VIP Club Newsflash April 11th 2021

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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by HANK’S NEW ORLEANS CAFE & OYSTER BAR, Hidalgo #12, 415-152-2645, a San Miguel tradition.

The entire staff at Hank’s have missed you and are eager to see you back!

While strictly adhering to COVID guidelines, Hank’s is fully operational.

Hank’s standard array of fresh seafood and shellfish are back, better than ever, along with the other favorites like Hank’s assortment of carpaccios, tasty salads, slurping soups and saucy pastas, along with fowl, meats, including that bad-boy Rueban Sandwich, along with pizzas and a genuine Philly cheese steak sandwich.

Weekday drink specials are in vogue.
Monday:       2 X 1 Mojitas
Tuesday:       2 X 1 Margaritas
Wednesday: 2 X 1 Martinis
Thursday:     2 X 1 Hurricanes

Don’t Miss Taco Tuesday: Hard shell tacos and soft tortilla wrapped burritos!

Start the “weekend early special,” each Thursday: Order two entrees and get a complimentary bottle of red or white on Hank’s!

Sunday Brunch: with many options, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

All your favorite New Orleans’ style jambalaya, gumbos etc. along with Hank’s famous & noted international dishes are now availabe.

(Any businesses or individual can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash – read intently by members – over 1900 are emailed, 2000 pesos.)


No matter where many of us have been for the past year, no matter, we’ve all been through a lot. With strong sanitary measures, mask-wearing, adhering to protocols, social-distancing and finally vaccines, there’s more than a glimmer of light breaking the darkness!

We can only hope, that sooner, rather than later, we’ll eke our way back to the  familiar vibrant and festive San Miguel de Allende, Mexico’s cradle of liberty.

Still, guard can’t be let down. Each individual has to decide how they might engage with others until this crud lies dormant or even gets eradicated.

Your Club speaks for many of our affiliated businesses who wish to thank the  membership for their worthwhile support during the coarse of this pandemic. Those still standing say, they couldn’t have made it without you.

Let’s get rockin’!

Your VIP Club welcomes WELLINGTON GASTRO PUB, Salida de Celaya #6, formally Don Lupe Grill, 984-153-1303, Wednesdays – Fridays, 2:00 pm. – 11:00 pm, Saturday – Sunday, 10:00 an. – 10:00 pm.

Wellington’s name alone hints that they’re an English themed restaurant when it comes to dining with a Mexican touch provided by Chef Joe Baca. Wellington’s “Beef Wellington” is prepared to perfection. Their diverse menu has an assortment of Brit favorites with English style breakfast along with Scottish bangers served all open hours.

Irving and Vidi are your hosts while VIP Club Cardholder can take 10% off food and drink when paying by cash or credit card.


VIP Club participating restaurant, Puerto Maria, has opened a second location: Manuel Zavala #24. Now, along with their Santa Cecilia location, will continue to serve fresh seafood and good times.



SATELLITE TV Mexico. Anniversary Promo, exclusively for VIP Club Cardholders
. Become a subscriber of Satellite TV and get the SECOND installation FREE! 2 x 1 on Installation fees. Pay a full year of service in advance for only $600 USD an over a $1,000 USD value. Enjoy the best programming watching live TV.

If you’re NOT a client of Shaw but you want Streaming, the cost of the Fire-stick is $89 USD, and the monthly rate is $15 USD, payable three months in advance. It is necessary to have at least 20 Mbps of Downloading of your speed, (VIP Club Cardholders get $10 USD off the stick price.
Further information, please contact us: 415-120-0200 or 415-106-5600
Promotion restrictions: Valid Until Apr 30th and ONLY for VIP CLUB MEMBERS

With vaccinations in full swing many are motoring back to San Miguel from way north of the border. Many who have been residing in San Miguel are  considering road trips around Mexico. VIP Club participating business, OLIMPIA ZUNIGA (aka: Omar’s) conducts road-worthy inspections. After a long driving trek or prior to a national road trip, Omar’s crew checks out your vehicle for its worthiness on the road. Zuniga normally charges $650 MXN for this thorough service but VIP Cardholders pay just $500 MXN in cash.
Olimpia Zuniga has upped their VIP Club discount to 15%. from 10% off their in-house services, providing paid for in cash. (For certain repairs (air-conditioning, etc.) when vehicles must be farmed out to specialty subcontractors, the discount on those services are waived.

