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Wednesday, October 22, 2010


Your VIP Club in San Miguel now has almost 50 restaurants offering the membership 10/15 or as much as 20% off food and drink. Four persons on one bill can take advantage of the VIP Club discount. Also, Your Club has as many as 50 other services that too offer members discounts! The full line up of discounts can be read at Vipsanmiguel Restaurants

Know that the VIP Club Card savings are guaranteed and if a member senses they haven't recouped their investment in a year's time, no problem, just ask, we'll give you your money back! Who else offers such a deal? It's more than win-win, actually best deal in town.

OK, down to business. VIP Club participating restaurant El Tomato, Mesones #62, 151-6057, under the leadership of Chef Mariano Alvarez has been hosting a wine tasting event once a month, yet this month his monthly wine tasting has become so popular El Tomato will host for two nights, Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th. The 29th is close to being sold out. Mariano organizes the event.

A guest Sommelier or a wine producer leads the wine tasting event. Each event typically has a theme. For example in the past there was a night on Argentine and Italian wines; they also had a night on wines from the Piemonte region in Italy. This month's theme will be "wines from Mexico", but specifically they're going to try wines from Viña Vega, a young vineyard in the Dolores Hidalgo area that has been producing such exquisite wines that they have already won a few awards in Mexico ( and Owner Ricardo Vega, Deb Connor (PR Director) will be at the event, along with Juan Manchón the enologist of the vineyard

All wines are paired with food. Sometimes the dishes served with the wine are straight from the El Tomato menu, and sometimes new dishes that the Chef likes to feature and try out with the crowd. Mariano says, "We like to keep it small so that the atmosphere is quaint. It's not a lecture. It's a place to meet friends or make new friends while sharing experiences, questions and anecdotes around wines (especially from the wine producers)."

The wines featured will be available for sale at a special price after the event, ranging anywhere from $250 pesos to $1000 pesos -- people can open a bottle at the table or take it home. The wine tasting events cost $300 pesos per person, trying four different wines per event and each wine is typically paired with an appropriate dish. Mariano strongly recommends purchasing tickets in advance.

Mariano also desires members to know that El Tomato's fresh-food menu has expanded! For years the health conscious establishment was strictly vegetarian. Mariano, with his Argentine and Italian heritage, has added healthy portions of fish, turkey and lean cuts of beef from South America. In case you missed it, attached is an article written in August 6's edition of Atencion about El Tomato and Mariano.

Also, on the evening of Friday, October 29, Pescau Seafood Restaurant, Jesus #23, will be having a Halloween party 8 - 11 p.m.

VIP Club participating restaurant, Blue Iguana, 154-7888, one kilometer past Fabrica Aurora, has hosted special company in the form of a big-time, major-league, downtown chef named, Bruno Salero, originally from Italy. He's been wielding his magic with cooking classes and enjoying San Miguel etc. Salero is going to prepare special meals at Blue Iguana, on Thursday, October 21, Saturday, October 23 and Sunday, October 24. There's limited seating and reservations are a must. All meals cost $250 pesos.

Here's the menu for Saturday October 23 and Sunday, October 24: Saturday: Bruschetta; Sicilian-style orange salad, with fennel, parsley and garlic balsamic vinaigrette; Lemon Risotto with Catfish fillet; Pork ribs and Pork loin (marinated and with braised served with rosemary and garlic potatoes, Lime Panna Cotta. Sunday's feast: Bruschetta; Salad with walnuts, apple, Gorgonzola cheese and honey, orange balsamic vinaigrette; Risotto with Shrimp, fresh peas, sun-dried tomatoes and oil of basil Sicilian-style orange salad; Chicken in Marsala wine and orange sauce (served with mashed potatoes Italian style with black olives; Chocolate Cake with hint of Chili. There's not enough room to post all of Salero's accomplishments when it comes to his expertise. For more information, times etc. Call Blue Iguana.

Just in! "The Restaurant," Sollano #16, will have a sumptuous wine pairing this Saturday, October 23, with guest chef from Austin, Texas, Quinten Frye joining Donnie Masterson to stir some things up.

Our buddy and VIP Club member Issac Topek of Viejo Topo Cafe who recently closed his Stirling Dickinson location wants wants members to know his new location: 16 Orizaba, Colonia San Antonio (between 20 de enero and 28 de abril). Opens at 8 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

There's still time to attend VIP Club Card member Lulu Torbet photo exhibit at Art Print on San Francisco.

