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This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by Restaurante Antigua Trattoria Romana, Codo & Zacateros, 152-3790, open every day, Noon ‘til 11:00, weekends 'til midnight, home of fine, Italian cooking and pizza. Chef Fernando and wife Belem, now operating this location for 9 years, wants members to know that in celebration of Mexican Independence Day, the restaurante will be serving a Spaghetti and Meatballs special for the month of September, plus a spicy, Mexican, sausage pizza!

Antigua offers a full bar and a fine Italian wine list. All pastas home-made: Lasagna, fettuccii and linguini. VIP Club members always enjoy a 10% discount when paying cash at Antigua
(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash! We send out over 1700 emails locally to the membership once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)


First, permit Your Club to clear up a some old business.

In our last flash, member, Christina Ruckel wanted to tell the membership about her comfy B&B. For some reason the link did not come up so here it is again:  

Some members thought our description of Extending Roads Delivery Service somewhat ambiguous so here is their list of services and VIP Club rates again:
Package delivery 5% for packages over 2lbs.,10% if also mail client
Regular Medicine and vitamin delivery   10% off
Mail delivery service   10% off 
Vitamin sale:  50% off for VIPs on present inventory list
LEF vitamin purchases   30% off retail and No delivery costs from Texas to SMA
Generic Cialis 10% off listed price
VIP card must be displayed for all discounts

And Leisurely Country Horseback Riding Tours, with Beth Kaestner, 415-111-8256, for trail riding in Ejido de Boca de la Canada, wants members to know the 10% discount also applies to the card holder's riding partner. 

Your Club wants to thank BajioGo for its fantastic and generous offer it made exclusively to VIP Club members on its anniversary September 1st. Over 150 members took advantage of the special deal saving the membership over $11,500 USD. Each member received $120 USD in free shuttles!

Savings with BajioGo are still in vogue for VIP Club members: Call in and reserve your shuttle via internet, phone call or in person and pay in cash or credit card and it's just $19 to or fro to Leon or Queretaro airports for members or their guests! Hitch a BajioGo shuttle to Leon's Queretaro's, Celaya's or Guanajuato's bus stations, 500 pesos. Still $90 USD. Mexico City airport or if you team up with another it's $50 USD a piece. (For discounts to Mexico City Airport reservations must be made). Shopping or medical trip to Leon or Queretaro $60 USD. All of these values are exclusive to VIP Club members and not the general public!

Now for some new stuff!
OK, Your VIP Club now Welcomes, Restaurante Itaiiano D'Yoalli, 185-2317/155-9711 or 415-119-0353, located in the campo, off the route to Dolores Hidalgo, up the road a short piece and behind La Burger, D'Yoalli is open Thursdays through Sundays 1- 9 pm. Chef Katalina prides herself employing original and authentic Italian recipes with items such as risotto prepared on the spot, fresh pastas, lamb, quail, fresh fish all prepared the old fashioned way. VIP Club members may take 10% off when paying cash.

D'Yoalli joins our other hallmark Italian restaurants affiliated to your Club like: Antigua Trattatoria Romana, Bacco, Firenza and Vivali Cafe. D'Yoalli also joins our other fine restaurants outside of twon or on the fring like: Casa de Aves, De Temporada Farm Restaurant, El Coyote de Flaco, El Vergel, EmbarKdero, La Gruta's Hot Springs Restaurant, La Parila al Rojo Vivo, Oko, Oma, Pizza Pig, The Food Factory and Zumo.

Vino y Tapas has a special menu for the holiday: 15 de Septembro: tapaa de lecho Pinxto de flor de Calabaaza, Triogia de maiz, Ravaoll en Nogda, Ensalada Mexicana, Cordero en Salsa de Chocolate y Mena, Bander de Sorbeta, y musica viva alsa 8 pm. 650 esos!


Propane Gas prices have gone down big time yet Providencia, Your Club's home-delivery propane gas delivery has increased its discount to VIP Club members, beginning October 1st from 50 centavos off per litro to 55 centavos off each litro. Providencia will take your major credit cards discounts are still in vogue! See info on the right of the home page and phone numbers for office or truck itself, at

Your VIP Cub Welcomes Mi Espacio SMA Spa a centro located center for massage and more, located at C. Nemesio Diez, #6, 415-106-4278, Sara is your host.


