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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by BAJIOGO DMC

Once again, showing great generosity EXCLUSIVELY towards VIP Club members and while celebrating BAJIOGO’S 11th Anniversary Bajio offers a ONE-DAY special sale.

(Please read carefully)

Celebrating BajioGo’s 11th Anniversary, on Monday, September 2nd, EXCLUSIVELY for the FIRST 500 VIP Club cardholders who show up at BajioGo, Jesus #11, between 9 am. and 5 pm. BajioGo will make available and sell 500 packets of shuttle coupons, 10 coupons in each packet. ONE TEN-PACK to EACH cardholder. BAJIOGO PROVIDES door-to-door, transportation service, to-or-from, either Queretaro or Leon’s airport. Coupons are TRANSFERALBE, NO EXPIRATION DATE, for $150 USD or equivalent in pesos. The purchase must be in CASH and members must PRESENT their VIP Card in order to purchase.

(For members who might be out of town and wish to send a pinch-hitter to take advantage of this promotion, you MUST send back to this email address your name and card #, date of expiration. We will place the name of your representative on a list enabling them to get the coupons for you. Please address all inquiries HERE and not BAJIOGO.)

For members not taking advantage of the ANNIVERSAY sale the VIP Club special deal with BajioGo remains in tack. VIP Club members pay $18 USD, for the cardholder and their party, rather than the standard $24 USD their standard fare to Leon or Queretaro’s airport via shuttle with the same secure door-to-door service. Fares must be paid upfront at time of reservation and VIP Club Card number must be given along with expiration date.

For car rentals and services to other destinations VIP Club members enjoy a 10% discount.

Your Club wishes to thank Luis, Noe and the BajioGo team for their generosity, fabulous service and attention to detail.

(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash – over 1900 are sent out locally – 1900 pesos.)


The VIP Club’s new webpage is up and running!

After 14 years of the old page the new site is still undergoing a slew of updates. Please bear with us we should have it picture perfect, maybe manana 🙂

Mr. or Mrs. Business Person, ask about our inexpensive advertising rates on the webpage and within our VIP Club Card page on Facebook.

Your Club welcomes MOONFIRE Restaurante Grill, Salida de Celaya #4, open Tuesdays – Saturdays, Noon – 9:30  pm., Sundays 10 am. – 9:30 pm.

Moonfire offers fine dining & entertainment. An array of fine cuts of meats and fresh seafood are on the menu with all the expected sides.

Juan Carlos of Moonfire looks forward to meeting our members while having a memorable meal. VIP Club Cardholders get 10% off.

Your VIP Club welcomes La Sabina organic market, Salida de Celaya #24. From soup to nuts, fresh vegetibles and what not, VIP Club members get 10% off when spending at least 300 pesos and paying in cash. (Marked down goods are excempt from the VIP Club discount.)


Gabriel Hernandez Group plays Sunday at 3:00 pm.




TEN TEN PIE (Centro: new Menu!)

MIVIDA (New logo)

Now open for breakfast Friday til Sunday 9:00 am.

Mivida’s scrumptious Pizzas now baked Saturdays and Sundays

PESCAU & CONSENDITO (Cooking til Midnight every night)


For yearly mailbox subscribers La Conexion delivers all medicines from the USA for free!

Kudos to Mon Bistro

MOONRISE (New location)

Plaza San Antonio, Tinajitas/San Antonio 4A Col. SA. (Across from the church.)
Monday through Friday 10:00 am.-  6:00 pm. Saturdays 10:00 am. – 2:00 pm.
Looking to be the best! Home deliveries! Accepting Credit Cards. We’re green! No plastic bags provided! 415-115-2313 – 415-150-1088

In case you missed July’s Newsflash some new participating establishments that have joined Your Club are LOS MILAGROS III aka: “Los Milagros Terraza” Salida de Queretaro #91.

EL PETIT FOUR, Mesones #99.


Kenny Peters, has moved his BOND’S TERRAZA PUB operation to KENNY’S PLACE, (Formally Corazon Santo) Julio Carrillo #7, Col. Guadalupe! The hours, menu and happenings have been greatly expanded.


PACKAGE DELIVERY: medicines, large items, (furniture etc.) delivered from USA & Mexico weekly!
Cost: $4.00 USD per pound or 17% of invoice valued, whichever is less! $8.00 minimum per package. Vitamins and Medicines, $4.00 per bottle with minimum $8.00 per package.
*Exceptions* contact
Separate mail service  Delivered weekly from US. – to Mexico $96.00 USD 12 months, includes package delvieris and prepaid package returns. 10% discount on vitamins

Yam Gallery, Ancha de San Antonio #20, is having their FIRST SALE IN ITS HISTORY continues til 26 August.

The 24 Hour Association announces that Gian Giampaoli Marques is the new Executive Secretary of the distinguished association. If need be please correct membership cards: Emergency cell: 415-114-0290 for deaths and emergencies only. Land line 415-121-0010, Lopez Funeral Home 415-152-0208. If during the last few years you renewed your passport, make a copy and drop it off at Solutions, Recreo #11, Box 41B.

Members do know: the 9:30 Roman Catholic Mass, in English, has relocated to Capila de las Tres Marias in the Senora de la Salud Church (On Plaza Civica, practically next door to the Oratorio) The newly-restored chapel is to the right of the main altar. Padre Roberto Almaguer will hear confessions after Mass.

The funding drive will soon be ending. Consider contributing a mere 100 pesos toward our brave volunteer fire department. Deposit your donation right in the bank.

CRUZ ROJA (Support our live savers)

Looking for website help? Could you use a webpage tune-up? Do you need photos for your electronic promotions? Consider the expert work of our guy, Jonnathan Tinoco, Completely bilngual/ Reasonable rates.

Interested? For the below Ad, before you talk to anybody, talk to Juan at Juan’s Cafe!

Please report missing cards for immediate replacement.

Happy Trails: Jens Muller
Happy Trails: Tom Hall & George Xillas
R.I.P. Berit Nillson
R.I.P. Siobhan Bryne

Please support locally owned businesses!Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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