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Wednesday, November 18, 2011


Your VIP Club welcomes the services of Home Health/Safety Alert System! (When you can't call for help, Let Us! . . ). We've seen the commercials, "Help! I fell down and can't get up!" Probably many of us have poked fun or even laughed about them and have even imitated the poor soul in the predicament, but when it comes down to it, it's no laughing matter! it's no secret that many here are alone, and perhaps some elderly and perhaps some, somewhat handicapped. Then consider 911 doesn't work here, it's 066 but with some having difficulty with language, and even the pronunciation and location of their own street . . . well you get the picture! Kathy Patterson has taken the reigns and the initiative to provide San Miguel, 24-hour, emergency, bilingual facilitator monitoring that will instantly contact doctors, friends, family, police, fire, ambulance etc. at the touch of a button! A button the enrolled one has at their disposal.

Kathy, wants all to feel safe and has month-to-month programs, six months, along with one and two year plans. She can and will answer all of your questions at 044-415-101-1848, or email We think members will find the urgent service very affordable and one of the best parts is that for VIP Club members take 200 pesos off the 1200 peso system set up fee. Hopefully this is another example of Your VIP Club trying to provide worthwhile services to our membership with a good deal included.

Your VIP club also welcomes the services of Lifestyle Design for Interior and Exterior Living Spaces: Award winning KM Interiors brings over 20 years of design excellence (its more than experience) to San Miguel de Allende. Beautiful, functional living spaces created in California, Arizona, Nevada and Shanghai. And now, taking inspiration from the magnificently rich color palettes of the SMA region, their designs bring harmony and personality to your home. Although specializing in color and space planning, we make selecting furniture, window treatments, and accessories easy for you. Complementary one hour consultation to VIP members. Hourly or project rates applied thereafter and vary depending upon scope and detail of project. Contact, VIP Club member, Kathy Machir, at 415-120-2044 or email: Kathy and her decorating team will have you ready to welcome guests for the holiday season.

Don't miss David Garza's farewell love song to San Miguel as he leaves San Miguel. The very popular local singer/songwriter will be performing his favorite songs in honor of the power of women and the feminine spirit which have inspired him during his stay with us. Friday, November 18, Doors open at 4:30. Tickets 100 pesos at the door. Snacks and drinks available. Google 'Shelter Theater' San Rafael

Let's talk turkey!: Your VIP Club participating butcher shop, "La Lonja Carniceria", Mesones #33, 152-0471, open 7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Home delivery! Has fresh whole turkeys for sale. VIP Club members get a 10% discount when spending over 400 pesos. El jefe said he will offer whole turkeys for 75 pesos a kilo. You can order your turkey now for American Thanksgiving. At the same time check out La Lonja's products that also includes sea food etc. . . . while we are on the subject and to make it fast and sweet, Your Club wishes all a happy American Thanksgiving and to our Canadian friends and members el mismo on your past Thanksgiving. And while we are at it, Happy Revolution Day (November 20)to our Mexican friends and members! Viva Zapata, Viva Pancho Villa, Viva Mexico!

Your Club has received input from some of our participating VIP Club restaurants about their Thanksgiving goings on. I am sure others have some Thanksgiving Day specials, but as of this mailing, we ain't heard nothin' more!

So hear goes: VIP Club participating restaurant Longhorn Smokehouse BBQ: "Wishing All An Enjoyable Thanksgiving from the LONGHORN SMOKEHOUSE. November 24 - Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, Presented by The Three Amigos - Keith,Dick & Axel - Longhorn Smokehouse *** Please R.S.V.P. by November 21. Specify Seating - 1 p.m. or 4 p.m. $215 Pesos per Person. Children's Portions Available. Da goods: "Turkey, Mashed or Roasted Potatoes, Gravy, Turkey Dressing, Cranberry Sauce, Creamed Spinach, Corn Bread/Rolls,& Homemade Pumpkin Pie & Icecream. Regular Menu and Steaks Also Available."

Your Club also received the mouth watering Thanksgiving Day Menu from La Puertecita Hotel Restaurant which we are going to include as an attachment which should be posted here.

Harry's Louisiana Cafe: Harry's has planned a scrumptious multiple-choice Thanksgiving offering all inclusive: Roasted turkey with sage gravy with Andouille sausage stuffing $320, or Prime Rib baked in its own juice with creamy horseradish sauce $375, or Grilled tender pork loin with sweet apple and Dutch cheese sauce $300, with each entree comes, cream of sweet corn soup and wild rice along with roasted sweet potatoes, finishing up with pumpkin-pecan pie with maple syrup.

