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Monday, September 15, 2014

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by "Love Yourself To Life!" a 3-day fitness and health retreat here in San Miguel. The dates are September 26th, 27th and 28th. Included are 3-days of fitness activities such as TRX training, hiking, walking, yoga and meditation; 3-days of healthy, low calorie meals and beverages; Health and Fitness Workshop; Cooking Class; Certificate of course completion and take-away souvenir plus a 30 day fitness and nutrition plan.!

Local gal and trainer, Crystal Calderoni, will conduct much of the programming with Crystal having over 25 years of experience in fitness and training. Costs without accommodations is $1,500 pesos. VIP Club members may take 200 pesos off the 1,500 peso fee! More info at or call, 415-153-4902. (See attachment).

(Attention business people: Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out  over1800 emails to our members once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


     Your VIP Club welcomes La Union, complete Moving, Storage and Shipping, Worldwide to over 220 Nations with 75 locations nationally. Individual pieces to container size for shipment or pick up. Located at Zacateros #37, 9 - 6 pm. 152-5694. VIP members can receive free pick up of their goods by employing La Union and receive free packing when contracting with La Union. Value is predicated at 7% of worth of goods registered for insurance purposes.

    The Restaurant, aka Sollano #16 will present all this week an animated film based on a true story. (see attachment)

    Come to Camino de Paz, (Change for Peace) this coming Sunday, September 21st, Noon until 5 pm. at Instituto Allende. Club member Beverly Nelson, a genuine doer, is doing her part to shout to the heavens for peace worldwide. That day, our town joins a worldwide effort in an effort to tone down violence. Join the worldwide celebration and be part of a world seeking peace. There will be lectures and slide shows, food and entertainment. United We Stand! (See attachment).

    A benefit concert featuring Gil Gurierrez and Gabriel Hernandez in order to help the Children's Art Foundation, will take place on Tuesday, September 23, at 7 pm. at Angela Peralta. Tickets: 100-250-350 available at La Conexion, Aldama and Biblioteca's tienda. More info at

   VIP Club participating business and restaurant, Arthur Murray Dance Studio/Restaurante Baile, now located at their new location, Salida a Celaya #59, 185-8282, is hosting "Taste of Broadway," a dinner, dance and Pro-Am Show, Friday, September 26th, 7 pm. Dinner is $250 person. For more info call or

     Participating restaurant, Cafe Contento, Hernandez Macias #72 presents new items on the menu celebrating a Mexican Independence for the month of September: Hominy broth pork "pozole," Shrimp "aguachile" ceviche, Spicy rabbit totadas and, "Del Portal" enchiladas!

     See Hank's. Hidalgo #14, holiday menu being served until September 30! (see attachment). Start the weekend early, Thursdays only, A twosome who order two entries get a free bottle of wine! If you're a four top and four entries are ordered . . . you guessed it . . .  two bottles, so forth and so on!

    Amigo, Juan, jefe grande at Ten-Ten Pie, corner of Cuna de Allende & Cuadrante, says he loves VIP Club members so much he bit remodeled and put in another spiffy restroom, Breakfast lunch and dinner with great, downtown, people-watching patio seating. The chow is good too. VIP club members always get 10% off!

     Cut out the coupon from VIP Club participating business, Fitness International, enabling members to have a free class (See attachment). 

     From member Ken Bichel: "For the first time in over 6 years, wife Wendy & I, will perform together, September 19 & 20 at Angela Peralta Theater in Wendy Mason’s extravaganza, “Enlighten Up!” This multi-media production features actors, narrators, puppets, videos, giant stage sets and outrageous costumes. Theatrically yours, Ken Bichel"

     VIP Club participating business, De la Tienda Gaia, Quebrada #41, 152-4040 now has a coffee and breakfast nook open 9 am. 1 pm Wednesday through sunday plus on Sundays, Chef Luis Fernando Campos prepares delicious seafood paella from Noon until 5 pm. VIP Club members can take 10% off their bill.

     Get a different view! Consider checking out VIP Club participating restaurant, "El Pegaso's" new rooftop bar and seating. 

     Looking ahead: Casita Linda will present its 3rd annual Spirit of Hope Gala, "Arabian Nights" October 11, at Otomi with dinner presented by the restaurant at Otomi, b'ui. Champagne and canapes will be served beginning at 6:30 followed by a three-course dinner.  An open bar and wine will be available all evening, dance to the music of JK O'Donnell and the Zu Zu Men. Surprises and a luxury trip to Morocco, including 2 business class tickets on American Airlines will be auctioned off. Tickets at La Conexion on Aldama or by calling 415-152-0271. Tickets are $135 US pp or the peso equivalent and are tax deductible.  Help Casita Linda provide warm shelter, hope and dignity to those less fortunate.

    We heard from VIP Club member, Christina Sol: Clear, Reset & Refresh your space! Interior consultant and visual artist, Christina Sol, can clear out clutter and rejuvenate tired looking rooms, reset and reform to a more  pleasing energy and refresh by using simple tools and enhancers like paint, color, mirror for reflection and expansion including the beauty and subtle aspects of living plants. Call for free 30 - minute consultation at 415-151-1050 or

     Member and noted photographer, Jo Brenzo, is leading a photo shoot to a famous 16th Century, Hacienda on September 27. For more info on this photography excursion, call Jo at 154-5366 or 152-1442.

     Globo San Miguel a participating VIP Club business got a brand new smacking hot air balloon! (See attachment.)

      Members support Biblioteca Publica! If all expats buy a 100 peso year long membership, that alone will pay for the library's fixed expenses! Support Biblioteca Publica today!

    VIP Club member and prolific writer, John Scherber, has just published his latest expat book, "Living in San Miguel, the Heart of the Matter," now available in Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iTunes format for ebooks, plus print version in Amazon. Hard copies will be available for purchase at the tienda inside Biblioteca Publica and Deriva Bookstore at Fabrica Aurora by mid this month. (see attachment)

    Your Club wants our valued membership feeling safe and secure when using local taxis especially at night. Servitaxi for years has a stellar reputation for being timely, pleasant and honest. It's a family operation and many of he drivers are just that. VIP Club members get a break off nighttime rates when calling and identifying themselves as that for 60 pesos rather than 80 from 8 pm to midnight.
DON'T BE A VICTIM OF CRIME! 152-5993! Click on "Other VIP Club Discounts."

    For those members smart enough to participate in the BajioGo six-year anniversary promotion, on September 1st, where Your Club and BajioGo provided our members over $15,000 USD in free shuttle rides to Queretaro and Leon's airports know that 105 of you took advantage. 

    In addition, if your membership has expired and you are no longer grandfathered in for the rest of September buy your new membership at BajioGo, Jesus #11 and save 100 pesos on your membership by paying just 400 pesos!

Congrats: Hayden & Bonnie Kayden, 50 years married!

R. I. P. Stan Goldberg

Heal up: Cynthia Price

Congrats to new abuelos Jaime and Pakina Fernandez and Daniela and Juan Pablo Madrazo on the birth of a healthy Jacinta!

Joan Howard is very much on the mend.

Viva Mexico! 204 Years of Independence!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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