Here is Miespacio's price list: Masaje Holístico/Relajante  $48 UDS $900 MX, Masaje Shiatsu $48 USD $900MX, Masaje Sueco, $48 USD $900 MX, Masaje Deportivo:  $48 USD $900MX, Masaje Prenatal:  $48USD $900MX, Masaje Tejido Profundo: $48 USD $900MX, Masaje Ayurvédico $66 USD  $1,250 MX

Masaje de Polaridad: $66 USD  $1,250 MX, Gota de Lluvia: $66 USD $1,250 MX, *Reflexología  *masaje de Pies Cansados, $21USD  $400M, Tel. 415 121 59 34 VIP Club members may take 20% off for $66 USD, services.

In our last flash we mentioned VIP Club participating restaurant La Mesa Grande, Zacateros and Pila Seca, 154-0838, now delivers, Noon til 5:00 pm. It's 100 peso minimum for local delivery yet home delivery stretches to La Lejona and upper Los Frailes! Ask about some of the new items on the menu!

VIP Club member Alejandra has begun The Bajio Servicio de Limpieza (Bajio Cleaning Service, specializing the eradicating of mites!  Did you know you cohabit with microscopic mites, particularly with dust mites? Dust mites are between 2 and 5 mm and love to habitat inside the houses, especially in mattresses, pillows, stuffed animals, carpets. The mites feed on scales of human and animal skin.
Mites cause allergies and dermatitis; responsible for 50-to-80 percent of asthma cases.
Want to get rid of them and how to remove them? Alejandra employs the “Rainbow Cleaning System." Be sure to mention the VIP Club and show your card to get 10% off 415-100-38-57 or email
'TIS THE SEASON! Celebrate Mexico's 216 years of Independence with the nation's traditional holiday dish.


VIP Club member and former editor of Atencion, Jesus Ibarra, offers a new interesting courses on Mexican literature! The first
focues on Juan Rulfo, the author of Pedro Páramo, one of the most important writers in Mexico. It will include four, two-hour classes held at the University of León here in San Miguel and the fifth in San Gabriel, Jalisco.  The course inlcudes a weekend trip to San Gabrie. Classes will be in Spanish but with explanations in English so that everyone understands. The group is limited to 10, and the trip is opened for 15 people. If interested email to Juan Rulfo  course and trip: Tue, Sep 27; Tue, Oct 4; Tue, Oct 11, Tue, Oct 18, 5 pm., Universidad de León, Plaza Cívica in SMA, 3-day trip to San Gabriel, Jalisco, Departure: Fri, Oct 21, 7am. Back in San Miguel: Sun, Oct 23, 8 pm.

VIP Club member and painter, Dede Schuhmacher will be the featured artist at The Restaurant, Sollano #16, with a reception 5 - 8 pm. on October 27th, show casing paintings for Day of the Dead.
Wine and Botanas.

In the future, look out for Feed The Hungry's "Ghouls for Schools" Halloween Gala, October 31 at El Cincuenta y Ocho Restaurant & Concert Bar at Mesones 58.

This benefit will enable Feed the Hungry San Miguel to continue providing 4,000 hot, nutritious meals every school day, and to extend our reach to additional rural villages. Net proceeds from just one ticket to the event provides 116 hot school-lunches for San Miguel’s poorest children.
Event features include a special performance of songs from Phantom of the Opera by Soprano Gabriela Perales and the chance to buy raffle tickets (50 pesos!) for gift certificates from 12 of San Miguel’s finest restaurants.  Get the details and ticket locations:

From Member Henri Moyal: Clever Coltus: "13 Collages/13 Critical Looks consists of 13 collages of mine, each complemented by an essay written by a different contributor. Four of the essays are in French; the other nine are in English. Items are priced at $225 pesos or $13.50 USD. Copies will be mailed from U.S. in October, add $3 USD. for S & H, 51+% go to the JC3 General Fund. visit"

From VIP club member Linda Whynman: "Linda Whynman and Lorie Topinka have recently published a beautiful and informative, bi-lingual book titled The Capillas of San Miguel de Allende:  A Legacy! Lorie and Linda have been painting the capillas (chapels) around San Miguel de Allende since 2014. The book includes information about the history of the region, as well as details about the chapels themselves. Maps for different day trips are also included, as are several known birding spots in the vicinity of the chapels.
 "Available at the Biblioteca, El Charco del Ingenio and numerous locations. It can also be ordered from Amazon. If you are in San Miguel during early October, you can purchase a signed edition at their exhibition of paintings and book signing event.  An announcement of the event date will be forthcoming in the Atención."

Since sending the book to the publisher, Lorie and Linda have continued to paint every Friday and have created a blog/website <> recording their weekly adventures and featuring recent paintings of new capillas. Join the blog to receive weekly BLOG.

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Congrats the engagement of Donnie Masterton and Angela Lewis
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Congratson the marriage of Sunnie Collins and Jim Thomas

Happy Trails: Eva Hunter
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