VIP Club Newsflash July 2020

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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by

The San Miguel de Allende chapter of Democrats Abroad, a local “non-partisan” endeavor to assist U.S. citizens living abroad to exercise their right to vote.

We are offering the following Zoom sessions to assist voters on learning how to register to vote or request their ballot using the website:

Every overseas voter can request their absentee ballot be sent to them, via email each year. The Zoom link will be provided in the reply email to your RSVP through our event page.
Here is a link to the Democrats Abroad Mexico page:
(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash – over 1900 are sent out locally. Cost: 2000 pesos.)


There’s talk of an ancient Chinese Curse: “May you live in interesting times!”

San Miguel opens up this week. Nobody told us there would be days like this. What the opening up will mean is anyone’s guess?

This is a defining moment! Will a thoughtful and careful opening lead us out of this dark ages or be a reckless act that creates additional havoc? Let’s hope for the best.

Your Club has harped how our restaurant industry is in the fight of its life! We continue to ask our esteemed membership to support them one way or another.

Your Club will continue to pursue an array of diversified businesses and services who appear eager to align themselves with Your Club.

We have visited a number of our VIP Club restaurants. Many have been reaching out asking, “Please have your members come. We need them and we are more than happy to provide the VIP Club discount.”

Our generous participating businesses soberly realize it’s the local market that will fuel the economy.

Your Club will continue to reach out and keep on swinging to provide cardholders businesses and services that will enhance membership.

Lots to report here so let’s get rocking!


Hank’s, one of Your Club’s hallmark restaurants re-opened, Friday, July 17th. The management and staff look forward to seeing old friends and new.

While maintaining its renowned “Nawl Orleans Who Dat?” spirit, strict sanitary conditions, and proper distancing are adhered to.

Here’s Hank’s diverse reopening menu!

Resrvations: 415-152-2645.

Your Club is welcoming five eating establishments into the Club.

Your VIP Club welcomes CITRONELA, Vincente Guerrero #83 A, Comonfort, Guanajuato, 415-139-4990. Open everyday, 8:00 am. – 10:00 pm.

Considered by locals the Comonfort eatery is a mainstay providing a steady presence for locals and a comforting oasis for travelers. Citronella serves up a diverse menu of food and drinks: Complete breakfasts and salads, soups, and favorite local dishes along with the best that comes with Mexican hospitality.

Owner operator, Emanuel Cervantes, warmly welcomes and wants sanmiguelenses to consider his Centinella as a great, safe, comfortable landing spot, whether for a time out, a drink or for something more substantial. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill when employing cash or credit card.

Your VIP Club welcomes PETRA, Hernandez Macias #47, 557-660-2435, open Wednesday – Monday, 9:00 am. 4:00 pm. A delightful garden setting in centro. Their menu provides what is needed.

Ana is your host. VIP Club Cardholders may take 15% off for cash and 10% CC.

Your VIP Club welcomes BELLA PIZZA, Salida Celaya #6, 415-154-5210, through the portal behind Don Lupe Grill and below Big Papa, two other VIP Club participating restaurants.

The emphasis is on pizza yet Bella Pizza offers a variety of other Italian dishes. Nancy is your host and VIP Club members can take 10% off Cash or Credit Card.

Your VIP Club welcomes CHIKATANA ASIAN RESTAURANT & TEA SHOP, Pila Seca #19, Mercardo de Carmen, behind El Tupinamba, 415-100-1286, open every day but Wednesday.

Asian delights orchestrated by Chikatana’s team.

The TEA SHOP, across the way, is included while VIP Club members may take 10% off their bills cash or credit card.
Please consider San Miguel’s front-line food-serving warriors!
Your VIP Club welcomes KASOKU SUSHI BAR (Hacienda Los Picachos. Open Thursday through Sunday, 1:00 pm. 10 pm.

VIP Club participating restaurant “Yo” is on the same property offering 10% off. VIP Club members can take 20% off for delivery or take out at Kasoku!

LUNA DE QUESO has a new location as of mid-June! Just down the block from where the old location. Mariana and her team would love to see you!

