VIP Club San Miguel: "The Smart Fit"

May 28, 2015
Shaw Satellite TV is sponsoring this VIP Club Newsflash. Get up to 300, U.S. and Canadian TV stations!  News, Sports, Movies, HBO, AMX, Educational, and Late Night Naughty. . . . Forget the cable. Don’t miss a program . . .  Shaw’s satellites broadcasts US networks from cities in the East and West Coasts’ time-zones, including PBS.  See your favorite, talk-show Jimmy at 10:30 pm or 12:30 am. Talk to someone live who understands your needs. Paul Fireman 120-0200 or cel: 414-106-5600 . . . .
For VIP Club members ONLY and only for new Shaw Customers! No longer do members have to pay over 400 USD for “the box!” Pony up just $150 USD or equivalent for the antenna (dish) and you’re watching Satellite TV that day and continue to for 24/7! . . . .  Shaw, no longer has VIP Club members buy “the box” but instead, loans them to VIP Club members!
Also, VIP Club members receive their first month of programming FREE! Then it’s just 85 USD, or equivalent, a month for total programming.
(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out 2000 plus to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)
Your VIP Club welcomes "Aguamiel, Cocina Rustica," Pipila 3A, Colonia San Antonio, 150-7387!  Just click on their link. Check out the mouth-watering entries! Open Friday, Saturday and Monday 1 – 9 pm, Sunday brunch, 11 am – 3 pm. Chefs Gabby Green and Jennifer Posner, of Hierbabuena Food truck fame, have now opened up a terrific local and rustic restaurant off the beaten path for foodies. The notorious two, our Jenny and Gabby are also joined by the notable, Sandor Rodriguez, a fine local chef in his on right all teaming up to offer an epicurean experience. The menu changes weekly offering a wide variety of national and international dishes. Full bar. VIP members take 10% off when paying cash. Discount not valid for daily specials. (See attachments)
Your VIP Club welcomes The Food Factory, Fabrica Aurrora, 152-3982, Monday through Saturday,y Noon – 10 pm Sundays, Noon – 5 pm. Chef Allen Williams is another iconic food guy and long time friend of the Club, like Gabby and Jennifer who’ve all been on the forefront of the San Miguel restaurant scene since last century. Restaurants Allen has been affiliated with, including his own, boast sterling reputations. It's a pleasure to have long time friend and talented kitchen man, Allen bring to us The Food Factory. TFF provides fresh tasty meals, in a artistic atmosphere for any occasion inside San Miguel’s best-known artistic marketplace, Fabrica Aurora! Superb ably prepared soups, fresh salads, meats, fishes, poultry, pastas, vegetable dishes with many exhibiting an Asian flair make up most of the menu. Full bar. VIP Club members may take10% off when paying cash.
Your VIP Club welcomes Sushi Gami, Salida de Celaya, (no address number, no kidding), 415-109-1199,  directly across the salida from, The Pemex, with a big tree out front. The word “Sushi” carved into the doorway's stone. Free delivery. Tuesday – Thursday 1 – 9 pm. Friday and Saturday  1 – 10 pm, Sunday 1 – 7 closed Mondays.
 Specializing in sushi serving fresh seafood combined with high quality natural ingredients both classic Japanese dishes as well as dishes with a fusion twist like Asian style tuna tostadas and Goldspike peppers, stuffed with crab. Omar is your host. VIP members may take 10% off when employing cash or credit card.
Raves coming our way about VIP Club participating restaurant Aperi, inside Dos Casas B & B, corner of Quebrada and Umaran. Invite a friend or business associate to a power lunch at Aperi for a two-course chef’s special on either Mondays. Wednesdays or Thursdays, 2 - 4 pm, listed at $2,200 pesos, including glasses of wine. Taxes and gratuity not included. Reservations only 154-4073. VIP Club members still get the 10% off. Aperi closed Tuesdays. Open all other days for breakfast 8 am – Noon, Comida, 2 – 4 pm., dinner, 6:30 'til 9 pm. This lunch is getting high marks!
