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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Your VIP Club welcomes Venus Lounge (Thai and Vietnamese) Mesones #74, 154-4120, open seven days a week 1 p.m. until midnight. Venus has earned impressive rank as the bellwether, chock-full-of-taste Oriental eatery in centro! If you like it hot, they make it hot, with many Oriental favorites. Operators Sam and Rod want to be part of Your Club! Venus has a full bar and often offers live music on certain evenings with ad-hoc line ups of some of San Miguel's best jazz musicians. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill.

Your VIP Club welcomes Home & Jewelry showplace, Casa Katalina, Jesus #26, 150-0061. Katherine Leutzinger is the owner/operator who provides an assortment of quality items for home and body. Her shop is small but filled to the brim with goods that make perfect gifts and admired keepsakes for the home. There's an array of items and garb for folks' bodies too. VIP Club members make take 10% off of marked goods.

We urge our members to consider shopping at the local businesses that are part of Your Club during this upcoming gift-buying season. Please go to http://www.vipsanmiguel/com and click on the piece of the puzzle that says: "Other VIP Club Discounts" for the line up. There are a number of locally owned tiendas with great people who would welcome your business.

Some of you might be aware that VIP Club member and local artist Lulu Torbert is in the fight of her life! She's sick and trying to get better and getting better these days costs lots of money. Lulu is an award-winning, professional photographer/writer, highly respected by-her-peers. Friends and colleagues of Lulu have scheduled a fund raiser this Thursday, December 1, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at Fabrica Aurora, inside the Marilo Carral Galeria space 9-A. Torbert images will be available in various sizes, in various frames. A Lulu Torbert image could make the perfect gift, as well as lending a helping hand to a fabulous giving person. There's a cocktail reception Thursday evening 6 - 9 pm. Friday's hours are Noon til 9 p.m., Saturday & Sunday Noon - 6. One can also by the digital image of Torbert work if they prefer at the moment not to have a hard copy. This is an all volunteer event with one purpose, to help Lulu. Your Club president will be on duty Saturday Noon - 2 pm. to help move some photos. If any card carrying VIP Club member buys a Torbert masterpiece from me the VIP Club will give them a 10% discount that we'll donate to Lulu. See you there!

Your Club is blessed to have a diverse line up of restaurants with flavors meant for almost every palate. El Tomato, on Mesones, between Hidalgo and Relox is one of those unique restaurants that's aligned with Your Club. "Argentine/Italian Fusion," is the way owner Mariano describes is small, immaculate eatery. Way back El Tomato gained a stellar reputation for being a vegetarian restaurant, but for a number of years now, under the guidance of Mariano, El Tomato has added various meat and pasta dishes with roots stemming from two continents. "Eat well and feel better," is how El Tomato feels about food in general and hasn't lowered standards but perhaps have even improved them when it comes to freshness. Argentine cuts, done on the Parrilla, bife ancho, arranchera, sausages, empanadas, provoleta, are foody creations from the new world, served along side with the old world's, Italian side; pastas, ravioli, risotto, gnocci, lasagna and many salads. El Tomato's wine selection specializes in wines from Argentina, Italy and Mexico. Open everyday, Noon 'til 10 p.m. except Wednesdays. Something that is important to the way El Tomato desires to be envisioned . . . repeat after me, "El Tomato is not a vegetarian restaurant!" . . . . one more time . . ." El Tomato is not a vegetarian restaurant!"

Our friend Amparo Rivas, who runs VIP Club participating MiraSol Hotel Restaurant, Pila Seca #35, has some great specials in December. We're going to put that info on as an attachment posted below. Thank you Amparo!

VC and Friends, a recent VIP Club participating establishment, is becoming one of San Miguel's favorite late night, juke joint and super club suited for dancing and having fun. Their regular line up of acts are Wednesdays: funk Jazz with dough Robinson and Mo'ritmo; Thursdays: smooth Jazz with Angela's vocals, Fridays, Vudu Chili, still breathes air without David G.; Saturdays: musical mystery, a surprise popular local band and one never knows! Kitchen open Noon til midnight, Southeastern Mexican cuisine, Mayan fusion with an international twist.

The guitarists playing Sunday brunch at Harry's is a treat in itself.

Congrats to the VIP Club members who were volunteers who made the Pancake cook-off a grand inaugural success! Hats off to Bossman. Ronci and the rest.

Solutions, Mail delivery service, on Recreo has added an additional local and taken over the Border Crossings' location on the corner of Mesones and Relox, but NOT CONTINUING WITH THE OLD 9902 Crystal Court USA ADDRESS! If you have used Border Crossings, and you may be out of town, you need to change your mailing address immediately! You can sign up at Solutions or La Conexion to get mail delivered to you in the future from anywhere in the outside world. BTW: La Conexion opens another Satellite office just inside Longhorn BBQ Smokehouse out on Salida de Celaya #6! La Conexion customers can get their mail at the Aldama location, Libramiento, Cafe Monet, up at the old Gigante and now at Longhorn.

Aye!, Aye! Aye! We screwed up earlier talking about Oliver's Hamburgers, saying they moved and they moved to a different place than we posted. So much for attempting good deeds. Chucho and Elizabeth and the various, international line up of hamburgers, along with other steak dishes are now available also on Salida de Celaya, across from Longhorn on what's becoming restaurant row. Welcome Chucho and Elizabeth to their new spot and let's hope they stay there for some time. They'd love to see you.

There's still time to go to Havana with Detlev, December 7 -11. See our last VIP Club newsflash for details or write back here.

Friends of VIP Club member, Fred House, who passed away on October 17th, will celebrate his life on Sunday, December 18th, at 2 pm, at the Longhorn Smokehouse BBQ, Salida a Celaya #6. Fred's friends have asked to please bring a tribute to share, such as a photo, a poem or a really good story! There will be a no-host bar for those who would like to raise a glass to Fred's memory. A cash donation will be asked for to cover the cost of the botanas. Longhorn is normally closed on Sundays but Keith Thompson as agreed to open the restaurant for this event to honor Fred.

VIP Club participating restaurant Sicilia in Bocca, Salida en Queretaro #91, 152-0406, just off the mirador on Salida a Queretaro emailed in an update to remind VIP Club Card holders: "Open Tuesdays to Sundays, 2pm to 10 pm. 10% discount to VIP Club members paying in cash or credit card, plus one, taxi fare refunded, within city limits, ask for a ticket from the taxi driver or just remember the number of the taxi you came up in, and in addition, all Summer, if a free corkage service at Sicilia in Bocca every Tuesday to VIP members, so they can bring their own special wine and enjoy the view and the sunset in our terrace."

Do you know where your VIP Card is? If not and you and Saint Anthony can't find it, contact us here for immediate replacement. You can't afford to be without it!

VIP Club Card makes for a great Christmas gift.

Aloha, Adios and best of luck to Vudu Chili's frontman, David Garza, one of the good guys, soon to be hitched up in the States.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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