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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by LA MESA GRANDE, Zacateros and Pila Seca, open daily 8:00 am'til 5 pm., 154 0838 (
La Mesa Grande is undergoing a number of changes! Despite redecorating and making changes many events and happenings are still going on at LMG.
Call or email LMG for special orders for events and catering for your dinners and private parties. LMG also rents itself out in the evenings for functions and comes complete with service from our waiters and bar staff. Full course dinners are also possible. so call and let them know what you are in need of and they will be happy to work it all out for you.
Thursday, November 23rd, American Thanksgiving, LMG will be serving a special meal (from 1-6 pm) with all of the fixings. $650 including welcome drink, oven-baked glazed turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked vegetables, bread and a glass of wine and pumpkin pie.
They're geared up to take fresh pecan and pumpkin pie orders for the holidays. Personal sized tarts, medium and large extra-delicious pecan or real pumpkin pies are always a hot-seller at LMG! Call and order yours before they sell out.
An environmentally-conscious space, they are also now selling reusable green bags with their logo. Customers can buy one for $50 pesos, and get a 5% discount on all future take-out purchases! From bread to lunch, it's always great to save... and your bag purchase will not only help save the environment, but it will save wear-and-tear on your wallet.
Love mezcal? LMG will host a special evening of mezcal tastings and snacks on Wednesday, November 1st, 6-9 pm. Look for a flyer to be posted on their FB and instagram pages with more information in the coming days, or drop by and see all of the changes that are happening at our favourite local bakery+cafe! 

(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash! We send out over 1800 emails locally to the membership once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1800 pesos.)


     Your Club wishes to remind members if they sense they haven't received the proper discount or have been denied the discount at that particular establishment please ask for a "nota remision", dated and signed by a manager and present it to your club.

     It's rare, but the card does get turned down through one glitch or another or that somebody doesn't get the message or forgets the arrangement we might have at that particular establishment. Please, never argue! LOL, we do have members insisting on discounts at restaurants that aren't part of the of Our Club. Let Your Club do the sword fighting. Your savings are guaranteed. Thank you.
For our full line-up with discounts, cash or credit card, always go to

Local respected painters, William Martin and Rae Miller host a fabulous art opening this evening at Berlin Bar Bistro.

The "Insider's Guide to San Miguel"  has just completed a terrific new web page. and invites our members to place a free ad and linkage on this web site. They're also in the finishing stages of placing our e book on Amazon, where your ad will also appear, presenting goods and services to a even wider client base. In many cases clients receive information before arriving in San Miguel  Take advantage of this free offer to increase your business.

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FROM VIP Club participating restaurant, Dragon Chino, Salida de Celaya 71 152-8686: "We are "becoming green"avoiding using paper! Our newer business hours: 12:00 pm- 9:00 pm Monday - Saturday, Sunday 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm, 365 days we don't close any days.  Dragon sent us their new menu.

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Attention La Conexion clients: "We are offering you a 8-2% shipping discount depending on what product you order. Go to: - sign into AMAZON using the link on the home page and receive the discount less 2% - it will reflect in the handling charges - lowering the rate from 17% to 9% on most production. I pass my discount on to you. Call me if you have questions. I am working in the package service - 415 150-0208 - Susan Sargeant" IN ADDITION:  LA CONEXION: FREE SERVICE - "Appreciating all the local San Miguel Charities, La Conexion invites charities to have a special work station in all/any of our four La Conexion offices! This work station places volunteer ticket salespeople to sell tickets and provide information. I have always enjoyed providing the service without charge. However, due to the volume of events I can no longer provide the staff plus keep up with the bookkeeping. In the Aldama office, we will provide an individual cash register specifically purchased for the sell of tickets."
For full disclosure please visit:
Ffom our Benjamin at Coyote Flaco: "From Greece, famous chefs, Aggelos and Christos Pagkalos will take the kitchen of the skinny coyote to delight us with Greek recipes!
We will also have a show dedicated to death with the collaboration of the great actors Anabella Martinez and Xavier Gibler"


Don't forget, tonight!

Michelle and Carlos (another Carlos) of the short-lived Candeleria 16 (recently closed) has opened a catering business and offers a  10% discount to the members

Call for info: 044 415 113 35 25 / 044 415 145 95 86

Your Club heard from our Angela Lewis who has news pertaining to these three, tasty, VIP Club participating eateries: "Live Jazz with Azande and Jaime Valle "The Alma Jazz Trio" Fridays and Saturdays 6.30-8.30 pm at El Vergel Bistro. Dinner menu served from 6 to 9 pm. For reservations call 415.110-2254. Special taxi rate with Taxi San Miguelito."

Happy Tuesday at Taco Lab and Birdie's Burgers at Doce 18 (Relox 18), Tuesdays 6-10 pm. DJ, special drinks and promotions.

Burger Night every Thursday at The Restaurant Sollano 16, 6-11 pm. and Brunch on Sundays starting at noon with the a la carte menu. Sundays we donate 5% of the proceeds to a different charity every month.
We will have an altar October 31st - November 5th at The Restaurant. On Nov 2nd for Día de Muertos we will give ponche and tamales away like we do every year.


From Robert Higgs VIP Club participating business

"For over two years, SMA Vapes has been San Miguel's premier source of  electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and e-juice. Our commitment to offering only the highest quality devices, at the lowest prices in Mexico. Free, convenient delivery within centro, and extended customer service. We offer the widest range of quality vaping gear in San Miguel, at the lowest prices in Mexico, and everything we do is catered to each customer's specific needs." 415-149-3133.

