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Enjoy the miracle of SATELLITE TV MEXICO: #1 ENGLISH LANGUAGE TV PROVIDER and save as much as $720 USD!

BE ONE OF THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE TO CALL (415) 566 4170, Thursday, June 20, no sooner than 10:00 am. AND WIN a “channel box receiver,” a $300 USD value. Shaw will LOAN the receiver box which normally needs to be purchased in order to receive satellite TV.

Shaw will provide 10 new subscribers a lender box, free of charge, as long as they subscribe to Shaw! One must have a current VIP Club Card membership to qualify.

PERMANENT PROMOTION FOR VIP CLUB MEMBERS: Rather than paying the standard $85 USD per month, VIP Club members can pay $600 USD upfront for a full year’s worth of Satellite TV Per Receiver. That’s $50 USD a month and a $35 USD saving per month for the full year A $420 USD savings, $720 in total, if one includes the lender box!  If not choosing to pay the full year in advance, new subscribing VIP Club members get the first month free! For all business, other than the Sweepstakes, 415 120 0200 – Office / 415 106 5600 – Mobile” 

(The first ten callers will have a particular period of time to take advantage of the offer or lose it to callers who did not make the top ten.) 

(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash – over 1900 are sent out locally – 1900 pesos.)


Your VIP Club brings its members BREAKFAST WEEK, 24 June – 29 June 2019!

Try a different breakfast joint!
Exclusively for VIP Club cardholders, it’s 2 X 1 “breakfasts complete” being served by generous VIP Club participating restaurants on certain days for Breakfast Week during normal breakfast hours. Diners will be offered the special off breakfast menus (up to four people on each card) on the particular days listed below. (Common sense prevails) Monday/Lunes 24 June
EL TUPINAMBA 2 x 1 Breakfasts

LOS BUFFETS 2 X 1 Breakfasts (buffet, all you can eat)

ZUMO 2 X 1 Breakfasts

Tuesday/Martes 25 June
MARIA XOCONOSTLE 2 x 1 Breakfasts

ZUMO 2 X 1 Breakfasts

OSO AZUL 2 x 1 Breakfasts

Wednesday/Miercoles 26 June
ZUMO 2 X 1 Breakfasts

RUSTICA 2 x 1 Breakfasts

DON LUPE GRILL 2 x 1 Breakfasts

Thursday/Jueves 27 June
LA PARROQUIA 2 x 1 Breakfasts

LA MESA GRANDE 2 x 1 Breakfasts

EL VERGEL 2 X 1 Breakfasts

ZUMO 2 X 1 Breakfasts

Friday/Viernes 27 June
MANAIA (Valle Los Senderos) 2 x 1 Breakfasts

ZUMO 2 X 1 Breakfasts

TACO LAB 2 x 1 Breakfasts

BIRDIES 2 x 1 Breakfasts

Saturday/Sabado 29 June
ZUMO 2 X 1 Breakfasts

MANAIA (Valle Los Senderos) 2 x 1 Breakfasts

Everyday, during Breakfast week, it’s 2 X 1 at CUMPANIO (Correo) PANADERIAS PANIO (Correo, Relox Y Altelier, aka: Salida de Celaya) offering cardholders a pastry and a coffee drink 2 X 1, all week, 8:00 am. – 1:00 pm., the 24th  ’til 29 June, each day. (The drinks and pan dulces have to be the same).

Your Club hopes our members take advantage of the generosity provided by the Club’s participating restaurants. Plus, VIP Club Breakfast Week is a GREAT WAY to discover new breakfast spots and a great chance TO TAKE SOMEBODY TO BREAKFAST! Our Club’s restaurants are counting on you so please show them Your Club has clout.

Your VIP Club welcomes LOS BUFFETS, Hacienda El Molino #5, Colonia Brisas (Just behind Cruz Roja) 121-7993. Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am. – 6:00 pm. serving Breakfast (120 MXN) ’til Noon and Lunch ’til 6:00 pm. serving a scrumptious breakfast buffet, that includes eggs (your way) or chilaquiles along with juices, breads, tortillas, pancakes, French toast, cereals, fruits, coffees, beverages all the mixings etc.
The lunch buffet (150) is equally as impressive serving an array of Mexican style vegetables, salad items, meats, poultry, fishes, pastas, a slew of sides and desserts. Both breakfast and lunch. it’s all you can eat! Easy parking! Hector and Patricia are your hosts. VIP Club members may take 20% off their bill when paying cash or credit card! That’s not a typo but 20%!
Your VIP Club welcomes EL PUERTO fresh seafood restaurant, San Pedro #14,centro, open everyday 11:00 am. – 7:00 pm. except Tuesdays,

Quickly gaining a reputation as a place for the very freshest in Seafood. Ceviche are a specialty as prepared from various regions in Mexico. Wine and beer available.

VIP Club members may take 10% off when paying cash or credit card. Veronica and Juan Jose are your hosts. Your VIP club welcomes DAMONICA, Calle Hidalgo #12, Dolores Hidalgo, 418-132-5388, Wednesdays – Sundays 10:30 am. – 10:00 pm.

Touted as one of the Bajio region’s finest authentic Italian restaurants. Original recipes: Pastas, varios kinds of sauces on ravioli, gnocchi etc. anti pastas, meats, poultry, fish, perfect pizza including all your Italian favorite olives, roasted peppers, mushrooms etc. Housing one of Mexico’s most impressive collections of wines from award-winning Mexican vineyards. Monica is your host. Monica says they love seeingfolks,
 and often do, who come out to Damonica’s from San Miguel.

Cardholders may take 10% off their bill when paying cash or CC.
Our recent addition to the VIP Club, CHILL, has relocated and is now fully open.

Calzada Aurora #21, call 152-6603 In case you missed our last flash/restaurants who’ve recently joined. Hours and phone numbers can be had at


MANAIA (Valle Los Senderos Resort)


VIP Club participating business, MOONRISE
MOONRISE, 415 115 2313
(Having a soft opening at the new location) Tinajitas #4A, Plaza San Antonio next to and across the street from the church. Need  structure designed, built, expanded, redecorated, torn down?
Our brave volunteer fire department, that does not enjoy full municipal support, has a fund raiser going all month. They’re asking our fellow citizens, who can afford it, for a mere 100 pesos each. To give contact

In the future:
Hats off to LA MESA GRANDE and other VIP Club participating restaurants by them being environmentally conscious.

Congrats to the San Miguel based flying Kimballs (Jay, Gretchen, Jayson, Jared and Cody) who pilot ALOFT hot air balloons and have done so in these parts for over 25 years!  Aloft’s Napa Valley operation has been voted by readers of USA Today as the #1 hot air balloon operation in the United States of America and all of its territories. You guys be styling!

R.I.P. Marilyn Broyles
R.I.P. Gary Slipper
Heal up: Manja Argue
Heal up: Elizabeth Blair
Heal up: Steve Goldstein

Heal up: Barbara Altman
Congrats/Engaged: Jenny Reichert and Alex Ander.

Please support locally owned businesses!Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club
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