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Thursday, May 6, 2010


     It's been some time since Your VIP Club has sent out a news flash. We were on the road for almost a month and then quite frankly, not too much takes place this time of year, but now we're gearing up for the summer season. Hands down, the VIP Club Card is the very best financial deal in town. Have you noticed? Prices have jumped on many restaurant menus. By getting just 10% off your bill, that alone at the least has members avoiding the price increases. If you're a big shot and have beaucoup money to burn, don't buy a card or use your card. Yet if you appreciate savings, tell us where's the better deal? And don't forget, Your Club has the god-father clause, 'cause if any member senses they haven't gotten their dues returned to them in savings, go ahead, contact us and we'll refund your money if you sense the card wasn't a value to you.

Our membership is taking advantage and earning free shuttle trips to the Leon airport by using Viajes San Miguel. To to the VIP Club webpage: Click on the puzzle piece that says "Other discounts" read the easy rules to follow and start earning free shuttle trips. Don't be a chump and save money. 

This news flash will be chock with lots of information so here goes: Your VIP Club welcomes PESCAU Del Mar Al Bar, Jesus #21 152-8800. Pescau offers an array of fresh seafood, raw and cooked, along with meats and poultry. Pescau serves soups and rice dishes too. There's a well-stocked modern bar and the decor is upscale, best described perhaps as a casual elegant. A children's menu is also available. Pescau is open everyday 12-12 midnight. VIP Club members can take 15% off their bill when paying cash and 10% when using credit card. Juan Carlos and Alberto are your affable hosts. There complete menu, including prices and other amenities can be found on

Your VIP Club also welcomes MEZZANINE, Bistro by Bobo, Cuna Allende #11, 152-2799, deep inside Hotel Vista Hermosa Taboado and up to the Mezzanine. Mezzanine offers traditional French/Portuguese cuisine all home made. The menu constantly changes and one can see what's on hand by going to their blog: Mezzanine will be offering a very special Mother's Day brunch and the items slated to be served are on their blog. Hours Tuesday - Saturday Noon - 5 p.m., Friday and Saturday, dinnertime servings, 7 -10 p.m. Your host is Paolo. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill.

Your VIP club welcomes LA COVACHA (a garden center) Salida de Celaya #Km1, 185-8461, Open Monday - Friday 10- 6, Saturdays 'til 4 p.m.. They offer fertilizer (organic), Pesticides (organic), garden tools, clothing, gloves vests etc. Also Lawn mowers, weed eaters, compost, peat moss and irrigation systems along with good, old fashion advice. It's a father son team, Bob the dad and Michael, the son. VIP Club members can take 10% off their purchases.

It's Taco Tuesdays at Harry's Cafe and Oyster Bar on Hidalgo. Each Tuesday, all day long, 15 pesos a taco and 25 pesos for s super burrito. Here's a kicker for those who like to taste. Buy a Harry's special card, good from May 6 until June 6, 2010, for $200 pesos and it entitles the card holder to get 3-1 for beers, wines or spirits from 5-9 p.m. each day until June 6.

VIP Club participating restaurant Woolis Kaban, San Francisco #25, brings back their special Wednesday evening shrimp night dinner, $99 pesos with diners having a choice of Garlic, Chipotle or White wine shrimp, served with salad rice and veggies.

Here's something nifty, perhaps for family visitors come summertime, VIP Club member Susan Lawrence has a website about classes, check it out:

VIP Club member Mary Jane Miller has a house for rent, Sagrado Carozon, Col. San Antonio. Mare says it clean, newly painted, one bedroom, garden, trees, cochera $4,300 pesos per month. For more info call 152-5762. Also see samples of Mary's artwork at

  VIP Club participating establishment Fitness International, just past Mega, has a current membership drive: 3 months plus one month extra $1800 (only $375 pesos/month) 6 months plus 2 months extra $2700 (only $337.50 pesos /month),1 year plus 4 extra months $5200 (only $325 pesos/month)< Regular membership rates with extra time 3 months plus one month extra  $1800  (only $450 pesos/mo) 6 month plus two months extra $ 3300 (only $412 pesos/mo) 1 year plus four extra months $6400 (only $400 pesos/mo) See or call Dr. Jim for more info.