Fabienne's yoga classes has enter the Club! First series of five classes 100 pesos off...usually 800, 700 pesos for five classes.

In the Future

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Congrats: Michelle Garrison on the birth of her son Luca!
Congrats: John Kolenberg now hitched to Nunez!

R.I.P. Rick Roberts
R.I.P. Bud Phillips
R.I.P Shayne Hicks
R.I.P. Dogie Simons
R.I.P Norman Popovsky
R.I.P. Halvard Johnson

Thank you for your loyal and continuous support.

You San Miguel VIP Club

P.S. I wrote the below essay some time ago. The piece has been published a number of times. Yet I thought since it's a reflective season, I'd share the spirit with the membership.

                         “Reflections on Day of the Dead” (1996)
By Lou Christine

Breathe easy. Looks as if you’re gonna make it! You’re going to live through another Day of the Dead. Actually there are two Days of the Dead, they're this coming Wednesday and Thursday when time provides as much as 48 hours to reflect somewhat and peer back in the rear-view mirror of life.
At least some of us can congratulate ourselves for stamina after the self-abuse we put ourselves through, we might feel as good as dead after ingesting a freight train’s-worth of junk food over a lifetime, washing it down copious amounts of alcohol and sugar and while puffing on a couple-of-hundred-thousand cigarettes etc.
Considering: It’s ironic, then maybe not, the way Mexico pays homage to its dead. Perhaps it’s one of those subtle yet glaring differences that surfaces between two-distinct cultures.
In the States, death is often treated like a taboo, something that only occurs to other people. People north of the border tend to exclude themselves from the notion. In the U.S. they do honor. There’s Memorial Day, Martin Luther King’s birthday, to name a few. Too bad the combined celebration of Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays has degenerated into a schlock, sales-promotion—-Madison Avenue’s reasoning to liquidate Wall Mart’s or Home Deposit’s post-holiday inventory.
If you’ve traveled Mexico during the first days of November you may have witnessed the tributes. Nationwide, dried flowers, seeds and prayer stones are respectfully placed on makeshift, candle-lit altars, livening up “Day of the Dead” living rooms, revered events taking place inside both exquisite haciendas and modest, dirt-floored homes. No matter. The sentiment’s the same. The installations are thumb sketches show casing individuals’ lifetimes of the past further decorated with photos and cherished keepsakes. Tender reminders are show cased. Maybe it’s a bottle of tequila, a sports-team’s jersey, or the passed-away one’s favorite snack.
Same as me, while witnessing such, you may have been stirred because of a bittersweet familiarity that honors someone admired by those left behind.
Which brings me to a point: We’re as good as dead. Death is more inevitable than the bill coming at the end of a meal. I guess we’ve all wondered about death. I suppose, at one time or another most have been terrorized by the fact.
Yet in Mexico there’s a breath of fresh air. It’s up-tempo. Ancestral memories come to peoples’ minds. Every soul is collectively remembered. All souls are mindfully assembled and bunched into a refined centerpiece of the past, symbolically portrayed as a bouquet in a non-elitist manner. Those honored need not to have been president or an explorer or national hero, or some big deal.
Placing myself in the lethal-spirit of things as I normally do, I’ve got my own short list to reflect on.
I’ll reflect back on the images I can remember. Within the silence of my mind, first I’ll say, “hi” to grand mom and Aunt Dinny, women who once beamed unconditional smiles down toward a little boy; smiles that so warmed the heart.
I’ll utter “hola,” “aloha” and some, “hey, mans’ and Philly-sounding “Yos,” to guys off the block like Joey Alfano, Stevie Kelso and names that mean nothing to you, but nevertheless, they mean something to me. The list seems to get longer each year.
I figure you got your own list. And if you’re into it, or if I’ve become a friendly reminder you’ll attempt bring back memories. You might take a moment and recall a pair of once-shimmering, root-beer eyes, just the way you remember them.
Perhaps you’ll dig a little deeper and rehear a cozy voice of a dad, sensing how it resonated or you’ll rekindle another voice’s velvety texture that’s of a mom or special lady friend while being enveloped by their warmth, if just for a moment. The distinct aroma of an aunt’s perfume or an uncle’s smoldering pipe tobacco can ease into the senses along with other good stuff packed into a lifetime’s-worth of recollections making Memory’s Lane a popular destination during Days of the Dead.
There are past people to see in our mind’s eye; one-time coworkers who doubled us over with whacky humor, or sensational friends who were solid sound-boards or partners of the past who shared concurrent passions during those precious intimate moments.
No matter! Reel back time, say, “hi, dad” or whisper, “Love, ya baby! You were the best!” Countless ears belonging to eternal souls, out there in the wherever, hafta perk up during Days of the Dead.
Maybe you’re like me and you quiz yourself from time to time and wonder, “Why on Earth am I, here, in Mexico?” And maybe like me your answer isn’t all that obscure when you go figure . . . It’s special here. It’s healthy. I like the taste it leaves in my mouth. The keen thing seems to be that nobody gets left out in Mexico.
Later on, when it’s our turn, those gone before us could offer a helping hand or provide welcome mat to us new kids on here-after’s block and they just might soften up those who might sit in final judgment.
Disculpe, I don’t know a better way to say it, “Happy Day of the Dead!’



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