Your VIP Club welcomes Sophia Collection, fashion for today’s woman, now with two locations Correo #17 121-3544 and Cuna Allende #15, Int. 5. 154-7675. Open every day. For years Sophia's sharp eye and great sense of value has provided some of San Miguel's most stylish women a smart place to shop. VIP Club members get 15% off when paying cash, 10% off when using a card.
Regarding top-shelf premium medical health care. Mexico offers a variety of safety net health services, many at at most reasonable price. Yet some folks are looking for a step in care perhaps, “Care, Plus!”
“WIS offers VIP Club: Multiva!” the medical insurance company affiliated with Angeles Hospitals Group with full, premium coverage protection including special benefits and including prices! 
Benefits:  1. No deductible in Accidents/ 2.  No Co-payment (In Angeles Hospitals) 3.  Angeles’ Doctors consultations discounts/ 4.  Angeles drugstore discounts/ 5.  Angeles Restaurant discounts /6.  Up to 69 years old acceptation/ 7. Visual Plan/ 8. Dental Plan/  Example: Complete Health Insurance for a 65 years old man/woman less than $980.00 dollars per year 
Victor Hugo Ruiz C., Insurance Consultant  (415)154-6924
(415)15-24969 Cel. (442) 446-8498
In Addition: SKYMED: (separate company) The name says it all from Sarah Ash, SkyMED’s exclusive rep in San Miguel
“If you need to be evacuated to the home hospital area of your choice, in the USA, Canada or Mexico, in the event of a medical emergency: YOU NEED A SKYMED PLAN!
“Special Club discounts available on SkyMed plans. You will NOT find these special prices online and they are NOT available from head office. Bring your VIP Club card with you when we meet! With rates as low as $299 per year. It’s the ideal time to contact me about getting that affordable peace of mind...a SkyMed Takes You Home plan!” Sarah Ash, SkyMed Rep:SMA, Cell: 415 125 3537
Speaking of Insurance. Qualitas vehicle insurance company that offers VIP Club members steep savings with insurance premiums is moving their office, beginning June 8, from Salida de Celaya to Salida de Queretaro, in Plaza Primavera, almost all the way out to the Pemex on the same side of the street. For the best in quotes for weekly, monthly or yearly vehicle insurance, on either side of the border call Marina at 415-107-4008 or Alejandra at 415-100-3857.
Your Club would be remiss if it didn’t thump its chest (if just a bit) that this month off May, Your Club marks its 15th anniversary. Your Club has never been more robust with over 1000 members, almost 80 local restaurants and almost as many other services offering discounts. We don’t know where to begin, or even stop and there's too many people to mention who have supported the Club. Many of you have renewed your membership for 15 straight years! A guy couldn't be more flattered.
Whether you’re a new or old member, we thank you, I thank you! “Hopefully, the best is yet to come!” Muchas gracias, Lou, Viva Mexico!
Write down this number and keep it in your phone or on your person: Need a late-night secure taxi? We recommend Servi Taxi at 152-5993, if it’s the wee hours of the morning and you're somewhere and you really, really need a ride and consider it could be a walk of shame, call the big boss himself on his cel, Call Vincente, cel: 415-153-3498 at your service and he’ll come get ya!
VIP Club participating moving and packing company, La Union, has moved. Their new offices with easier parking is at Salida de Celaya 83B.
Coming soon! Here comes the Bug! Be on the lookout for “The Fashion Bug!” Your soon to be The Boutique Fashion Weekly.
Report to this email address, for  lost or misplaced VIP Club Cards for immediate replacement.
Heal up: Michael Thomas
Heal up: Pat Beery
Please keep Lynn Slattery in your thoughts.
Thank you for your continued and loyal support.
Your San Miguel VIP Club

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