Then there's Kris Rudolph's Buen Cafe Thanksgiving buffet: Traditional southern home cooking; turkey with cornbread dressing and cranberry; pork loin with apple-brandy sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with pecans and brown sugar, green beans almondine, corn pudding, assorted salad and breads dessert buffet with pecan, pumpkin and apples pie, chocolate mousse cake and pumpkin cheesecake. . . . Three seatings: 1:00, 3:30 & 6p m. 320 pesos, advanced reservations and payment required. Jesus #36.

Don't forget there's The Restaurant, Sollano #16 154-7877 5-9 p.m. Menu: Amuse Bouche: Port wine turkey liver crostini with pears and pickled shallots; FIRST COURSE: Roasted butternut squash soup with chipotle chili and gala apples, or Roasted beet and fennel salad with arugula and goat cheese dressing; MAIN COURSE: Cider glazed roasted turkey with giblet gravy, Mushroom and cornbread stuffing, butter whipped potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts with house cured bacon, walnuts and tangerine cranberry sauce; DESSERT: Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream or Pumpkin pie with ginger snap pecan crust and whipped cream $495 per person, wine pairing available.

And perhaps something for after those Thanksgiving and holiday feasts! Fitness International is running its Christmas Special until January 15th, 2012. Get 3-month package receive 1 month for free. Get a 6-month package receive 2 months for free. Get a 1 year package receive 4 months for free.

A VIP club participating business owner spoke with us today. She was asked if she was taking advantage of what has become a very popular service that has the tendency to save a lot of people lots of money. She said, she didn't know about it! When asked if she reads our news flashes, she made a face and pooh-poohed; "they're too long!"

Maybe we shouldn't have coined these epigrams as News Flashes. Perhaps the best answer is, other than this example, is that we sense we have lots of important and useful information to share with our membership about what is going on with our participating restaurants and businesses including activities some of our astute members are involved in. And rather than peppering the membership, with what might seem like every-other day intrusions, we chose to pack it all in once or twice a month, weather permitting. (that's a joke). What we try to do is offer the most pertinent information on the front end of the news flashes.

So for those whose eyes begin to glass over, they can stop reading once the new stuff isn't being shouted out. Get Your Club's line up 24/7, 365 at: Not to discount other information provided by our valued businesses and members. Some members might remember we experimented with offering a number of attachments to reduce the length of these post but most, when quizzed, said they prefer this format. Also remember, our news flashes are perpetual when 5, 6 or 7 years worth can be read at anytime on Your Club's webpage at just click on the piece of the puzzle that says, "previous news flashes."

Now for the rest: From VIP Club members Billy Parker and Alexa Fullerton: Don't miss an afternoon of music, food, drink, masks and merriment....all to support FAI's environmental education program. Enjoy musical performances by Clara Dunham and Mauricio Sanchez and the Latin Fusion Group Son Sabrosos. And, we will raffle great prizes.......... WHEN? Saturday November 19, WHERE? Casa de la Cuesta, Cuesta de San Jose #32, WHAT TIME? 3:00-6:00 PM, Tickets are 100 pesos and can be purchased at the Library, FAI offices on, Hidalgo #13 or at the door.

Please read the post way down below after our sign off about Lulu Torbert's photo fundraiser for the most important cause ever.

Your Club announced in its last newsflash that VIP Club outlet Border Crossings is closing shop. Yet VIP Club outlet Solutions, located on Recreo. is taking up the slack and moving part of their business to the Border Crossings location. Yes, Solutions mail and packaging for the time being will have two locations. Still, the 9902 Crystal Court . . . address will no longer be active after December 31, yet those used to picking up their mail at the old location can now sign up with Solutions. Regardless if one signs up with Solutions or La Conexion they still will have to change their address. We wish Nellie only the best and good luck to Monica and her crew from Solutions as they take over. Solutions does too want to mention that their service does now include home mail delivery.

From our members who belong to Mid-day Rotary: Pancake Breakfast fundraiser in conjunction with the SPA, Sunday, November 27th. The worthwhile cause is at Real de Minas Hotel starting at 9 p.m.

VIP Club participating Restaurant Iberico, Mesones #101 will be moving to Queretaro, around January 25, 2012 at Queretaro Plaza Jardines, prolongacion Zaragoza. Meanwhile don't forget them and their great Spanish style tapas, Happy hour and free tapa or pint XO with any bar drink 4 - 7, Tuesdays through Fridays.

