VIP Club San Miguel: "The Smart Fit"

This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by Sol & Luna, a new, conceptual program designed for singles to engage with near-age and like-minded others. A special event is scheduled for Friday, September 18th, 8 pm. Casa de la Noche, Organos #19, VIP Club participating restaurant Vivali will cater this event.

 (Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash! We send out nearly emails to the membership once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)
     Please permit us to take care of some old business first.
     Wow! A big-time thank-you toward BajioGo!  . . . VIP Club members saved thousands of dollars as 187 members, showed and took advantage of BajioGo’s super generous offer while celebrating their 7th Anniversary. VIP membership pays off!

    Ouch! . . . The Club’s new brochure has the wrong phone # listed for La Brasserie, Jesus #11. The correct # is 152-3161. Fortunately it’s posted correctly on the webpage: Click on restaurants.
  Ouch! . . . Ouch! . . . In our last newsflash (August 17) we misspelled Longhorn’s BBQ House’s owner’s name. It’s Carlos Mier. Our sincerest apologies.
     Ouch!  . . . Ouch!  . . .  Ouch!  . . .  In the last flash we may have put VIP Club member Mark Satterfield’s "what-cha-ma-call-its" in a wringer regarding the Casita Linda’s gala, October 10! You see, our Mark sent out an email to friends, me included, offering a rebate if they purchased two tickets to the event though him. The rebate deal was supposed to go to “just friends!” We misinterpreted the post as something to be sent to the membership at large. Our mistake! Now poor Mark is washing dishes at Hank’s on weekends to help earn back what he had to pony out.


     Your VIP Club welcomes Casa de Aves’ Terraza Restaurant, Rancho Corridora #1, Rancho Los Fresnos, 155-9610, 415-107-1021, an idyllic lake-side setting along the Laja River, off the road past Cienagita toward and before Atotonilco. Mexican and international cuisine. Open Thursdays through Sundays, breakfast, lunch and dinner. VIP Club members can take 15% off when paying cash and 10% when employing a CC. Lic. Jose Armando Gullien.
    Plus, Casa de Aves, along with Terraza Restaurant have a major happening come October 17. Ten International and five regional chefs will work their magic at a night to behold. All can be found at
    Now that the season is finally here, burgers and beer with American football can be heaven on earth. Three VIP Club participating establishments desire to be the places to go to watch college and pro games with many in English. Longhorn’s BBQ House, Salida de Celaya #6, Chupalitas, Ancha de San Antonio #1-B, and La Choperia, Canal #21, inside Plaza Colonial, all will feature key football games, and all have extensive menus for every fan.

      Members may not be aware that VIP Club participating restaurant, La Casa del Diezmo, Jesus #36, not only includes Yucatecan Cuisine but also features an extensive menu that caters to vegetarians and vegans! Our Wade Ashley perform at Sunday brunch.

 Attention! La Mesa Grande is now open on Sundays!


Johnny Favourite Performs: September 30, Bellas Artes 7 pm.

     VIP Club participating business and clohting boutique, The Sofia Collection, has opened a third outlet, inside Atenia Galeria on Jesus!

     John Eckrote, recently of BajioGO fame, has  joined the team over at Coldwell Banker SMART. John is the untimate professional and we wish him all the best in his new endeavr. You can reach John at

VIP Club member Nuria Lara desires members know about: “Yes Commander, Guerra, a Clown Play,” IN ENGLISH, Teatro Angel Peralta, Saturday, September 26th 7 pm. Tickets available: Angela Peralta Box office, El Cafe de la Mancha, Recreo #21-A and Ferreteria Lara Hidalgo #100. This play has been highly touted on both sides of the border.

     VIP Club member and noted local musician, Doug Robinson, would like members to know about three upcoming music events: “Cilla sin Embargo,” featuring Bobby Kapp, Gabriel Hernandez and an eight-piece Cuban Orchestra, Thursday October 9, 8 pm., Angela Peralta, a fundraiser. Tickets at La Conexion. Then Saturday October 10, Doug joins SpyBoyz at the Casita Linda fundraiser, (see poster), and then, Tuesday, October 13, 7 pm. Doug and surprise guests at Bellas Artes present original piano compositions as part of the Bellas Artes Steinway Concert Series.

What’s going on at Hank’s? Free Valet Parking! Complimentary bottles of wine on Thursdays when ordering two entries! Mondays through Thursdays with special 2 X 1 drinks all day, all night Mondays: mojitas; Tuesdays: margaritas; Wednesdays, martinis and Thursdays, hurricanes! Holiday specials all-September: Tongue Carpaccio; Cream of Squash Blossom Soup; Molajete of Prawns, Steak and Chicken; Red Snapper “a la talla;” Chile en Nogada; plus much more.
     Hecho con Amor wants to cater events for VIP Club members. They produce  meals for games, events and the holidays.

     Look out for the Second San Miguel International Storytelling Festival workshop performances, October 14th at Bellas Artes theater. For those who might want to bone up their storytelling skills there’s a workshop taking place, October 9 and 10, 10 am ‘til 4 pm. For details contact: All workshop participants will be eligible to perform their 7-minute story on the Bellas Artes stage. The top two storytellers from this performance (as selected by the workshop instructors) will be guaranteed a performance slot in the festival competition October 15th and 16th,

     La Conexion has added a new location for mail pick up: Calzada de Aurora #30 Int #1, 152-1937.
     From member Patrice Wynne: “The Abrazos Friday Outlet Store  now located and new in Colonia Independencia is filled with treasures from aprons to fabrics, oven mitts to grandchildren clothing at 30-70% discount! All 100% fine cotton imported fabrics 50% off and a warehouse of gifts so do your holiday shopping early, folks, at Abrazos where every day is a fiesta of color and Mexican traditions! The OUTLET: FRIDAYS  ONLY, 10am to 6pm cash only, Corner of Avenida Independencia and Ignacio Cruces, the road that leads to Tacos Don Felix.  BOUTIQUE: 10% VIP discount available at Abrazos on Zacateros #24 near Pila Seca, 154-8580.
     From member, Elizabeth Kimble: “Calling all women singers! Harmonía is now being organized for the broad community of women in San Miguel.  This new group will perform a variety of quality music throughout the year. Basic music reading skills are helpful.  Contact for more information.”

Aguamiel                                                                    Manantial

    Your Club consists of so many various and accomplished members! Congrats to Don Connolly for completing and having published his: “Blue-Eyed Ensign.” Plus we want to give a major-league shout out to the Hellstroms, VIP Club members and their San Miguel racing team, for capturing FIRST PLACE and SECOND PLACE in Rally Panama 2015!

Don’s  unlikely to ever be written memoir, about the Korean War, as Don chronicled his then new life in the Coast Guard. He writes with a comical voice about what it was like to produce a stage play while on duty in the Pacific and standing ready to rescue those at sea. Find it on Amazon. Way to go, Don! The Hellstroms in these parts are local and renowned for building speedy race cars and elevators of all sorts for San Miguel households. Congrats to the Hellstroms and their San Miguel racing team. FIRST PLACE in this prominent international racing event. Rally Panama 2015!
     Viva Mexico, 205 years of Independence!
Congratulations: On the recent marriage of our Beverly Nelson and Michael Barlett.
R. I. P. Tom Boyle
R. I. P. Stephen Calvert
Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.
Your San Miguel VIP Club

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