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Monday, October 12, 2014

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by PROVIDENCIA propane-gas delivery service. Winter time is coming with more gas use. The top end of propane prices are controlled by the federal government, yet Providencia still gives VIP Club members 40 centavos off of each litro with a minimum of 1000 pesos! Members save 80 - 90 pesos on average per delivery. 

Providencia has proven to be prompt, efficient and honest! They now accept all major credit cards! Call directly to Eduardo on the stationary tank truck cel: 415-109-5357 . . . need canisters or cylinder service? Call Sergio direct: 415-124-8896 . . . or call the office free: 01-800-821-0470.

(Attention business people: Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out over1800 emails to our members once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


Your VIP Club welcomes Paprika, on what is becoming restaurant row, Ancha de San Antonio #7, 415-111-7013, Noon - 10 pm. Tuesdays through Saturdays, Noon - 8 pm. Sundays. Francine is your host. Diverse menu with soups, salads, poultry, meats, fish and pastas. Everyday, red wine happy hour 6 - 8 pm. No corkage fee Thursdays!. Jazzites Bobby Kaplan and Gabriel Hernandez entertain each Saturday 8 - 10 pm. VIP Club members get 10% of their bill when paying cash or credit card.

VIP Club participating restaurant Los Faroles, Ancha San Antonio #30, has a sweet deal for VIP Club members, EACH WEDNESDAY! Get grill cooked sirloin burgers, including fries or salad at 2 X 1, exclusive double burger deal for VIP Club members each Wednesday. Every other day it's 10% off! (see attachment).

VIP Club participating restaurant La Bodega de Chu, Correo #34, has a new name and new phone number and lots of new stuff receiving high praise! La Bodega de Chu is now, 13 Cielos, (Cocina mestiza de Autor) with new # 152-0053, Mondays: Mojitos y Margaritas 2 X 1, Wednesdays: house red and white wines 2 X 1 and Thursdays: 2 X 1 for Mezcales. 

VIP Club member and local artist Gene Johnson introduces his latest in abstract and geometrical visuals on canvas during a an art reception featuring our Gene and other noted local artists at Bellas Artes, Hernandez Macias, this coming Thursday, October 16, 7 pm. The exhibit will remain for viewing until February 2015. Consider coming out to support Gene. (See attachment).

Big News! We heard from VIP Club participating financial institution Ci Banco. There has been a change of heart. Besides getting a better rate than the rates posted, VIP Club members can now cash U.S. checks at Ci Banco. There is no charge! The check must be at least for 500 dollars. The checks can be cashed and not necessarily deposited. VIP Club members, at the present time, do not need to have an account at Ci Banco. Thank you, Ci Banco.

From member Cheri Ann Wright: "First ever Story Telling Festival" taking place at Biblioteca Publica October 17 - 18th, with story telling from 10:30 pm - 3 pm each day. Fourteen story tellers each day, some local, some out-of-towners, all competing for prize money and bragging rights. Tickets $150. Followed up by October 18, award ceremony at 7:30 pm. along with live music provided by High Desert Rangers and cash bar at Cafe Santa Ana commencing at 6 pm. Tickets 200 pesos!"

Complimenting VIP Club's Arthur Murray Dance Studio, at the new location, with participating restaurant Restaurante Baile, Salida a Celaya #59, 185-8282, has some big goings ons Saturday, October 18th at 8 pm. JK O'Donnel and his back up band, will crank out some mean cases of blues along with a grand dinner and what else? A fabulous dance! One hundred peso cover for dance, including complementary margarita, beer or wine or two non-alcoholic drinks. Reserve table 185-8282.

La Brasserie, Jesus #11, a fine VIP Club participating restaurant serves tangy tasting and fresh Mussels every Wednesday and Friday night!

Like a little fun with your meal? Hank's has a pair table-hopping, affable magicians on the floor strolling Hank's facsimile of Bourbon Street doing "who dat?" kinda tricks to the delight of diners. The guys are pretty good and perform for tips. Remember, order a pair of entries on Thursday night for you and your company and get a free bottle of a red or a white!

