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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by Purely CBD Mexico

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Mary H

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(VIP Club Cardholders receive a 10% discount with their order)

(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash – over 1900 are sent out locally 2000 pesos.)


“We’re a lot more than just a pretty face,” is our way of saying Your Club Card produces a lot more savings with other business dealings other than employing the card just at Restaurants.

Some years ago, Your Club diversified enabling other local businesses to gain access to our members and extended their generosity to our membership, by buying into the VIP Club program. (Note: Businesses don’t pay to enter the club.)

Some members report that with savings at BajioGo, or Marnier Agua, Gas Providencia, Sky Med emergency evacuation more than pays for their VIP Cub yearly dues. Some say the dental & medical services, Auto Insurance, CBD products, beautician procedures & spas and much more has big savings adding up. At the bottom of this flash, we will post some of the logos some should be familiar with when needing their products or service.

These businesses respect and are eager for the revenue provided by the membership even at a discount. We continue to urge members to go to and look over the categories and see the additional savings that can be had. Local merchants are depending on it.

Your VIP Club Welcomes NICKSAN (Japanese/ Mexican) Zacateros #37, 415-688-1376, open Tuesday – Sunday, 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Thirty years ago two chefs, one Japanese and one Mexican developed a conceptual menu that provided fresh Japanese products & sushi with fabulous original sauces including spices &n herbs indigenous to Mexico. Thus a synergy was created that’s been appreciated by sushi aficionados while Nicksan has become the by-product of that junta.

Nicksan has been enjoying rave reviews. Their tempora is supposed to be like no other. Isreal is your host! (VIP Club Cardholders get 10% off when paying cash or Credit Card.)

Your VIP Club Welcomes BIG PAPA CHILL BAR, Salida a Celaya #6, 415-151-0841 open Monday till Saturday 12:00 – 9:30 pm.

Sharon Flores is your host and a familiar smiling face for those who might recall Mini-Express. Located through the tunnel and on the back, upper patio behind Don Lupe Grill, Big Papa has already become renowned for their mussels, fish and chips and a fun gathering place.

VIP Club members get 10% off Cash or CC.

Your VIP Club is thrilled to welcome back EL BUEN CAFE, San Jorge #26, 415-152-5807. Open Monday through Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Long time sanmiguelenses fondly remember Kris Rudulph’s and Alberto’s Buen Cafe with their breakfasts, soups, salads, and dishes that had the flavor proving Kris went the extra mile.

Those unique soups and those moles and the shepherds’ pie and chicken curry salad, all still being served. VIP Club members take 10% off, cash only.

Your VIP Club welcomes SMA SMART BILL PAY
Is ya tired of waiting in long lines? Are you worried you might not have the dates right and your electric, cable, telephone, internet services might be shut down cause you missed paying by a mere day? Do you have to count on domestic help to get to the bill-paying places when you might be out of town? Worry no more. let Connie do the heavy lifting.

SMA SMART BILL PAY offers worry-free monthly utility bill payments.  The enrollment fee is $20 (USD).  This fee is waived for VIP Club members.

The service includes payment of up to 5 bills for a monthly fee of $15.  Additional monthly bills may be added at any time. The payment service may be discontinued by request.  All money is paid through PayPal.  For more detailed information contact Connie Cruz at



We are happy to sponsor a new Thursday night salsa with live Latin music.
Plays a mix of Latin Rhythms
so you can dance the night away
(and still get home before midnight)!
Every Thursday in March
March 5 – 12 – 19 – 26
8:30 – 11 pm
Open to the Public
RESERVATIONS: 415-185-8282



Your Club heard from Our Marco at Casa Nostra, Tereplen #8.
Starting March 17th, from Tuesday to Thursday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm there will be a new lunch option with Flammekueechen and Polentitas
Menu option – starter, main and a glass of wine 385$
Please call for reservations 415 110 2202

Lovely rooftop seating, international menu


EL COYOTE FLACO (This Sunday, 3:00 pm.)


Now serves breakfast all open hours& now open on Tuesdays!

No longer open early for breakfast but their famous Pegaso benedict and eggs Pegaso served during all open hours.

(has moved across the street to Potero #17)

GALERIA IZAMAL (New location, Jesus #25)


Go, Joey, Go!
Go, Joey, Go!
Go, Joey, Go!

LOS MILAGROS (Congrats Carlos, Pancho & the gang, 15 years of super service with a super crew)

Oasis San Miguel Guesthouse, 415-688-1189, a newly opened Moroccan style B & B at the top of Los Frailes, wants members to know along with their discount a complimentary breakfast will be provided. Seen in news archive 8 February.

Here’s a sprinkling of affiliated businesses where big savings can be had.



OPTICARE (Both locations.)



The full VIP Club lineup 24/7,

I want to thank and acknowledge all those who supported me for the Feed The Hungry benefit. Seems we pulled off a success! The turn out was great. The donations that came in from those who could not attend were substantial. The crew at Angela Peralta was outstanding and I am told I didn’t do too shabby of a job either.

Once again special thanks to Michael Amici, Another Face Mexico Mask Museum, Antigua Trattoria Romana, BajioGo, Berlin Bar & Bistro, Buenos Aires Bistro, Casa Nostra Restaurante, El Manantial, Feed The Hungry, Hank’s, Hojas de Te, Instituto Allende, MariaPaz Jimenez,  La Conexion, Luna de Queso, Olio Fino, Pro Musica, Jonnathan Tinoco, Vivali Cafe and Pauk Xoch

Help us keep the kitchens going by donating at

Please report lost or missing VIP Club Cards here for immediate replacement.

Congrats to Susan Page, named Mid-day Rotary’s, Citizen of the Year!
R.I.P Sherry Harper
R.I.P. Susan Montana

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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