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VIP Club Newsflash

This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by Manolo Orta of Select Real Estate!

(Any person or business can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash - 1800 sent out locally - 1800 pesos)


Your Club would be remiss not to congratulate BAJIOGO on their Ten Great Years and then also thanking Luis Mondragon, personally, for the incredible generosity bestowed on the VIP Club membership! The turnout for the BajioGo special was extraordinary. Thanks to all who participated and received the great values.

 Valued, win-win relationships are the lifeblood of Your Club. BajioGo and their professional staff understand and respect the vitality of our membership. BajioGo wants to be THE VIP Club's membership exclusive transportation service.

VIP Club membership provides the following when dealing with BajioGo: Starting September 1, 20 18 - August 31, 2019

Bajjp always provides Door to door service and there is never more than two stops to and from airports.

Airport shuttles, with door-to-door service to Leon or Queretaros' airports, $18 USD. Paid in advance, cash or credit card. Member must provide card # and date of expiration when in person or  talking over the phone when making reservations for themselves or their party.

Members and their parties, pairing up, to-or-fro, Mexico City Airport pay $60 USD each. Traveling single, 10% off posted price to or from Mexico City.

Members: For private service anywhere, tours, car rentals etc. 10% off posted price.

(Two stop max: in order to cut down on time picking other travelers up, your initial shuttle will take you from your SMA residence to an embarking point in San Miguel and from there your shared shuttle ride will go directly to the airports.)

Your VIP Club welcomes HOT WINGS, Carretera Celaya _San Miguel, Plaza Alhondiga, 415-120-0129, 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm. Monday through Saturdays, Sundays, 1:00 - 10:00 pm. Wings, burgers and an assortment of other bar foods at San Miguel's Sports Bar on the Celaya side of town!

Fourteen screens bringing you worldwide sports live.
Mondays and Saturdays, Hot Wing special, 20 sauces, all you can eat boneless wings $129 pesos.

On all items (excluding wing special VIP Club members receive 10% off food and drink.) when paying in cash or credit card.


Sports Fans! NFL fans know that VIP Club participating restaurants and bars, BOND'S TERRACE PUB, Hidalgo #30, open Sat 11:00 am and Sundays, Noon. BBQ sausages, footlong hotdogs etc. Bloody and Ceasar Mary’s, etc. and LA CHOPERIA, inside Plaza COLONIAL, off of Calle Canal, with super burgers, as both also will broadcast a full slate of Autumn sports events like NFL and College Football, World Series etc. etc.

Your VIP Club welcomes JAMADI SPA, with Alondra Gutierrez (bilingual) offering Spa service in the comfort of your own home.

From Alondra the owner operator: "Jamädi Spa offers: massage services (Swedish, deep, holistic, kids), body treatments, facials, manicure and pedicure. 10% off with your VIP SMA card
The word Jamädi has its origin in the Otomi indigenous language, meaning "Thank you" Make your appointment!"

We'd like to remind the membership of the vast array of beauty services available to members.






Your VIP Club welcomes, JANIS MCDONALD, MASTERS FITNESS TRAINER, WELLNESS COACH, 152-0457 Renowned and longtime local coach has agreed to be gracious enough to give VIP Club members a 10% discount on their first three workouts.

These beauty and health providers are but a few who desire your patronage and stand ready to serve our members. Please go to: to see the complete line up of fabulous establishments for those who might consider pampering themselves.

JENNIFER POSNER, formerly of AGUAMMIEL Restaurant, black and white photo exhibition and sepia-toned photos showing the people she met around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Opening Reception is Wednesday, Sept 12, 6pm–9pm; Studio Hours, Sept 13–16, 12pm–5pm, By appointment through Sept 30, 415-115-1866 Estudio Red Dog | Perro Rojo Studio, Calle 20 de Enero Nte #110B, off Prolongacion de Pila Seca, Colonia San Antonio

MOONRISE, will close Friday, September 14th and reopen, September 18th.
All of September 10% off, Lily of the Desert and Nature's Gate lotions.


