Vip Club News January 2019

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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by Select Real Estate, Sollano #23-A.

For Sale $3,300,000.00 Pesos MXN (Furnished)

Las Brisas residential is located off the Libramiento Manuel Zavala, three minutes from the Plaza Alhondiga and its commercial area.

Casa Gema is built on a plot of 90 square meters, 967 square feet, with 152 meters of construction or 1,632 square feet. The garage with electric gate has space for a medium-sized car. 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.   415-117-3552
property ID 1911

(Sponsoring a VIP Club Newsflash is available to individuals or businesses for 2000 pesos with the flash going out to almost 2000 local email addresses).GREETINGS:

Good News!

No 2020 price increase!

This edition of your VIP Club Newsflash is going to begin on a personal note.

San Miguel super-charity, Feed The Hungry operates 31 rural kitchens and feeds almost 4000 school children a hot meal every school day within some of the area’s most impoverished communities. It’s a herculean feat FTH has pulled off since 1984.

Your Club president wants to help raise funds and give a shot in the arm to a particular Feed The Hungry kitchen at the Las Cañas school. Like some other FTH  kitchens, Las Cañas “does not” have a long-term sponsor’s commitment.

Your Club’s president has been a journalist for over 40 years. In the past, I have read particular published essays aloud to audiences.

I can’t sing or dance. Hopefully, I might be able to entertain and even relate when sharing my stories.  LOL, even if I’m lousy, what better reason than for a good cause? Angela Peralta, February 11th, 7:00 pm. with Your president reading a collection of cherry-picked essays. I hope a portion of the membership will help me with this effort. All Proceeds go to Feed The Hungry.

Tickets go on sale, Friday, January 17th. I would be very grateful and especially honored by members who choose to attend. If members can’t attend, perhaps you can spare a $5-$10-or-a-$15-dollar-bill, or anything, and donate to this worthwhile cause at

Your VIP Club Welcomes HOJAS DE TE.

Tea Lovers, Hojas de Te, now presents classic, diverse and original teas from around the world.

Fruit-infused/caffeine-free: Cranberry Apple, Guayaba and Moras (mix of fruit and berries), Kiwi and Apple & Cinnamon.
Herb-infused/caffeine-free: Mezcla de Mentas (peppermint & Spearmint), Chamomille and Roolbos Caramelo.

Green Tea (with caffeine): Sencha, Jazmin, Toronja (Grapefruit) and Ceraza Japonesa (cherry and a touch of rose petals.)
Black Tea (with caffeine): Earl Grey, Blueberry, Masal Chai and English Breakfast.
VIP Club members get 10% off when ordering a minimum of 500 grams. For example, a 250-gram bag goes for $240 MXN (50 cups). Call Ana at 415-114-0710 for free delivery or email

Big news coming out of VIP Club participating restaurants Los Milagros I, II and III. Their Terraza location, on Salida de Queretaro, inauguarated a new bar on January 13th.

Open  2:00 p.m. at 10:00 p.m. with a happy hour, in addition to giving snacks; Enchiladas Burritos and Tortilla Soup and Xochitl Broth. Happy hour 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Los Milagros (Terraza now serves breakfast on weekends, plus, now serving breakfast every day at their Relox location.)



Sarah Ash, the team leader of SkyMed emergency air evacuation service will hold another of her in-depth seminars. It’s a free-brunch seminar at Buen Dia Cafe, Hidalgo #42 on Friday, January 17th at 11:00 am. sharp. Special discounts are provided to those attending the seminar plus VIP members get extra consideration. Attendance is limited. For reservations call Mx Cell: 415 125 3537, US Cell: 928 255 0220.

VIP Club participating business Cenquizqui, Zacateros #47 will host a fashion show, Friday, January 17th.

