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November 30, 2006


    VIP Club participating bar, EL PETITE, Hernandez Macias #95,  reopens with an inauguration gala, tonight, November 30, with a special reception and live music from 6-8pm. The attached Market Bistro Restaurant will reopen sometime in December. Good luck Daniel.

    BTW: Right next door in Romanos, they have a dinner show in the back patio every Thursday night, with Parker and Young playing from 8-10pm. Also, on Wednesdays, Frederico plays Latin folk from 8-10pm.

     Also, entertainment wise, VIP participating restaurant La Fragua wants member to know about their weekly line up of entertainment:

  • Tuesdays; 8pm, Tango Nights, with "Rio Negro,"
  • Wednesdays; 8pm, Blues with "Robert Kaplan and & Joe,"
  • Thursdays; 9pm, Pop, Salsa, Cumbia etc, with "Rossalba,"
  • Fridays & Saturdays; 10:30pm, "Maria,"
  • Saturdays; 3pm, Mexican Trio Music, with "Los Padrinos,"
  • Sundays; 8pm, Bohemia with "Pepe Cordoba."

     Card Member Keith Thompson is no longer at Finnegans but has opened the Long Horn Texas BBQ, behind La Palapa. Because of the price structure, the card does not apply but consider giving Keith's new place a try.

     Card Member, Donna Drinnon, of the Drinnon Art Gallery, Sto. Domingo 42B, is having a mixed media show on Saturday & Sunday, December 2-3, from 12-5pm, featuring wall art of women and children

    Card Member Beatriz Orvananos is moving her VIP Club participating Ritmos Latinos dance lesson studio from Zacateros to La Carpa. Classes will resume January 8, 2007. Contact La Carpa for the new schedule.

     Club members Mort and Norma Erlick are having a garage sale, at their home, Cuesta de San Jose #29, on Saturday, December 16, 9am-1pm. They will be selling off Mexican antiques-Santos', Textiles, Folk Art, Oriental Rugs and many one of a kind items. Club members can come a week early if they call first at 152-8180.

    It was brought to our attention that a notice was posted on the "not-so-cool" list, a good idea gone bad where there is mostly whining, griping and back biting, and someone was braying the propane gas company does not show when called. I had a casual conversation with Jesus from Noel Gas and asked him if there was a problem. Do know, especially if it is a large tank delivery, that if the trucks can't find a parking spot they cannot deliver. They do try coming back often during the course of the day but if they can't park they can't deliver.

    We would like to remind members that the VIP card does not apply to cover charges for entertainment. We post this information in our brochures and on our webpage but some members overlook the rule and occasionally they give door men a hard times. Stop it! The Club rules are but few but each member should know them. Restaurant wise the card is valid for food and drink off the menu; tobacco products, t-shirts etc. are never included as part of the discount.

     A member called our office and all the girls could make out is them saying they lost their card. They could not understand who they were because they were sneezing and coughing the whole time. But do know, if you misplaced or lost your card, contact us here for immediate replacement, no questions asked.

    BTW: with flu season upon us, know that VIP Club Members get a 20% discount at Chelos Faracia , off of pharmaceuticals and 15% off their retail products.

     Many members have written in for updates about member Arden O'Rourke who was in a bad accident up near the border. Seems our prayers and good wishes were answered. She is out of trouble, has come out of the coma, and has been taken off the respirator at a hospital in San Antonio, Texas. She has a long way to go to be her old self but she is doing better everyday. Arden and her family thank you all for your concern and prayers.

     The holidays are coming: Be nice to one another.

     Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

November 21, 2006


    Your VIP Club welcomes ROMANOS RESTAURANT BAR into the club. Romanos, Hernandez Macias #93, 152-7454. Romanos has become a San Miguel landmark restaurant. Now under new ownership, Dave and Patrice Brucia offer the same hearty menu with good-sized portions as beforehand while adding some new entries. Romanos is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill. Romanos does not take credit cards.

    VIP Club member Beatriz provides Tango lessons at her studio, located at Zacateros 21. She offers members a 10% discount when paying for a month's worth of lessons.

    VIP Club member Ross MacDonald wants members to know that beginning November 24 the San Miguel Fitness Center and MacDonalds Casa de La Salud are having their first annual membership drive with many discounts and price reductions for the gym, vitamins, chocolates etc. Ross also will soon have a new website under San Miguel Fitness that will provide discount coupons, a medical referral service and other valuable and diverse services to sanmiguelenses. Do know that the San Miguel Fitness Centers offers 20% off to VIP Club members.

    VIP Club participating boutique and fashion center, "Goldies" has moved off Canal and is now located at Zacateros #19, in the old Clan Destino location. Hours are daily: 10:00-am-6pm, 154-7521.

      Maru Riba, owner of VIP Club participating restaurant La Princesa, on Recreo, would like members to know La Pricesa has a new chef, Angel Flores, who comes with sterling credentials earned at Camino Real Hotel in Mexico City and while in Cancun. La Princesa now offers a new and diverse menu with many various specialties.

     Silvia, of L'invito fame, has opened another local pizzeria with wood burning oven located on the corner of Calzada de la Luz and Calzada de la Aurora. Her other location is Ancha de San Antonio, 32B. Both are open everyday providing home delivery.  Call 154-6228 or 154-1000.

     Members do know, if you are in business or an artist, who might be having an event or even a garage sale, Your Club will be more than glad to post your event in our newsflashes. Yet do know, if your event is time sensitive, we can not guarantee we can send your notice out right away because we only send out newsflashes that are germane to new club business, so get your notice to us early. Do know that the VIP Club website is being viewed more and more by our robust membership <>. Your Club's site's advertising rates are very reasonable.

     Brrrrrr . . . everybody is talking about the weather. All will use more propane. Remember Your Club's discount from Noel Gas. So far the reports are good with many members saving big time on their propane bill. One member, who has three properties, says they paid or their VIP membership just with the savings. Also, with the weather getting colder, the poor out in the campo lack warm clothing. Both Biblioteca Publica and our local post of the American Legion have drives to collect coats and sweaters to give to the less fortunate. Why not look in your closet and permit your older garb to warm the needy.

    Your Club wants to wish our American membership a Happy Thanksgiving. It goes without saying how much we all have to be thankful for here in San Miguel. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian members.

     Thank you for the good turn out and VIP Club members who attended my reading at the Authors Sala on November 10, and special thanks to Susan Page and the steering committee who were thoughtful enough to invite me to read excerpts from my work, it warmed my heart.

     Please include,  member Arden O'Rourke, in your prayers and good thoughts. Arden, a fine lady, was involved in a horrific auto crash with an 18 wheeler up at the border. Presently she is in a coma in San Antonio, Texas, and she's in trouble. A silver lining might be that, as of today, it has been reported  she has moved her arms and  legs and periodically has opened her eyes before slipping back in unconsciousness. Get back with us, Arden!

     Members and friends, please don't sleep with open flame heaters operating in bedrooms or you just might not wake up!!!

RIP: Elfie Guillen.

     Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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