Speaking of vehicles, JA ASSOCIATES

VIP Club members can save BIG MONEY on vehicle insurance here in Mexico by employing JA aka: Jimenez Asociados for their vehicle insurance needs. Rather it be for a week or a month or full time, one. two or 18-wheels, JA has vehicle insurance packages with Qualitas and others to give solid coverage and save our members money.

JA Asociados have been saving our members on vehicle insurance for years. Here’s what a member recently wrote: “Thanks Lou, Alejandra speaks English and we arranged our policy quickly at the VIP Club rate and received a 30% discount!” Dr. David Fischer.

Members contact Alejandra Garcia, 415-100-3857 or Marina von Anrep, 415-107-4008.  One perk having a live agent, people may not realize, when you deal with Alejandra or Marina, getting your discount, policy holders have a “real humans” to communicate with, IN ENGLISH. A banker who sells insurance,or a faceless website, often can’t help you in time of need, like after-having-an-accident. Those are important facts to come to grips with if in need of vehicle insurance in Mexico. (If members go to the Qualitas office, off Salida de Queretaro, the ladies in the office are instructed to lead you to Alejandra or Mariana.)


La Conexion will be moving their Paprika location to Plaza Luna, Ancha de San Antonio #39. As we type, final preparations are taking place readying the a new Ancha location for La Conexion’s subscribers.

At the same time, La Conexion wants their subscribers to know that new regulations are being implemented by the Mexican government for incoming packages. There have been delays and a bottleneck. La Conex, asks and thanks all for their patience in a situation out of their control. They remain extremely confident things will soon lighten up and all will be back to normal.


VIP Club participating business, Moonrise Health, is operating at a new location Col. Guadalupe, Farolitas #18, 415-115-2313. Gloria wants everybody to know, Moonrise is selling their popular herb and beauty products, doing so at reduced hours, Noon – 4:00 pm. Moonrise also delivers!

VIP Club Cardholder, Kathy Snodgrass shares that Catholic Mass, in English, is again being celebrated at LA SENORA DE LA SALUD, inside the main church.

HACIENDA LOS PICACHOS! (Don’t miss the romance!)

San Miguel’s a small place. At times, we need our privacy. Hacienda los Picachos is such a place, five minutes outside town, on the route to Queretaro, open everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, considered by locals as a great option and a quiet get-away. Don’t miss the romance!

KOUYIN ASIAN EATERY (The gals be cooking it up!)

Calle Recreo & Basada del Churo, 415-154-9762, open daily, 2:00 – 10:00 pm.

VIP Club participating restaurant, CHILL, has moved, Col. Guadalupe, Miltar #16, esquina Maria Felix en la Col Guadalupe, now opened again breakfast, lunch and dinner.









Card members get 10% discount, everyday, on “medicines” except Mondays, when all medicines are 25% off to the public at large. (The VIP discount is only for medicines) Two locations Insurgentes #132 & Salida de Celaya #30.

BUY 3 of any of 32 medications Generosa markets, and get the FOURTH  Box FREE!

LA PILA Dry Cleaners & Laundromat, with two locations for domestic and industrial cleaning, Plus home pick-up and delivery.
LA PILA wants to be YOUR wash house or dry cleaners for whatever you need to be cleaned professionally.

Two locations: Estacion #60, near the RR station, & on the Hi-way to Celaya, on the same side of the road, just before Don PedroFor home pick up: 415- 152-5810.