VIP Club participating restaurant, Pescau, received some of what could be miscued publicity recently. Fast spreading rumor, part fact, had a big time crime figure taking a bust in a raid at a popular San Miguel seafood restaurant! Now what restaurant was that? Some news organizations reported it was Pescau, flattering to a degree but not true. The cartel guys were arrested someplace else. The only thing getting busted at Pescau are the seafood shells!

We received news from VIP Club participating restaurant No. 43 Deli, Relox #43. New stuff on the menu: New Whole Green Salad section! Four, count 'em, four new Hot Dogs! Veggie Burger sliders and more. Then there's some the new fall seasonal menu: Roast Beef Espanola Sandwich, Turkey Muffuletta, Mushroom Onion and Sun Drid Tomato Pesto Grill Cheese and Apple Cider Floats! New jarred Sauerkraut, Pickles and Jams coming real soon plus dog and cat treats!

"Starting Saturday, October 18th, Saturday Movie Night and Sunday Matinee, two weekends a month! We will be posting on our FB the selection and sending out an email blast. Send us an email with your contact to be added sending us an email at Tickets: 50 pesos with a small bag of popcorn. Movie Menu and a Special Drinks. Late arrivals turned away. Private Screenings available for birthday parties or group outings. Choose your film, time and food. Inquire for more information. 
Movie Times will be as follows:
Saturday: 6pm, 830pm, Sunday: 4pm, 630pm
October Film Schedule:
Saturday, October 18th & Sunday, October, 19th
HOME (2009)
Shows- Saturday: 6pm, Sunday: 4pm

Shows- Saturday: 830pm, Sunday: 630pm

Saturday, October 24th & Sunday, October 25th


Shows- Saturday: 6pm, Sunday: 4pm


Shows- Saturday: 830pm, Sunday: 630pm

Thank you so much for your continued support! Saludos,

Kyle & Erik"

See more NFL games in English, see the World Series, see NHL and NBA, HBO, AMC, PBS, The Comedy Network, late night naughty and various networks in various time zones and more with Shaw Satellite TV Services. Call Paul Fireman at 120-0200 or cel: 415-106-5600. VIP Club members gets first month free, a $95 U.S savings.

San Miguel residents have worn many nations' uniforms. A group of caring veterans spearheaded by VIP Club member and Vietnam Veteran, Paul Dickson, have created a dignified way to honor the fallen, Below, in their words is what's being dedicated:

"Veterans, Family and Friends Memorial Plaque Dedication

There are residents of San Miguel de Allende, Nationals included, who have served in armed conflict, plus those that have not necessarily served, but included in both groups there are people that have had loss of family members and friends in theaters of conflict and have no place to pay homage or reflect on their loss.

Therefore, a group of ex-Veterans, who call San Miguel de Allende home, are having a plaque manufactured and installed in a sanctuary that can be visited by the public at large and be used as a ceremonial site, at least one day a year to honour those who served and those who were lost. It could also be used to commemorate other specific occasions.

The Dedication Ceremony, 11th November, 2014 at 11.00am, St Paul's with the ceremony commencing at 10.30am. This ceremony and/or the site are not to glorify war, victory or loss, but to act as a solemn reminder of the memory of those who served and for those who paid the ultimate price."

VIP Club member Hans Brouwers has some attractive nearby seaside accommodations to rent discounted. Read all about them here: 

Late night! Need a taxi? Call ServiTaxi, 152-5993, 24/7, they always answer. Prompt, polite and secure . . . 6 am 8 pm. 40 pesos for pick up and delivery, 8 pm - midnight 80 pesos, VIP pay just 60, midnight 'til 6 am, 100 pesos. Tell them anytime you're a VIP member. ServiTaxi wants to be the VIP Club's taxi company!

To all our Canadian members and friends: Happy Canandian Thanksgiving!

Please direct healing vibes towards: Glenda Robinson, Jean Schickel and Toni Roberts

Happy Trails: John Areias, off to Arizona -- Mary Breneman, off to New York

Wedding Bells October 20th: David and now Catalina Bossman!

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