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October 10, 2008


     Your VIP Club welcomes El Chimi Churri Restaurant, Stirling Dickinson, #5, 044-415-101-7851. El Chimi Churri Restaurant is a parrilla type restaurant, Grilled meats, empanadas, chistorra, hamburgers and much more. Open Tues-Sunday, Noon 'til seven in winter, 'til nine summertime. Vero is your host. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill.

     Your VIP Club welcomes La Mejicana, Correo #13, 152-3657. La Mejicana offers confections, candies, jewelry, local crafts and those produced throughout Mexico. VIP Club members may take 10% off their purchase with a minimum of $100 peso purchase.

     Many members have written in asking for the phone number of Noel Gas with the oncoming of the winter season. Members, the number is posted on our webpage: Your club has a gentleman's agreement with Noel that we will only publish this discount on our webpage and not on other promotional material. We are always glad and willing to provide members information when asked, yet in case we aren't immediately available we continue to urge members to use the web page. BTW: it's 155-8077.

    We also continue to urge members to take advantage of the many other establishments that offer discounts to the membership other than restaurants. Members use dry cleaning services, buy house paint, go to the dentist, buy pharmaceuticals and shop for birthday, wedding, anniversary presents etc. Look on our webpage under (other discounts). All one has to do is to pay attention to the present day news and see that saving money is essential with the latest economic situation!

     For Jazz aficionados, VIP Club member Isaac Topek wants members to know that saxophone sensation, Ivan Renta, will perform at his establishment, Topo Viejo, Friday, October 10, at 9 p.m., Stirling Dickinson # 28, at Plaza Pueblito. Ivan has played with and starred with the world's best in his field. Cover: $175 pesos.

    Dag gone it! (our Sara Palin impression) In Your Club's last VIP Club Newsflash, we placed the letter "e" on the end of the e-mail address as to get on the mailing list of the Alex Phillips' Theater. inside Market Bistro the correct e-mail address is Alex Phillips' Theater Email Some members wrote in saying it didn't work. Hopefully, this time we got it right!

     L'Invito Restaurant at the Green Ranch is gone! We thank Silvia for her generosity and wish her the best.

    The winter/spring VIP Club brochure should be out by the end of next week. They can be had at any of the mail outlets in town.

    'Tis the season: Obama-Biden T-shirts are still available at Border Crossings, La Conexion and Seventh Heaven. McCain-Palin T-shirts might be somewhere but we don't know!

     We mentioned about the fantastic room heaters VIP Club member Dan Goodman has for sale. We said, they are a bit pricey, but perhaps didn't give Dan's heaters their just due. Dan give us a couple of body shots, smacked us around and bit and said they actually aren't that pricey, plus they heat more square feet and operate more efficiently than most other gas heaters. Contact Dan at

    We received the below e-mail from Kathy Snodgrass, wife of Pulitzer Prize winning poet, winter-time sanmiguelense and VIP Club member W.D. Snodgrass. We found the note both bittersweet and it was somewhat tough to absorb but we wanted to share with the membership: 

Dear Lou:

     Love getting the newsflashes, especially now that we know we won't be back in San Miguel. De is terminally ill with lung cancer and has just been admitted to hospice, which means he can stay home until the end with emphasis on quality of life and on comfort . . . as well as fine wines, single malt scotch, and the triple time cream cheeses. Fortunately, he is not having any pain yet, he's just very weak.

    The very best to you and thanks to your fine club.


   W.D. aka; De, is not only a talented, renowned poet but a sweet, sweet man. Just this week, undaunted, De read his poetry aloud at Syracuse University in New York State. All can view his gutty performance at: Just scroll down until you come to his name and photo. Speechless, we can only send out positive vibes to the Snodgrasses and hope for the best under the circumstances. If any of you would like to write to Kathy, get back to us here and we will provide the Snodgrasses e-mail address.

     Report lost or missing cards to this e-mail address for immediate replacement.

Adios and best wishes to Yves, Limerick's vivacious ex-manager.

Get well: Helena Corro Gregerson

Thank you for you continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club



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