Enjoy a relaxing massage and get pampered for an 50 – 80 minute massage, 1200/1500 MXN.  VIP Club members get 25% off of LaJa spa services! 415-152-7040


VIP Club participating business, Maguayes – Vivero, aka: Frankes nursery, Bellavista, Bellavista, off the Libramiento, across from Hospital Joya. 415-154-8747 and 415-154-87-37.

VIP Club Cardholders get 15% off all plants!

BAJIOGO, Jesus #11, 415-185-8665, San Miguel’s premier, 24-hour-a-day, transportation company specializing in door-to-door, airport shuttles!

For shared, door-to-door, airport shuttle service to-or-from Leon or Queretaro VIP Club cardholders pay just $20 USD cash. (Must provide a valid card # and date of expiration when making the reservation)

For private service, BajioGo provides nine-passenger vans, fully sanitized. For Leon or Queretaro service. Bajio’s fee is $90 from one passenger or for up to nine riders, all in the same party and going to the same address. VIP CLUB CARDHOLDERS PAY JUST $60 USD., CASH.

Mexico City private service is $300 USD., BUT VIP Club Cardholders pay $220 USD. CASH, for the cardholder and up to nine passengers in their party.
                                      ***IMPORTANT NOTICE:
If you’re away and your membership has expired, returning, and you desire to still get the deep BajioGo discounts for you and your party up. CONTACT YOUR CLUB, before your return, If you sense you’re going to renew once back in town!

Your Club will issue a new card # and a new date of expiration and you can provide that to BajioGo and “still obtain the Club’s discount,” when making the reservation! You can pay your dues when you pick up your card when your return.

BIG TIME congratulations in store for our Joey Merrifield and Jessica Frick on being named, Co-Citizens of the Year, by San Miguel’s mid-day Rotary for their tireless efforts to assist all in the community during the Covid crisis.

Your VIP Club, under the guise of Madam Loo, has been pitching our beautiful Chinese Astrology posters of the 12-animals belonging to the Chinese Zodiac. They’re 22.5 X 29″ unframed, on glossy paper, commissioned by Madam Loo and lovingly created by local artist, Julieta Sanchez, in 1996, only to be brought to life in the form of posters 24-years later. Posting three examples here. If in need of a gift or redecorating contact us back and we will provide samples of the other nine. The cost for each poster is 800 pesos and they make for a great gift. Mailed anywhere U.S.A. $56.00 USD.

Madam Loo says there’s a little special something offered for free (actually 3 things) to those who order a poster.

Please give if you can.

Anyone can always see Your Club’s complete line up, 24/7, at & for breaking news, Your Club posts daily on:

Don’t miss the VIP Club’s Facebook page on Menu Mondays where we publish many of the menus offered by VIP Club participating restaurants.

R. I. P. Ethan Emery
R. I. P. Cleo Kamelhar
R. I. P. Anado McLaughlin
R. i. P. Larry Mills

Sadly, the losses, including some of our loved ones, has presented sadness to many of us on personal levels. We’ve absorbed one body shot after another. Hardly any of us have been spared the heartache.

Yet! Let us remind each other that humanness, in its most natural and prevailing form is alive and well, enabling us all to realize through it all that “Hope Springs Eternal!”

Warm congrats to our, Mariano Alvarez, of Buenos Aires Bistro fame, and wife Lauren on the birth of their son Matteo!

Congrats to our, Mariana Carrillo and Erik Rojo, on the birth of their daughter Sophie!

Congrats to our, Jen Reichert and Alex Ander and new grandpop Erwit, on the birth of their son, Luka Kenzo! (I want that name!)

And again, congrats to my wife, Donna, and her son Travis Tanner and daughter-in-law, Vivian, on the birth of their beautiful daughter Vianna!

Here’s to the future!

Don’t forget to report here, lost VIP Club Cards, for immediate replacement!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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