APERI (Dos Casas)

APERI (Dos Casas), 5 Dates: Jan 22 – Jan 27
From Aperi: “Aperi receives chefs Maryann Yong and Mario Malvaez
Áperi, Hotel Dos Casas will present chefs Maryann Yong and Mario Malvaez in their open kitchen for five days during which, a menu inspired by Southeast Asia, will be presented.
The newly arrived chefs to our country after having collaborated with Chef Gaggan Anand, Bangkok, Thailand – who has been selected for 4 years as the best chef in Asia for the 50 Best Restaurants – will collaborate with the Aperi cooking team to bring to San Miguel de Allende the first experience of 2020 and thereby celebrate the new year.”
VIP Club member and author Peter Dunev published another Paco O’Reilly novel. Congrats Peter . . . available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle.


Friday, January 31
Perform a routine in your current favorite dance for fellow students. This is your time to kick up your dancing to another level and show off your moves!
Friday, FEBRUARY 7


CHILL (New hours 9:00 am. – 5:00 pm. Now serving breakfast.


Our Lety and Nanci, of Fenica, Zacateros #73, took somewhat of a hit last week. After buying a week’s supply of perishable goods, their power went out over the weekend and they lost much of their food. Members, let’s help the girls catch up some. Please make Fenicia a dining consideration for lunch or dinner if you like authentic Middle Eastern Foods. FYI: 100% Kosher.

EL PUERTO (Fresh Seafood)

In case any of you missed our last flash, on December 26th, here are a few new entries we have welcomed into your Club.

OLI TAPAS (Relox #18)

NOMADA COCINA INTERPERACION (NOMADA II, 2nd location, Jesus #27, open for breakfast and lunch.

MCCARTHY’S IRISH PUB, Ancha de San Antonio #25

MR. TOFU a 100% Vegan supermarket. (Home delivery)

All information pertaining to VIP Club participating restaurants and businesses, their addresses, phone #s and hours of operation can be seen 24/7 at

For the last 20-years, Your Club often receives feedback. Almost all mails sent back to us have been supportive, flattering and appreciative.

We thought we’d share a touching email we recently received from long-time members of which we’d like to share:

“Due to medical issues, we are moving to Houston next week.  We have lived for 13 years in San Miguel de Allende and will miss this wonderful city.  We wanted to thank you for providing us with the lucrative VIP Card of SMA.  It has been so beneficial enabling us to enjoy numerous restaurants and services.  I hope our paths will cross in the future.”

Hasta  Luego,

Sherrilyn Van Dyke & Rodney Dye

Your Club: “Thank you, Sherrilyn & Rodney. Only the best.”

Don’t run out of propane Gas!

Gas Providencia offers members 60-centavos off each litro of propane providing a minimum order of 1000 pesos. Gas Providencia will take your major credit cards and still provide the discount. Call the truck direct and talk to Eduardo at 415-109-5357 and they should be there shortly, time permitting.

THE RESTAURANT (Sollano #16)


EL PEGASO (New hours open at Noon. Their famous eggs Benedict and eggs Pegaso are served during all open hours)


If you’re gonna go, BajioGo is the way to Go!
VIP Club members and their family, guests or parties, pay just $18 USD. per person, for a door-to-door airport shuttle, Leon or Queretaro, when reserving beforehand and paying upfront.

BAHIA DE LA LUNA (Time, to maybe, go to the beach!)

Always a good sign!

For hours of the full VIP Club lineup, Go to Your Club’s new webpage 24/7:

Please report lost or missing VIP Club Cards here for immediate replacement.

Congrats: Johnny Favourite & Christy Campdera on their engagement
R.I.P. Henry Burns
R.I.P. Lisa Carol
R.I.P. Restaurante Damonica’s Nona Clara, its dynamic creator.
Get Better: Bob Bellomy
Happy Trails: Sherrilyn Van Dyke & Rodney Dye

We wrongly stated Colonel Jack Jennings’ Distinguished Flying Cross, was awarded by the U.S. Air Force. URNT! he’s a Jarhead!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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