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November 20, 2008


Your VIP Club Welcomes Mi Casa Restaurant, 154-5890,  inside Instituto Allende, formally the location of L'Invito. Mi Casa is open six days a week, Sunday through Friday, 1- 10 p.m closed Saturdays for special events. Mi Casa is operated by the Fernandez family with culinary expert and daughter Andrea at the helm. The restaurant is tastefully decorated in the flair of haciendas dating back to the mid 17th century. The food consists of time honored Mexican dishes along with  some international meals favored around the globe. There's a full bar and a magnificent view from the patio. VIP Club Members can take off 15% when paying cash and 10% when using credit cards.

Rita, who runs Vivoli Cafe, Hernandez Macias  #66 wants members to know the pasta is always fresh and the tiramiso cake is out of this world. They also have a wide selection of other Italian meals. From now until December 20, VIP Club members and their party who dine at Vivoli are entitled to a complimentary Lemonchello liquor after their meal. Gracias, Rita.

In our last newsflash when we mention the new owner at Don Quijote we failed to mention the rest of the ownership and management team.They are Carlos Villagomez and chef, Rene Villagomez. Our apologies for the oversight.

BTW: Dannie (aka Donnie) Stewart wants all of his past clients at Don Quijote to know how much he appreciated their patronage when he owned the restaurant. He and wife Julie says you all were a pleasure and thanks you all so much!

Friday Night Action!!!

Romanos, Hernandez Macias #93, has Cha-Cha and Rumba dancing taking place on the back garden patio from 7:30 to 10 p.m., with Christine Olivera leading the way showing the steps she teaches at her new Arthur Murray Dance Studio here in town.You might want to think about reservations 154-7454. No cover but $100 peso minimum when using table.

At Viejo Topo Cafe -Teatro, at Plaza Pueblito on Friday also, at 9 p.m. Viejo Topo presents Del Rey and Steve James who will play stuff made famous by Tampa Red, Mance Lipscomb, Scrapper Blackwell and Sister Rosetta Tharpe who are bound to get your heart jumping. Word is they are sizzling hot! Cover $200

Saturday, November 22, at 9 p.m. at the same location Cognitive Dissonance (not my word) but am told it's new music for accordion with a hot line up of composers covered by Eva Zolner Cover $150. 154-8701

This is what we hear from our web page sponsor Solar Solutions: 

Solar Solutions prices for the time being remains the same. That means, you get way more bang for your buck, if you have bucks with the exchange rate being over 13 to 1. Enriuque Orvananos says, "One person that invests $2,000 USD for a Pressure Solar water heater will save inmediately $320 USD (that was at 12.30)

And with a normal gas savings, they will recover their initial investment every 2.5 years... projected after 10 years: $8,000 USD... projected after 25 years: $20,000 USD. Very low or non maintenance and free energy forever, seems to be a logical way to act.

Why people burns their money? and pollute our air? ... makes no sense to me!"


Desarrolladora El Cielo, S.A. de C.V. 

Tel. 154-4915  Cel. 415-103-3355 

While we are on savings, with the exchange rate as it is today, your $400 pesos dues says a VIP Club card can now be purchased for a fat $30 U.S. If you're into bargains, if you don't want to pay more than you have to and if you want more for your money, the VIP Club is the very best deal in town and the restaurants and other businesses are thrilled to see you!


VIP Club member Kim Powell says she has a premium, with emphasis on premium, lot for sale. Serious inquiries at

What Else?

Oh Yeah, John Adams Leather, Hidalgo #4,  now is the town's only authorized Sergio Bustamante distributor. Sorry, no discount on Bustamante stuff, not that John Adams doesn't want to offer a deal to the membership but their license agreement with Bustamante  says they can not cut price. Members can take 10% off their other marked goods.

The new wine is in. The annual "Le Beaujolais Nouveau" has arrived at Berlin Restaurant! The tradition remains alive and Berlin is the only location to have the latest wine from this year's prime crop of grape. Umaran #19, 154-9432.

Lastly, but something close to our hearts. VIP Club Member Trudi Gardner wants members to know, if they sense they might be having a heart attack, COUGH! Cough and cough and cough and cough with vigor until you can get to a medical professional. It just might save your life.

Congrats to George Davis and Jennifer Gill on their upcoming Saturday wedding!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support

Your San Miguel VIP Club



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