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May 2, 2007


    First, some in-house business. Members please be aware regarding one of the few limitations pertaining to Your Club and its Card that members are supposed to abide by. We've had a few instances, very few, where members haven't adhered to the four person maximum rule and that all charges are tallied on the same bill. Some establishments are more liberal than others about this rule, other are not!  If your party is larger than four and you plan on visiting a VIP Club establishment, when arriving, seek out the manager or owner, tell them about how many in your party and how they would like to handle it. Please, regardless of what might seem like common sense (with the notion about more diners, more business etc.) don't argue. That's the way it is and debating the policy can alienate Your Club in the view of the establishment. Nobody likes to be told how they should run their business. Thanks!

    Your VIP Club welcomes PUNTO OPTICAS, inside Mega Comerical. Punto Opitcas offers free eye examinations. For glasses, frames, contact lenses etc. Punto Opticas offers VIP Club Members 10% off purchase when paying cash or 5% when using credit cards.. Sofia Askernazi is the owner. 120-2068.

     VIP Club card member, Paula Nesti, owns and operates, Security Storage, warehouse and storage units. VIP Club members can take 10% off storage fees, For more info, call Paula 152-4299 or email

     Participating VIP Club Hotel Restaurant, Villa Mirasol Pila Seca #35 has a special promotion for VIP Club Members during the months of May and June! Members may take off 15% rather than the standard 10% discount from Monday through Friday. Plus have a breakfast or lunch for over 70 pesos and come back for a FREE lunch. Or make lunch reservation on the phone or in person and get a complimentary glass of wine (red or white) for each in your party and you still get your VIP Club discount. 152-6685

     Club Member, Sally Leonard, wants members to know that her fantastic, Gypsy, Flamenco teach, Antonio Rodriquez, is about to depart San Miguel and return to Seville, Spain. There will be two farewell performances at Villa Jacaranda Friday, May 4, and, Friday, May 11 at 8:30 pm. Tickets are $250 pesos for what Sally says is a knocked-out performance. A variety of tapas are included. Tickets are on sale at the hotel.

    Ren Ellis Leather will have reduced hours during May, Monday through Saturday, 10-4 pm. They are clearing stock and will sell to VIP Club Members many items for cost when paying cash. This is a private sale with no signs in store. Shop the store then ask where are the deals for VIP Club Members.

     Our friend Daniel at Petite Bar and Market Bistro, Hernandez Macias #95, desires members to know about new items on the menu that can be ordered inside Petite Bar. There will be chicken and sweet bread vol-au-vent or seafood vol-au-vent. There's a special hamburguesa "Petit" served on home-made bread, saut�ed squids with bacon or blinis with smoked salmon and cheeses. They serve late.

     Viajes San Miguel has a couple of getaway trips they would like our members to know about. Return to Havana, Cuba, May 16-20, all inclusive, door to door, drink where Hemingway did etc. The cost is $940 US. Call Detlev or Luis for info 152-2537.

    Also they are promoting a fabulous and very reasonable Oaxaca beach tour and VIP Club members can take 5% off of the posted price at:
     Perhaps some of you are having family and friends down during the summer. One activity you may consider is the local outdoor experience with horseback riding and camping with 3 Senores. Mauricio Magan, fully bilingual, has healthy outdoor programs to fill all schedules. Call Mauricio for more info at 044-415-101-4976, VIP club Members get a 25% discount off his services.

     We continue to urge members to use our website to check on the updated line-up with discounts:

          Report lost or misplaced cards here for immediate replacement. Know that VIP Club Cards make great birthday or wedding presents.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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