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June 11 , 2007


Your VIP Club welcomes THE THIRSTY MONKEY, Codo #32, 152-7486. Thirsty Monkey offers Cajun and Creole dishes including salads, Po boys, gumbo and soups. Happy Hour runs from 12 Noon 'til 8 p.m. They are open daily 12 Noon - 10:30 pm, closed Mondays. VIP Club members, when paying cash may take 15% off of food and beverage.

In the immediate future Sierra Nevada's parque restaurant will drop out of the Club. Many of you know the centro location is being renovated. Rafael Perra, the food and beverage manager, states they will be revamping their operation and entire menu at both restaurants to service the community. Once both restaurants complete the changes, primarily due to the new ownership, now under their flag ship company Orient Express. We thank Sierra Nevada and Rafael for their generous participation in Your Club since 2000, and Rafael assures Your Club, that once they get back on track they intend to return to the club. We wish them continued success.

Berlin Restaurant, Umaran #19 is now open for lunch begining at 12 Noon.

Look for Romanos to offer some warm weather alternatives to their already expansive menu. Plus Romanos would like members to know they offer live music every Wednesday on their back patio.

VIP Card member Carmen Montemayor has an offer. Carmen can provide tequila made from 100% agave in nifty personalized, decorative, embossed bottles that can be custom designed. You can have your name or logo embossed on the bottle that basically is having your own brand. The tequila comes in bottles containing 3/4 liters. Bottles cost, including the embossing at $120 pesos each with a minimum order of a half case (6 bottles). The reports on the tequila itself have been very positive with the tequila stemming from Jalisco. The custom tequila bottles, along with the spirit, can make great presents for weddings, anniversaries, or your own special event etc. It takes 3 weeks to get delivery.

For more info, e-mail Carmen at

Instituto Allende's first summertime arts and crafts fair takes place this Saturday and Sunday, 10-6 pm.

Many of you already know that VIP Club member and Editor in Chief at Atencion, Suzanna Ludekens, has been basically fighting for her life in Celaya hospitals since May 19. She suffered a perforated ulcer and has been on the edge ever since while having to endure a number of life-saving operations, yet we are hoping and praying she has made the crucial turn that will bring her back to us.

A special webpage as been set up to keep all informed of her status since only family members are allowed to visit her. If any of you would like to follow her progress you can sign up at  It's a free service and you need to register. The patient code is (suzludekens). There will be an enormous medical bill for Suzanna to contend with. Instructions will come to you on the webpage if anyone would like to contribute to a fund that is being set up for her immediate medical expenses and welfare.

Get Well: Suzanna! We all love ya, baby!

Lastly, if he's still around, give your old man a call this Sunday, the ole boy will appreciate it and Happy Fathers Day to all you dads.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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