Luna de Queso says bring Daisy or Chuck!Please consider San Miguel’s front-line food-serving warriors!

LOLITA (The home of the 1lb. Burrito!!!!!!

GARUFA Argentine Steakhouse (Has reopened, weekends for now! Valet parking and 3Marias rooftop garden open.

VIP Club participating restaurant MIVIDA presents a new menu:

VIP Club’s, VIVALI RISTORANTE TERRACE & BAR too presents a new menu. (Free Delivery!)

BIRDIE’S & TACO LAB (Are virtually open. Call for delivery.) 415-154-7877

Please consider San Miguel’s front-line food-serving warriors!

BajioGo has reopened their Calle Jesus office, Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am. – 9:00 pm.
Our town’s favorite classical guitarists, Jack and Frances, desires their fans to know their latest is on youtube:

For those of you who missed our last flash, La Vectoriana, joined the Club,
Av. 1ro de Mayo, Col. Ignacio Ramirez, 415-168-8429, Monday – Saturday 8:00 am. – 5:00 pm. The creators of such decorative baked goods are Emmanuel Soria and Jaqui Larios, a couple .

Please consider San Miguel’s front-line food-serving warriors!

Galeria Izamal new location, Jesus #25, Is Re-Opening August 1
Recently your Club met with long time VIP Club participating enterprise, SMA Health Services spearheaded by, Dr. Ricardo Gordillo. Present also was Dr. David Rosales Cervantes director of Labortoria “La Lejona,” whose two locations have been providing our membership lab tests with a strong discount for over ten years.
Dr, Gordillo has moved from his Hidalgo HQ to Libramiento #96 in a spacious new clinic with plenty of parking below in the garage. His services still come with a 10% discount for members.
SMA Health Sevices’ clinic offers a wide variety of medical services. Some specific medical packages and procedures will be offered in the near future. Meanwhile, SMA Health Services provide Radiology, X-Rays, Ultra-sound with a strong cadre of affiliated doctors.

Labortoria La Lejona, two locations, Vicente Araiza #28 & Fracc. La Lejona & Libramiento #96 at the SMA Health Services clinic, stands ready.

David Rosales Cervantes owns and operates the laboratory. The Lejona location is located on the street behind La Comer. They clinically conduct blood, urine, and stool tests, and issue lab reports amongst other medical procedures. Dr. Rosales, or one of his trained staff, will come to your home at no extra cost. VIP Club members may take 15% off of all laboratory services with a minimum of $200 pesos in test fees. Also, La Lejona will email directly to you and your doctor here, or in the States the results of the test which means one will not have to return to the clinic for results.


An important message from Jose Antonio Jimenez, whose local agency represents Qualitas Insurance.

“For VIP Club members who are policyholders do know, that due to the crisis many repair shops have laid off employees and are space distancing which has slowed some repair jobs. Jose Antonio urges policyholders to be aware of such.”

For VIP Club discount vehicle insurance rates write contacto@segursyfiananzasja.comPlease consider San Miguel’s front-line food-serving warriors!

Sunday brunches are back at MARSALA & THE RESTAURANT.

CASA NOSTRA has re-opened, Thursdays ’til Sundays. NEW MENU! Please call 442 747-0860 to preorder, very limited availability.
On Sunday’s menu

LOS MILAGROS La Terraza has re-opened Thursday through Sunday

Please consider San Miguel’s front-line food-serving warriors!

YOUR CLUB POSTS DAILY, on its widely-read Facebook Page. Get hot news! Followers can see daily updates, specials, and happenings each and every day. If you have Facebook, just click on webpage is available 24/7 with pertinent information regarding all businesses that come under the VIP Club umbrella. All members’ needs should be there.

Due to space constraints, we haven’t been able to post all re-openings. Another flash will follow up this one in a shorter period of time than usual.

Talk about real heroes! Local charity, Feed the Hungry no longer just feeds four-thousand school-children a day but now Feed The Hungry invited the children’s families to dine with them and NOW, they are providing 20,000 meals a day.

Give if you can.

R. I. P. Warren Beery
R. I. P. Bob (Robert) Burdon


Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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