Fight for Independence special! L' Escargot will offer a whopping 15% off all menu items during the month of September!


Beachside getaway in Oaxaca. VIP Club special for the month of September 15% discount off lodging, food & drink paying in cash or 10% credit card.
Beachside, private, rustic, gourmet kitchen in paradise.
Tar airlines now fly direct Queretaro/Huatulco, four times a week.

SHAW SATELLITE TV SERVICES: (VIP Club members get $50 USD off the purchasing of the antenna price and first month's service free). See NFL, NFL network, ESPN, all College games, World Series, major east coast, west coast, Major Networks, Slice, PBS, HBO, AMC, History, and Discovery Channels, AHC, CNN, BBC, FOX, WGN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, late-night naughty, all Canada, and much more, call Maria Fireman at 415-106-5600.)

VIP Club participating Dentist, Dra. Eugenia Beltran, Calzada de la Presa #43,152-2694, cel 415-566-4621,, has expanded her practice now specializing as an "Endodontist" while performing "Apical surgery." VIP Club members get 15% off the standard $3500 peso price for root canals reduced to $2975. That's a savings of $525 pesos!


DRAGON CHINO will no longer offer the VIP Club discount on home deliveries. Seems some who phone order say they have a VIP Club Card. When the delivery man shows, too often no card is produced or there's an excuse. Rather than putting the delivery people in the middle, no more discount on home deliveries. Still, Free Delivery order of 120 pesos or more and Your Card is more than welcomed inside the restaurant!

Your Club brings up "tipping!" We've been surveying the wait help working VIP Club participating restaurants, asking how do our members tip? Tipping is always the customer's option. Howerver, we do ask you tip at the top price, before your discount, no matter if you tip 10-15-20% or more.

We know we have a generous membership, many with means, yet the reports given back to us by the wait staffs and bartenders were disheartening and surprising, according to recent reports, members tip less than the public at large. All that we can ask is to respect and appreciate your wait staff and if you feel an urge to be extra generous please do so like a real sport or VIP, if you will. Please tell them too, that you're a member, and you appreciate their efforts! Thank you!

Recent establishments to join your Club:

LA Bastride Restaurant 10% cash
Fatima, Casa Blanca 7 Hotel, 10% cash or credit card)
L' Escargot 15% (all September) cash or credit card)
Dra. Beltran (15% off $3,500 peso root canal)
Don Lupe Grill 10% cash
Cumpanio & Panio bakeries and restaurants 10% cash or credit card.
Casa Nostra Restaurant 10% cash or credit card.
Hot Wings (10% cash or credit card)
Jamadi Spa in tu casa.
Janis McDonald: Body by Janis
La Pila Dry Cleaning and Wash 10% cash
Merak Hair Studio 10% cash or credit card.
Molto Rico Deli (Inside Mivida restaurant)
Moonrise (reopened 10%) cash or credit card
Pork Belly Mercado Sano 10%
Sophie's Make up and Skin Care 10%
Talula de Lune 10% cash or credit card
Thai Kitchen 10% cash
The Cumputer Doctor, steaming TV 10% off, work guaranteed.
The Opal Mine 10% cash or credit card
The Pizza Guy 10% cash

Report lost or misplaced cards here for immediate replacement.
No price increase for VIP Club membership dues during 2018

R.I.P. Duane Norris
R.I.P. Jack Miller
R.I.P. Maria Helena Corro Gregerson
R.I.P. Dandy
Heal up: Deborah Campbell
Heal up: Tony Ronci
Heal Up: Johnny Favourite
Happy Trails: Robin Heller
Congrats Grandparents: Geroge and Lauda Fields and new mom and dad, Clai and Amber Fields on the birth of their daughter and  new member: Olivia Ann

Congrats to new mom and pop: Paolo Juerez and Todd Comody on the birth of their son and new member Juaquin Alejandro

Thank you for your continuous support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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