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Over 250 members showed at BajioGo, on September 1st, saving $63 USD each while purchasing the seven-pack of airport shuttle coupons in honor of BajioGo's 9th year of being in business.  Thank you Luis and Noe, and thanks to BajioGo for its great support for Your Club. We can only imagine what a great deal will be forthcoming when BajioGo celebrates 10 years next September!
Members also get special rates to Mexico City and other cities.

Don't wait 'til it becomes cold. Get propane in your tank. Members know, Gas Providencia home-delivery, propane tank service offers members VIP Club members 55 centavos off of each litro of propane with a minimum of 1000 pesos purchase. Gas Providencia accepts your major credit cards and still offers the Club discount! Go to see their ad with appropriate phone #s.

Your Club heard from Luis Pablo, chief honcho at participating restaurant La Canica, Pila Seca #2 . La Canica is launching a new project titled "TapRoom" featuring artesanal beers and Spanish tapas. Luis would love members to come and check him out!

**** Your Club is happy to welcome USA Cleaners, Salida a Queretario #1 Local C. 185-8200  back in the fold. Arinadno Soto is the new owner buying the establishment from our Eddie Sprowls moving the cleaners from the Salida de Celaya, location. Thank you Eddie and good luck in future endeavors. USA Cleaners does laundry too. They pick up and deliver. Members get 15% off when paying in advance or 10% discount upon pick up.***

We heard from VIP Club restaurant, Italian but with a Mexican accent, "Mivida," Hernandez Macias #97 wants members to look over their latest, late-summer menu:


Mixed cheese plate, prosciutto de Parma, bresaola and salami,
served with green tomato marmalade       280
Octopus Tempura, potato and kalamata olives salad with green sauce       165
Battuta al Coltello, 100% organic grass-fed beef aged 28 days,
marinated, served with fried quail egg and parmesan croccante        180
Lightly seared tuna layers marinated with herbs, fried calamari and creamy avocado       180
Shrimp aguachile served with poblano tatemado caviar, cucumber, avocado, radish and shrimp chicharon 180                                                                                       
 Onions petals served with mix mushrooms mousse, Taleggio cheese, pea and leek cream       120                                                              
 Capresse salad, mozzarella cheese, beefsteak tomato, served with basil infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar reduction       160
 Baby smoked beets and carrots, pear, bread croutons, goat cheese with herbs, citric dressing       130
 Arugula salad with peach, grilled asparagus, cherry tomato, parmigiano, caramelized nuts, apple balsamic vinaigrette       140
Direct from the Ocean Old fashioned fish & seafood broth 270
 Homemade spaghetti  “Cacio e Pepe” with homemade Italian sausage       200
 Lasagna alla Bolognese              210
 Orecchiette with fish ragu, mussels, fresh tomato and basil       220
 Fresh pasta Gargati with basil pesto, potatoes and green beans 200                                                                                                                                   
Ravioli stuffed with rabbit stew, butter and sage sauce                                  260
Risotto Carnaroli accompanied with butternut squash and Parmesan cheese       240
Our fish prices change daily based on market availability.
Grilled salmon accompanied with white beans,
Chickpeas, roasted tomatoes with herbs and grilled asparagus       270
Pork Belly, cooked at a low temperature served with polenta and adobo sauce       260
Beef Brasato served with mashed potatoes and bacon wrapped green beans       280
Chicken with pipian, accompanied with Purslane stew       250
Based on the imagination of our kitchen staff and the availability of products,
we offer a seven course tasting menú for  $ 890

Plus this Friday at Mivida a specia dia de independencia menu!
Besides our Mivida Your Club has a number of solid red gravy restaurants aka Italian Restaurants. I mean, who doesn't like Italian food?


BUENOS AIRES BISTRO (Argentinean with Pizan flare)



For addresses, phone #s, days and hours of operation go to:

If the above photos aren't enough to get ya licking your lips San Miguel's answer to Anthony Bourdain, via Ontario, Canada, Don Day has assembled a San Miguel, in-depth, ambitious list of locally served foods to eat before you die!

How time flies! VIP Club participating restaurant Oso Azul, Zacateros #17  celebrates 3 years. Jens, the owner, is putting a little something together early Wednesday evening, stop by and say, "Hi." Oso Azul is expanding look for additional space and happenings at Oso Azul.

VIP Club participating restaurant, Casa Primavera,an alternative on the edge of town, tucked inside the same name hotel, Salida de Queretaro 189-A, has orchestrated a major expansion of their menu

Complete breakfasts, fruits, juices, cerial and baked goods including items such as: Huevos a la Vera Cruz, Machaca Nortena, Huevos Benedictinos, Huevos Pochados and Enchiladas Placeras.
Poolside: Hamburgers, fries, guacamole, filet of fish, ceviche, shrimp cocktails, flautas.
Appetizers: Mini Pizzas, Chile relleno, sopecitos, carpaccios,  many salads, quesadillas, meat balls, tacos de Nayarit and more.
Soups: Consume de Pollo, chicken soup with carrots rice, chayote en juliana, and rice. tortellini y three grains of corn, Tortilla soup, three cheese soup. seafood casserole, pastas and more.
Full dinners:
Steaks with all the fixins' arrancharsas to rib eyes, to filet, hamburgers, chicken breasts, fishes, veggies, BBQ and much more.
Full bar: A full array of delicious desserts. VIP members get 10% off.

La Brasserie, Jesus # 11, VIP Club participating restaurant, in name has morphed into Cafe de La Parroquia. Owner Ricardo wants members who come for dinner to have a complementaryi cocktail in conjunction with the standard 10% VIP Club discount!


Insider's Guide to San Miguel" has just completed a new webpage. and invites its clients to place both a free ad and linkage on the web site. Also, in the finishing stages, of placing the guide on Amazon, where all ads will also appear. Advertisers can present goods and services to a wider client base. In many cases clients receive notices before arriving in San Miguel  Take advantage of this free offer to increase business.  Contact:

BUT WAIT! Our Richie Simeone, the guide's publisher, wants to offer exclusively to members the latest edition for just $250 pesos, as it this guide with vital information about our town sells in stores for $350!

Your card is worth more than just discounts at restaurants. We have 80 other businesses and services offering discounts to members like Van Doren Metal Workshops. Go to and click on "Other discounts" or "Health and Beaut." See the savings!



Just in: Bistro Mi Casa Restaurant, inside Instituto Allende, presents Gil & Media Luna, Wednesday, September 13th, 7:30 show, $150 cover. Dinner served earlier. On Thursday, it's Gil and Artistico Tziganko.

Both VIP Club participating restaurants, Candellaria 16 and The Beer Company, have closed their doors. We thank them and wish them best of luck in uture endeavors.

To our more Morbid members. Sorry we've only had a couple R.I.P.s in the latest flashes.
We're working on it.

Viva Mexico! 207 years of Independence!

Thank you or your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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