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Thursday, November 14, 2013

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Hacienda Las Brisas, locally-based home builders of affordable homes. The Las Brisas subdivision is strategically located near public transportation and h-iways. Costs are very reasonable. According to a highly respected International travel magazine, our San Miguel has been chosen by its upscale, traveling readership as the number-one-ranked city in the entire world! All the more reason to invest in affordable San Miguel property now.

Hacienda Las Brisas home sites are perched on a western hillside, overlooking picturesque San Miguel, Since 2006, Las Brisas' long range construction has been continuous. Recently completed is the fourth phase of the planned fifth. Only 12 of these affordable homes remain on the open market! Various models and layouts are available, starting at 67K USD. Smart floor plans and attention to detail make for a perfect starter home, for young professionals, or that choice retirement get-away, nearby all the festivities, sites and shopping, while far enough away from the excitement as to have peace and quiet. Secure and easily affordable. Visit or call 415-155-9966. Or email Eduardo Angulo, Hacienda La Brisas' director, perfect English spoken. Cel at 415-109-4984 or

(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out 1600 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


Gas Providencia has been operating in San Miguel for three years. Their home office is in San Luis de la Paz with 70 trucks operating state wide. For two years Your VIP CLUB has had a very successful association with Providencia, as demonstrated by the discount they provide our members and the testimonials. One can read the praise heaped on Gas Providencia and their trusty crews at under the piece of the puzzle that says "comments."

This week, SMA bureaucracy has sidelined Providencia's service in our area. The VIP Club has been assured by Gas Providencia that the paper work and red tape will be resolved within days and their trucks will be up and running again providing you with great service and prices! Providencia's management has asked Your Club to convey to its members how they appreciate your business and to say that the VIP Club has given them a firm footing in SMA. The association has benefited Providencia, the membership and the club. We will send out a flash the moment this inconvenience is resolved. Gracias.

VIP Club participating restaurant, Casa Payo, Zacateros #26, 152-7277, has been renamed, "Mexifran!" Joining Casa Payo's long-time-owner John Paul Lane is Franciose Leblanc, as a partner, a familiar face around town, an experienced chef himself who has successfully operated, La Adelita Bar, on Umaran. Juan Pablo and Franciose have orchestrated a new concept, adding French dishes and souping up the Mexican side of the house creating a new culinary experience here in San Miguel. VIP Club members are still entitled to 10% off their meals when employing their VIP Club Card. Good luck John Paul and Franciose!

Rafael Valdez, manager of La Felguera Restaurante, aka Posada Carmina, Cuna de Allende #7, wants to remind members their complete breakfast is 65 pesos.

Your Club heard from Abrazos: "Looking for Thanksgiving gifts? Zacateros 24, near Pila Seca, is participating in the national holiday discount promotion, El Buen Fin, with a 10% discount off all 4 days plus free tequila and candies for all, this weekend, Friday through Monday, November 15th-18th. Abrazos specializes in aprons, handbags, baby bibs, men's day-of-the -ead shirts and ties and kitchen wares made in fabrics with Mexican themes, "the perfect gifts from San Miguel" says owner Patrice Wynne, 'since all of our designs are made locally by families of local seamstresses, reinvigorating the traditions of fabric work in San Miguel where it once thrived.'" Hours: 7 days a week, 10 am to 6 pm,154-8580,

VIP Club participating boutique, Gaia, galleria, jewelry store and artisans center has moved. They're now located at Quebrada #39, 152-4040. Magali is the owner operator.

Fitness International, a primary sponsor and long-time participating business in the VIP Club is now under new management. No need to panic, they're still very much part of the VIP Club program. Some changes are in store: NOW OPEN SUNDAYS! 9 am. - 3 pm. new hours for Saturday too, 7 am - 3pm.