Still happening: Travel Cuba . . . Have fun & get some real insight with an expert on history & daily life in Cuba. Detlev, your guide, knows Cuba even from the times before the Iron Curtain came down and wrote his thesis ( B.A. ) on the Cuban Educational System. He has visited Cuba aprox. 30 times in the past 40 years. The trip is Wednesday, December 7 ‘til the 11th. There is a full-package including all ground and air transportation and hotel with a full itinerary planned for those who wish to take part. The price including air and hotel is just $980 USD and call Detlev direct for more info. cel 415-114-0383. (I have gone on this trip and can attest it's worthwhile if you want to see Cuba while it remains the same.)

Your Club likes promoting Super 30 and Elizabeth, the manager, wants members to know more about November promotions: Business cards: design $60, 100 cards $78 pesos, every other 8 cards $6. Posters for promotions for gallery, real state, or any event: 8x12 for 25 $12 each!! photographic quality, 12x18 for 25 $35 each Invitations for any event: design $60 pesos, every invitation $2 each. We are Photo Super 30, your local store that can help you save all your memories, because they are not getting any younger! We can give you the best quality and the best price, all this services are more expensive in the states. Did you know that videotapes have 10 to 15 years of life, they are deteriorating as you read this. HERE IS WHAT YOU GET! We can transform all your videotapes (Beta, VHS, 8mm, DVC, VHS-C, etc), and film (projection formats, regular 8mm and super 8mm), into professional looking DVDs with your favorite music if you want to. Most importantly, we recover all those memories from boxes, attics and garage corners and make them available for you to enjoy and share for generations. We can also scan in a very high quality: Slides: from 35 mm slides, 120/220, 126 and 127, Photos: we have a wide range of photo sizes so all your memories be preserved, Negatives: from 110, 135 mm, 120 mm. We also do photo restoration: Color correction, Spot fixes, Rips and tears repair, Mold removal, Water damage removal, Black and white to color, Adding/removing people, Enhancements and Changing background. Other services are photo books for any occasion, turning a picture into works of art with like a beautiful canvas print (giclee), high quiality prints of all sizes, calendars with memorable family photos, print in pillows, puzzles or anything! If you have any question or want a budget please feel free to contact us for anything!! Photo Super 30 San Francisco 22 corner with Nuñez, phone 15 226 96, cell phone 045 461 14 23 03, My name is Elizabeth and I am the manager

Congrats to VIP Club members, Judith Jenya and Mark Johaningsmeir, married November 5!

R. I. P. Jane Taylor

R. I. P. John de Leon

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support!

Again Happy Thanksgiving! See more vital info posted below!

Your San Miguel VIP Club

This Weekend at Café Rama Now open Late

Thursday November 17 5:30PM-12AM Tapas 2x1 Margaritas

Friday November 18 5:30PM-12AM Tapas 2x1 Mixed Vodka Drinks 9:00PM Live Music: Severo Barrera, classical and latinamerican guitar

Saturday November 19 SCORPIOFEST!!! 5:30PM-12AM Tapas Free cookies and smores after midnight! 8-11PM DJ Simone 11PM-1AM DJ PapaCheko 1-3AM DJ La Niña Selectora



VIP Club member Lulu Torbert has some health issues and has bills mounting. She's a talented, professional photographer besides being a dynamite person. Your Club invites you to check out her photo show and perhaps there is a holiday gift there for somebody in the form of a thought-provoking photo taken by a real pro who might need your support right now!

Three-Day Special Exhibition




Marilo Carral Espacio is hosting a special sale of the work of San Miguel photographer Lulu Torbet to assist with the cost of her cancer surgery and treatment

* FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2 – SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4 * You are invited to join us! A South Africa Gourmet Writing Adventure


March 3 - March 10, 2012

Join Eat-Write-Travel Discovery Journeys for a unique travel experience! Author, teacher, Judyth Hill and Kris Rudolph, Chef and culinary travel expert, offer relaxed, creative expeditions and unforgettable companionship and fun! Come eat, drink, write and play in the company of fellow adventurers… Enjoy the best of the Cape region, from gourmet dinners and guided wine tastings to country markets and cosmopolitan cities. Explore out-the-way dining treasures, wineries, cafes, small villages; touch history: taste culture! Write Deep, and create your own TravelBook©, a unique combination of serendipitous collage and your own richly detailed record, in the grand tradition of 19th century travel. Learn, laugh and fall in love with the moment, whether sampling the marvelous vintages in the Franschhoek Valley wineries, or a heart-stirring pageant of witnessing elephants crossing the savanna. Contact: Kris Rudolph: Judyth Hill… poet & provocateur...? Put a Spin on the Planet: Write!! t t (011-52) 415-117-5752

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