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Thursday, October 24, 2013

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by http://www.segurosfianzasja/com/

Known as of October 1, it is absolutely mandatory, in the nation of Mexico, when traveling on Federal roads, one must carry liability insurance! As of January 1, very severe fines will be in place for those in accidents without insurance. Know that VIP Club members receive steep discounts when employing Jose Antonio Jimenez's Queretaro agency.

Locally, Marina and Alejandra represent Lopez's agency and offer special, VIP Club rates from various companies for anything with a motor that runs on wheels plus special discounts on home owners or home renters insurance.

Realize if your gardener cuts themselves or a maid falls and breaks a leg or something happens to a guest in your home, you're responsible. Go golfing and hit somebody with an off kilter shot, you're responsible, but your home or renters insurance will cover you.

Marina/ 154-4579 or cel 415 107-4008 or call Alejandra 415-100-3857, both offering the best service at the best prices.

(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out 1600 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


We haven't sent out a flash since August since we've been on the road but we are gearing up for the winter season.

Cold weather is on the way! It might be time to fill that propane tank. We are very happy to report that your Club convinced Providencia Gas delivery service to gear up to take credit cards. Visa, Master Card and American Express will now be accepted.

When using Providencia home propane delivery service you no longer have to make sure you have that much cash around and you still get your VIP Club discount (40 centavos off each litro) from the guys on the truck. Call the truck direct on the guys cell at 415-117-2634 or 415-109-5357. Daniel and Lazaro are the crew. Call the toll free number also, at 01-800-821-0470. For cylinder service call Sergio on the truck at 415-124-8896. Note: (The discount isn't as steep for cylinders as for tank service. Your Club does have discount coupons if you use cylinders. Contact Your Club to get the discount coupons (Go to and click on the members comment page and read what your fellow members have written about Providencia's service.) Your Club has stuck its neck out a little and told Providencia if they took credit cards member alone might double their business. It's up to you!

Stray Dog Presents, the San Miguel theatre company run by long time VIP clients, Taylor Korobow and Joseph Kent, will soon be presenting The Other Place by Sharr White, beautiful, gripping, haunting and very human play about a professional woman who is grappling with her marriage, her career and her life's darkest secrets. Jill Gottlieb stars. Carrie Haugh, Michael Gottlieb and Tim Johnson round out the cast. The original score is written by Alan Campbell. The set is designed by Joseph Kent. They are very proud to present Guillermo Sanchez Romero on cello. It's quite a line-up.
The Other Place will be at the Teatro Santa Ana at the biblioteca from October 23 to November 3. Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8 pm., Sundays at 5. All seats, all performances 150 pesos. Our new phone number: 152.0773
Cell: 415.100.1310
US line in MX: 510.295.4300

A message from VIP Club member Britt Zaist: "Hello Friends-
I hope you can come to the Plaza de Toros this Saturday, the 26th of October. Please see Henry’s article attached. Bring your sketchbook, canvas and/or camera and join us for a very interesting day. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at our home/studio: 152 6171; at Galeria Izamal 154-5409; cell 044 415 115 5888 or either email:

Know that The Restaurant, Sollano #16 donates 10% of its take on Sunday nights to the local school for the deaf.

Lolita Restaurant on Salida de Celaya says they would like to see more card holders!

See Attachments* link below with some of the most recent meals to come out of the kitchen of Restaurante Sicilia en Bocca!

The call has come out from many of our participating restaurants. They are eager to see your and your card. We know many of you often decide not to employ the card and are willing to pay full ticket when the bill is small but do Your Club's a service and do show the management your a member, perhaps mention you saw something about them in a flash. Please, let them know their membership in Your organization helps everybody. They will appreciate it.

Look in the near future for The Roadside Smokehouse Pit, an extension of Keith Thompson's Longhorn Smokehouse. The second location is coming soon and located on Salida de Celaya, on the right hand side, between Mega and Los Frailes!

Charter member Ross Macdonald has opened Benji’s (forally Poppy's) at Ancha de San Antonio #9. (2 doors from Guadalahara Farmacia) with American Quality vitamins at the best prices in SMA. VIP members receive a 10% discount on 1st vitamin purchase and 20% on second ,third etc. of same item and size or 15% on a different vitamin or size. Also offering gourmet flavored popcorn. VIP members receive 15 peso discount on purchase of a 2nd large bag of gourmet popcorn or 10 peso discount on 2nd medium gourmet bag. Benji’s also has 200 sq meters of beautiful space to rent for parties, meetings and workshops. Call 415 121 0945 for info. Or check us on Events san Open 7 days a week 2pm -7/8pm or come by.

Your Club is just getting situated and ready for season. Look for another newsflash shortly 'cause Your Club has some new things in store for members to save them money.

Congrats to SMA for being chosen by the readers who took Conde Nast's Magazine's survey as the #1 city in the entire world!

Lastly, we were extremely saddened at the untimely and terrible murder of VIP Club member Marcia Dworkin! Marcia, a solid member and long time friend who was a very nice person who’d been a club member on-and-off since 2001. In our last flash Marcia promoted her drawing class. We were shocked by the news and it’s a crying shame. We feel we live in a great town and perhaps one of the safest towns around but nevertheless we urge members to be aware. Only take out with you what you need. Leave the Rolex at home. Do not let any Taxi driver think you do not have resources. Look at the Taxi number and say clearly and talk or pretend to talk into a cell phone so the driver can hear you say the number of his cab and let him know you know who he is. Be aware of your surroundings.

Look for upcoming deals for Club members in the near future.

R. I. P. Marcia Dworkin

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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