Rates are as follows for VIP Club members: 60 pesos off the initial 300-peso sign-up fee (tha'ts 20%), 10% off full fitness memberships of 750 per month meaning, less 75 pesos! this membership entitles members to use the full facility, including showers, steam, room classes etc. A card carrying member can include their significant other when signing up for two membership and discounts will be applied to both.

Not part of the VIP Club program at FI is the senior-and-student membership, a flat $650 a month, but the initial fee is still in vogue for the discount. There is a membership for using just the weights and cardiovascular equipment, 650 a month, no showers, no and other perks not available, or just using weight equipment alone, now costs $550, but admission to the gym for those members is strictly from noon till 5 pm.! We wish the new management much success at this great fitness facility. See FI's entire program at

From Doug Cullen at VIP Club's Cafe Contento: "Second Event in our Culinary Anthropology Dinner Series, "A Culinary Walk Through Guanajuato!" Wednesday, November 20, 7:00 pm at Café Contento.

Chef Bossuet and Chef Kirsten West will prepare a 7-course tasting menu based on original recipes from the rural communities of Guanajuato. Tickets: $400 pesos per person, beverages included. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy truly authentic regional cuisine.
Special Guest: As part of the experience, Consuelo Vinancio, from the community of Delgados de Abajo, will be preparing Otomí Ceremonial Tortillas.
Other Representative Dishes from the State of Guanajuato:

Costillas de Cerdo con Verdolagas
Pork Ribs with Purslane
Xoconostle con Chile Rojo y Bistec
Beef with Red Chiles and Sour Cactus Fruit
Conchitos de Maguey al Vapor
Stewed Maguey Cactus Flowers
Gorditas de Maíz con Guayaba
Gorditas with Guava
Caldo Michi
Fish and Vegetable Soup
Guisado de Papas del Campo
Country Style Potatoes

Tickets are available for $400 pesos at Café Contento
Tel. 154-8020

VIP Club participating restaurant and bakery, La Mesa Grande, will be hosting a very special Thanksgiving dinner (seatings at 2pm and 7pm, November 28.) Live music for the 7pm seating. Menu will include appetizer salad with a glass of wine, turkey with all of the trimmings. Dessert is your choice of our homemade pumpkin or pecan pie and a coffee- all for just $350 pesos. Stop by or call 154.0838 to reserve your seat today!
If you'll be cooking Thanksgiving, they also have everything you need for your holiday dinner! Baguettes, whole wheat and white dinner rolls, 100% rye or whole wheat bread, croutons (perfect for stuffing!), sourdough and sweets! Stop in and pre-order your pumpkin pie, carrot cake, apple turnovers and oatmeal cookies! Open at 8am (9am on Saturday) and close at 5pm every-night except for Thursday and staying open until 10pm for pizza night. In the process of building a new wood-burning oven- Naples style- and it will be fired-up everyday serving pizzas from 11:30 am until close. Live music from 7:30-9pm every Thursday and David Garza rotates weekly with Miguel Favero and Federico Azuz. Mexican craft beers.

As of this date we do know that also, beside La Mesa Grande, Lolita's on Salida de Celaya will have a full Thanksgiving dinner served with all the trimmings and we suspect other VIP Club restaurants will do the same. We will keep you posted.

From VIP Club's satellite provider Shaw TV. Refer a new client to Shaw during the month of November and they sign up, you get one month free service! Refer two, you get two and even 3, you get three. (New client or those referring must substantiate referral.) Remember, VIP Club members get their first month free ($85 USD savings) when signing up for Paul Fireman's, Shaw Satellite TV. See info at http:.// As of January 1st new phone #s. 120-0200 with cel bing 415-106-5600.

