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  Orvañanos Acosta
  Rinconada de la Paz #3
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  San Miguel de Allende, GTO
  Office: 415-154-4915
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September 25, 2008


     Your VIP Club welcomes EL MANANTIAL, corner of Baranca and Huertes, 110-0007, open everyday, 5 'til late. El Manantial, is one of the oldest, if not the oldest cantina in San Miguel. The management of Berlin, Umaran #19, have taken over El Manantial. The menu duplicates Berlin's and it makes for neighborhood ambiance. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bills when it exceeds 100 pesos.

    Long Horn Smokehouse BBQ is moving. After this weekend, Longhorn BBQ Smokehouse will be located in what was BBQ Bob's, Salida de Celaya #6, 152-8983. Dick Webber of Romanos fame, and wife Emi, have joined Keith Thompson in his latest endeavor in the take over. They've knocked out the wall that separated the produce from the bar to have more room and they will be preparing all the tasty smoked meats etc. from Longhorn's old location. For the moment they are going through a shakedown cruise but should be up to snuff shortly. Open Noon 'til 10 daily and as late at 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Your VIP Club wishes Guadalupe great success and thanks her and the late Bob Hecht for their generosity. BBQ Bob was our man and is still dearly missed!

     In our last VIP Club Newsflash we welcomed The Restaurant, Sollano #16 into the club. We mistakenly wrote that The Restaurant is opened on Sundays. It is not, closed Sundays and Mondays. If members went on Sunday night due to our last notice, it was our fault, mea cupa!

     VIP Club participating restaurant Romanos, Hernandez Macias #93, has their own new website where members can see what is going on and read the menu. 

    Don't forget to check out Your VIP Club's webpage to see all the discounts available to members.

    Hey, where has the sun been? Well don't let the strange weather dampen any thoughts about solar energy. See Solar Solutions ad on our webpage and if you're interested about knowing more about solar give them a call. They also offer a VIP Club discount.

    Do you hafta fill up the propane tank? Know that Noel Gas offers VIP Club members a 6% discount. Club member Bill Taylor is first to mention that he pays for his VIP Club dues just with the money he saves on propane, the rest of his savings is money back in his pocket when using his VIP Club Card, the very best value for savings in town.

    Yo! VIP Club participating establishment, Ren Ellis, is moving off of Recreo and changing their name to John Adam, a leather boutique! Right now they have huge discounts, as much as 50% on their leather goods at the Recreo location. The new location, Hidalgo #4, formally the Cuban Cigar Store. Also, big news, Rebecca Fass and son, John, have just procured exclusive rights to the Sergio Bustamante line of fashionable accessories. They will be moving in to the new location come October 1.

     Winter is coming! VIP Club member, Dan Goodman, says he has the all-time, best room heaters ever! They run on propane, a bit pricey, says Dan but heat more for less than anything anyone has ever seen around these parts. Dan has a limited supply but for more info contact Dan at:

     We often mention about the great international films shown at the Alex Phillips cinema located inside VIP Club participating restaurant, Market Bistro. For a mere 50 pesos one gets two beers or a cocktail along with a classic film. We can't always provide on time the full line up of films taking place in the fabulous intimate theater with a super sound system and big theater seats. Contact Daniel and he will put yours in his address book when he sends out the cinemas line up of filmd, so you'll know what's playing:

    Your Club is always willing to promote members commercial and private messages to the membership but we only send out notices when Your Club has something germane to announce to the club.

    VIP Club Member, Barbara Eckrote has a home for rent. It's what she calls a bbeautiful, two-story stone house located overlooking presa, and canyon near botanical gardens.  One bedroom, one bath on second floor - bedroom is 16 x 20ft.  Living room, dining room, kitchen on first floor. Extensive gardens.  VERY quiet.  Rent includes DISH Network, once-a-week maid service and all utilities including telephone.  $800US a month.

Available October 1st. Email: or call 152-8375.

     VIP Club Member, Christine Conway, was quite taken how members wished her well while on the mend from her broken shoulder. Christine owns and operates The Cutting Garden, Codo #4, 154-9130. Christine wants to offer VIP Club members 20% off her hair do rates on Thursdays. Gracias, Christine!

   Hey, Sports Fans, Manolo's Sports Bar, located inside Casa Payo, a VIP Club Member participating restaurant, has satellite TV that can broadcast as many as six different games at once. So for NFL, College Football in English, Thursday night though Monday night NFL football, consider Manolo's and give them the dickens why they no longer accept the card inside Manolo's but do in Casa Payo! 

     Who wants an Obama-Biden T-shirt? The spiffy shirts are available at Border Crossings and La Conexion.

     Do you know who was William Sprattling? William Sprattling was an illustrator and designer, considered the father of the silver business in Taxco. His designs are renowned in both jewelry and other silver-made products, tea-sets, flat ware etc. Yam, a VIP Club participating establishment, located in Instituto Allende, has an impressive collection of original Sprattling designed silver products for sale. Check them out!

    VIP Club member, Monty Skidmore, is looking for a ride to Texas, ideally, October 4. Contact Monty at

     Do you know where your card is? If not, contact us here for immediate replacement. 

    Why pay more than you have to. If you haven't renew your card!

Congrats: First time grandpa, David Bossman, on the birth of Brianna.

R.I.P.: Paco Raya (a young brother, gone way before his time)

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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