There's a very special garage sale to help out a very special man, Don Clay. Many know that Don was stricken about a year ago with a debilitating stroke. As you can imagine costs for his private care have skyrocketed. Don has a treasure trove of memories, keepsakes and even some jewelry he designed will be for sale. The sale runs from 9 - 12 on Saturday, October 23, at 16 de Septiembre, Bodega 3A. We love Don and if there's a dude worth helping, Don surely deserves support back from the community.

Galeria Atotonilco is having a big 4th Anniversary Sale this Saturday/Sunday, Noon 'til 5 p.m.

VIP Club participating Hotel and Spa Dona Urraca, Hidalgo #69, 154-9770 is offering VIP Club members 25% off all Spa services to VIP Club members or their guests Monday through Friday.

Want to see Cuba? Some members might remember your VIP Club sponsored a Trip to Cuba in conjunction with Berlin Restaurant and Viajes Travel in 2007. Detlev and Dagmar, owner operators of both companies, are spearheading three, small-group trips to Havana in November! The advetures are three dayers. See attached attachment below for details.

Donato Ortega, General Manager of La Puertecita Hotel and restaurant, a VIP Club participating restaurant wants members to know that La Puertecita has reinstated its popular Sunday buffet. Time is 2 p.m. Price is $195 pesos per person. Sorry to say, but realistically, buffets never come with the VIP Club discount included but La Puertecita does offer 20% off to members for food and drink when paying cash off their daily menu.

VIP Club participating restaurant, Bistro by Bobo, aka: Mezzanine, Cuna de Allende #11, inside Vista de Hermosa Hotel is having a gourmet, "Boo!: Monster Blast, Halloween, Saturday, October 30, 8 pm 'til ? Show your card when you buy your ticket to the event and your 10% VIP Club Card discount will kick in. There is no discount off price of event tickets.

VIP Club member, Gordon Logan wants members to know he has restarted his House Inspection services. See attachment about Gordon's services below.

VIP Club member Patricia Wynne, owner/designer of VIP Club participating establishment, Abrazos, has a message. Just visit and mention the VIP Club and get a free key chain!

Looking forward to New Years. VIP Club participating establishment, Arthur Murray Dance Studios is organizing a dance trip to Cancun for New Year's Eve.

Your Club is working on providing a discount for Flu Shots from a medical provider. We should have an answer by next week and we will send out details to the membership.

Report missing or misplaced VIP Club cards to us immediately for immediate replacement.

Consider shopping and dining at VIP Club establishments. They look out for us. We aim to look out for them.

A VIP Club Card makes for a great gift, rather it be wedding, anniversary, birthday etc.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


Have fun with Detlev & Dagmar ,

Viajes San Miguel & BERLIN CAFE

765,- USDper pax / dbl. (singl.suppl. 36,- USD)

Includes :

Air ( Aero Mexico ) from Mexico City, Visa, transport San Miguel – Mexico City , accomodation 3 days , breakfasts, transport Havana- Airport to Hotel in center of town.

Leaving November 5th , 12th and 19th.

Min. 5 passengers

We make sure you get the feeling of place, means : life, from happy to sad, no potemkin village sealed off by a police controlled “cordon sanitaire”.

House Inspections


Logan Construction Consulting

San Miguel de Allende, GTO, México





If you are considering purchasing a house in San Miguel de Allende, you should consider having a House Inspection by Logan Construction Consulting.

A House Inspection is a visual examination of the property by a qualified, unbiased third party. The inspection typically includes a review of:

  • The electrical system’s capacity, number of circuits, grounding and overall condition.
  • A description of the plumbing system, including size of tanks, filter and purification systems, condition, water pressure, location and size of hot water heater and overall operation.
  • A structural review of floors, walls, doors, windows and roof.
  • A visual review of the exterior walls and the relationship to contiguous properties.

Within 24 hours of the inspection, a report will be emailed to you. The cost for a normal/typical inspection is 1950 pesos MX or $150. USD.

Numerous real estate brokers in San Miguel who have worked with Gordon Logan in the field highly recommend his house inspection service to clarify the condition and adequacy of the property for their clients and to give them peace of mind in pursuing their proposed purchase.

Who is Logan Construction Consulting? Gordon Logan is a US citizen with a Mexican Work Permit. He worked in commercial real estate development, management and sales in Seattle, WA for 30 years prior to moving to San Miguel 8 years ago. Since moving to San Miguel, he has overseen his own home being built, consulted for real estate construction and sold real estate.

He is on the Board of Directors of Casita Linda and Past President and an active member of the Rotary Club of San Miguel de Allende-Midday.


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