From VIP club member Ken Bichel: "Music belongs to all people, and all people have the right to participate in music – including the deaf! Humans not only hear with their ears, but also with their bodies, through the vibrations of music. That’s why it’s especially exciting when a world-class brass ensemble hits a world-class city, with a world-class concert to benefit the deaf! Musica para Todas will be performed by Metales M5 in San Miguel November 23 at 7 at Angela Peralta. At this concert they will be presenting the world premier of "Spheres" a musical composition by me, San Miguel's own." Members, consider attending this concert.t! All proceeds from this concert benefits the school and its deaf students. Tickets 100 - $300 pesos at Teatro Angela Peralta, both Solutions locations, and La Conexion at Aldama .

Sorry to say Venus Lounge has closed their doors. We want to thank Sam for his generosity over the years and wish him the very best with his new venture down in the Yucatan.

Look for the new menu coming to Hanks! Hey, for one of the best brunch menus in town with a vast selection of yum, at reasonable prices, it's Hanks on Sundays, 10 - 2 pm. Also, It's still in vogue! Start your weekend early. Order two dinners and get a red or white wine compliments of the house (not cheap stuff). Be a foursome, you guys get two bottles and so forth and so on so invite the town.

Our Lulu Torbets's new photo collection is still hanging at Berlin, Umaran #19. Berlin, serving authentic German cuisine with a Latin flavor! Serving late, very cool vibes with a homey atmosphere.

We are getting great reports of so many of our members saving bundles on auto and home owners or renters insurance with a steep VIP Club discount. See particulars here on Your Club's website. Remember, it's now the law to have collision auto insurance on all federal hi-ways!

Hey, everybody, Moonrise Health's big shipment has finally arrived! Organos #29. Moonrise has a myriad of first-class products that enhance beauty, maintains health fitness while soothing the body. Look for announcements regarding great guest speakers who share their vast knowledge about health and beauty. Also VIP club members are entitled to 10% off.

Jaime Shelly, owner/operator of VIP Club participating restaurant, Cafe Rama experienced an accident at home while trying to light the pilot light of his hot water tank. he got burnt and in place pretty bad and hopefully he will fully recover and won't be that much worse for wear. Jaime wants members to exercise great caution, especially now when it's cold with heating appliance employing gas. Let the gas man light it, or your landlord and if you don't have experience with such contraptions, have someone with experience show you the safest way! Heal up Jaime!

Members, if you haven't yet, consider trying out some of the restaurants we added in the last year: Garufa, La Bodega de Chu, La Brasserie, Las Cuatro Milpas, Oko, Sunset Lounge, The Beer Company, Flor De Loto Camida, La Mesa de Matador, Santos Cudaseca and Lolita.

VIP Club member Stephen Solomons has a smart, upscale casita for rent in Col. Guadelupe. $800 US a month, fully furnished with all the trimmings. Email:

Things will soon start jumping and all kinds of people will be a-comin' and if your guests or family members or even yourselves need pick up at Leon or transportation to and from the airport or perhaps a ride to the Queretaro airport or bus station. Members, you can earn free shuttles by using Viajes or G7 vehicles, first class service for the number one city in the world. You make the reservation for whoever and members get the credit, Make 5 complete legs for anybody in 18 months and you get a free shuttle to or from Leon's airport. See what you need to do here on your Club's website by clicking on the piece of the puzzle that says, "other VIP Club discounts." Follow instructions carefully when registering trips with your club and only your club.

How about our town now being ranked by Conde Nast Travel Magazine by a survey of readers as the number one town on planet Earth! Can you believe it? Let me be one to congratulate you as Chef Donnie congratulated me and thanking you all for being part of what has made San Miguel number one. Your smiles and politeness to strangers, your supporting of charities and good will, your participation in so many activities is what makes this town worth living in. Thanks to all of you for being part of it and do know, no matter who comes up with whatever survey, there's only ONE NUMBER ONE and we'ez it!

Need a chair or sofa for maybe the upcoming season: "Grace's Sofas," See their ad

At the same time to unsavory types this can make our town a target so from now on, watch out for one another!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to our Canadian members and their families!

On the mend: Gary Peterson

Welcome home: Donna Sharpe

R. I. P. Steve Beck

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.


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