  Chef Donnie at The Restaurant, Sollano #16 has lots on his plate for what's coined May Madness. First, as Donnie puts it "house made pickles1" Then The Restaurant has its own grocery these days: Here's a sampling of goods that can be bought to take home: Marinated items: chicken breasts, miso salmon, whole salmon, Fennel and garlic crusted pork chops, Rib eye, Maryland lump crab meat; greens, spinach and arugula; Salads and prepared dishes: Albacore tuna, curry chicken, Asian noodle salads, Tuscan pasta salads, lasagna, Oaxacan style tamales, chipotle glazed meatloaf; dressings, salsas, spreads, dips, ice creams and more . . . In addition as part of May Madness at the restaurant, take 20% The Restaurant's wine list on Tuesdays all month and a whopping 30% off on Saturdays when buying by the bottle. Then there's a special Mother's Day brunch, May 9, 1-5 pm. There's a special wine paring May 15, that includes a Tuscan four course meal and last but not least, guitar player extraordinaire: Gil Gutierrez will perform along with his acoustic guitar May: 7-12-14-19- 21

  VIP Club member Patricia Sandul wants members to know about a dressage show May 15 and May 16. It is in El Mirador at Pedro Paramo 33, at the bottom of Los Frailes past the Castle and near the train tracks. Make a right turn on Pedro Paramo and go just past the park, 9:00 a.m. 'til 3:30 or 4:00. Open to the public and free. There will be all levels of riders from all around Mexico. Food and beverages available for purchase. For more information about who to contact to participate in the show you can contact me at

Three last things: Your Club is putting its muscle behind KIDS FIRST! This is an outstanding benevolent program with a team of surgeons coming to San Miguel from North Carolina to perform about 175 operations and evaluate and treat 300 other local children between the ages of 3 months and 18 years. Most of the work is orthopedic operations and treatment will not cost them or their families one peso; it's all free. Operations and medical procedures will take place from May 31 until June 6 at the local general hospital.

So this is a call: Some of you might have domestic help or neighbors, so inform them of this program and if they might need some help for family members concerning various maladies and disfigurements that impair a healthy life. The parents will need to first register their children at the DIF Office on San Antonio Abad and then an evaluation of each child will take place on Sunday May 30 with operations taking place the following week. As stated, all is free, but there are hidden costs that our community will pick up.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 30th be at Harry's to come and meet the surgical teams, lift your glasses with two for ones and free tacos and if any of you feel compelled you might pony up some colored notes and place them in envelopes that would be provided to help cover some of the Operating Room packages.

If you want more info on how to help contact: We hear so much bad, this is good!

  Second: "Feed the Hungry" is another dynamite local charity. Most of you know how they feed over 4000 people, five days a week, during the school year. Now there will be a second "San Miguel City Limits II" concert and fiesta come the 4th of July. Billy Parker and some generous others are rolling up their sleeves bringing in an all-star line up of entertainers for the all-day party and concert.

The headliner will be Joe King Carrasco, a popular Texas musician now based out of Puerto Vallarta, warming up for Carrasco will be Houston Marchman, another heavyweight out of Austin along with our own Vudu Chili band who rock the house at Woolis Kaban and other venues. Entire reserved tables are going fast plus VIP Club members will get 20 pesos off the 200 peso general admission fee for this great cause.

For more info contact Billy Parker at: We will announce more info as we get closer to the event.

And finally: For the fourth time and since 1998, Your VIP Club organizes a World Cup Football Tournament taking place in South Africa. This time Keith Thompson's Longhorn Smokehouse will be the VIP Club's World Tournament headquarters. Longhorn will provide all kinds of specials for daily winners and breakfasts for the early games. The entry sheet will be out May 11 for the tournament that begins June 11. Sheets will be at a number of locations such as Longhorn, Harry's, Berlin, Cucaracha, Bagel Cafe, Gozos, Casa Payo and some other locations.

It's 100 pesos buy in, totally transparent, absolutely no commissions and all monies go back to the winners. Your VIP Club president keeps tabs and sends out a daily update, so there's no funny stuff. So if any of you are a sportsman or women or just like action, contact me here and I'll let you know here you can get an entree form for 30 days worth of fellowship and action and a way to have some bragging rights.

Get Well: Alexis Edelen

Get Well: Jeffery Brown

Get Well: Jack (Sully) Sullivan (not the Brit but the American)

R.I.P. Christine Conway (she was our kind of gal)

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club



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