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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by EXTENDINGLIVESMEXICO.COM and EXTENDEDROADSDELIVERY.COM, Salida de Celeya #26 (next door to Duene Pizza) 415-121-9266. Extending Lives Mexico distributes and sells a full array of Life Extension Foundation vitamins and supplements. Extending Roads Delivery is a trusty mail and delivery service between here and north of the border.

Between now and December 31st, Extended Lives will offer VIP Club members a whopping 25% off all vitamins including,"Life Extension" brand vitamins and supplements whether stock or special order. In addition the standard 10%, VIP Club discount remains in vogue when employing Extended Roads delivery service. Card #s and expiration dates must be presented when taking advantage of such values. (orders placed with any other vitamin company not applicable).

(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash! We send out over 1800 legit emails locally to the membership once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1800 pesos.)


Your Club has been inundated with information regarding Thanksgiving goings on. Thanksgiving menus we've received from Club participating restaurants will be posted below. Due to mass amount of incoming, and wishing not to deluge our membership, we are going to split this year's "Thanksgiving Edition Newsflash" into two parts! Thanksgiving Edition, Part I,  (November 19). Then on Wednesday, November 22, Thanksgiving Edition, Part II.

Keeping it simple, Happy American Thanksgiving to all, plus a belated Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian members. Not forgetting our Mexican hosts.
Now let's get rocking!

Menus below are posted in the order they were received. Likely other VIP Club Restaurants will send in menus. They'll be posted in the Part II Wednesday flash along with other pertinent Club news. All menus can be downloaded for better viewing or sharing. (VIP Club discounts are normally waived for special events i.e. New Year's Eve, Valentine's, Thanksgiving etc. Yet do check with managers.)

Thursday, November 23rd, American Thanksgiving, La Mesa Grande (from 1-6 pm) with all of the fixings. $650 including welcome drink, oven-baked glazed turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked vegetables, bread and a glass of wine and pumpkin pie. Also geared up to take fresh pecan and pumpkin pie orders for the holidays. Personal sized tarts, medium and large extra-delicious pecan or real pumpkin pies are always a hot-seller at LMG! Call and order yours before they sell out. 154-0838


YO AT LOS PICACHOS (Salida de Queretaro)


***Note*** The traditional, weekly, Thursday, Hank's, complimentary bottle of red or white wine provided with each order of two entries still applies!

BERLIN BISTRO (600 pesos)


Prices for Mivida's mouth-watering Thanksgiving Day menu are not listed on this poster. For 4 persons: $2350; For 6-$2750; 8-$3670; 10-$4590 and 12-$5500.




This menu can be enhanced by double clicking or command + button.

Hacienda de Maria invites you to enjoy Thanksgiving from 1pm-6pm Thursday, November 23. limited reservations accepted 120-2025 or via my cel: 4151126304.

Thanksgiving Menu- $350 pesos

Chef’s Salad with honey/mustard dressing, Cream of Zuccini Soup, Turkey w Gravy prepared w White Wine & Lavender or Meat Loaf in Red Wine with Rosemary, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Various Vegetable in Butter, White Basmati Rice, Cranberries, Maria’s special pumpkin pie w whipped cream, And/or homemade Rompope Ice Cream, Café de Olla (Café of Coatepec Veracruz brewed w fresh Cinnamon & Piloncillo), Feliz Thanksgiving to all my VIP Club members!!
Chef Maria Auxilio



Congrats to one of our charter members, Peggy Taylor who was recognized by the Municipality of San Miguel honoring Peggy as the very first Catrina in town, who on her own manifested herself as a Catrina during days of the dead! Peggy, the very vanguard of what's become a popular and historical look for expats and locals alike during the season of the dead. Felicidades Peggy!

Is ya'al salivating yet? Can't wait 'til Thursday? Thought we'd save the best for last.

Please: Don't forget to open this Wednesday's upcoming newsflash! We'll post new VIP Club participants, read about some outstanding discounts and deals exclusively for VIP Club members! Read about the increase pertaining to the Providencia propane gas discount and much more! . . .   See you then.

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Congrats:      Recently hitched Lou and Kathy Lynn (formally Patterson) Campese!
Heal up:        Jean Schickel
Happy Trails: Bill Widman
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Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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