some of you may have noticed that we have recently put emphasis on heath and beauty care. Check the "Other discount" section on our webpage.

     The Restaurant, Sollano #16 has a deal this May. Click here to download their special coupon. It is a PDF file that requires Adobe Reader (or Preview on a Mac) installed on your computer to view it and print it.

     Take advantage of Harry's (Gastronomic Stimulus Package for the rest of May and all of June: 

     Order one primary food entry off the menu at full price and get 50% off your second item. 

     Happy Hour (2 X 1) has been extended from 5 p.m. 'til 10 p.m. This includes almost all wines and spirits. There are few exceptions.

      Start early: From 4 p.m. until 5 p.m. it's 3 X 1 same as above!

     The all-you-can-eat fried oysters at Harry's is still in vogue Tuesdays starting at 6 p.m.

     Don Quijote, Pila Seca #55,  exclusively for VIP Club members will offer a  generous 25% off to the membership for the rest of the month and may extend the discount to include the month of June.

    Dila's . . . May and June, two for one, all open hours. Free margaritas to the ladies Friday nights  9- 11 p.m.

    Longhorn Smokehouse is still offering their tasty steaks, including baked potato and salad each Thursday evening for a mere 98 pesos. A portion of the proceeds taken in on Thursday Steak Night goes directly toward the Oz Project. The Oz Project enables impoverished children and their families to take a thrilling, free hot air balloon ride, mostly in the campo, that so, just maybe, children can perhaps broaden their overall horizons and perhaps have the thrill of their young lives!

     Here's the movie line up at participating VIP Club restaurant, Market Bistro this week:

     Are you a property owner or property manager? Consider using VIP Club participating business establishment, House and Garden Property Management, San Miguel Whether it be water proofing your roof, lawn care, painting, any repair, or in need of domestic help of any sort contact Robbie or Stephanie for additional information. VIP Club members get financial consideration.

     One final thing about glitches. USA Cleaners: Members do get 15% off when using their dry cleaning or washing services $100 peso minimum. A new employee thought there was a minimum of 10 items! According to owner Eddie Sprowls that was an error by the employee. There is no 10 item minimum, as stated, it's a 100 peso minimum. USA sends out its apology for the error.

    Do you know where your card is? Contact us for immediate no question replacement.

     Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club