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This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by SMA TV STREAMING, offering English language Live TV and movies from the US and Canada. We are located in San Miguel, with English language local sales, service and technical support. Call (415) 106 5600 for all your entertainment needs.

SMA TV STREAMING (part of Satellite TV Mexico) has been the premire provider of television and movies in SMA for almost 20 years. Our preferred streaming service provides East and West Coast feeds, local broadcast channels from major cities, movies, TV series and much more.

Our service is provided via the Amazon Fire Stick, which we professionally test and install for you in your home. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal, so we also provide you with personalized advice on how to get the most from your service. The Fire Stick is small and portable, and our customers easily take it with them when traveling outside of Mexico.
Exclusively for VIP Club customers, we offer a $50 discount off the normal $99 Fire Stick and system installation fee. Our all-inclusive monthly rate for Live TV and movies starts at only $30 USD, rather than the standard $34 which is a $48 USD savings, enough to renew Your VIP Club Card. There are also discounts for pre-payment, additional TV’s and customer-provided Fire Sticks. Please call today for
more details. Website:
Telephone (415) 106 5600 (Mexico cellphone)
(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash – over 2000 are sent out locally cost 2500 pesos.)


Who would have thought back in the 2000, Your Club would be celebrating its 23rd anniversary, May 1st, 23 years later?

Necessity is the mother of invention, while we had rent to pay and needed to eat! Your Club is more robust and diversified today, as it’s been, in its history despite the 2020 plague. Your Club was initially just a restaurant discount card, first blessed by three angels who promoted our kernel of an idea mostly via the wireless taco to recruit other sanmigulenses to buy into the program.  Such stalwarts were Loretta Sullivan, Wendy Frohm and Wanda Hanson. Bless you and do R. I. P.

One of the down sides of operating the VIP Club this long are the thousand or so of those members who have passed on. We’d be remiss if we failed to mention, our Reesha Browning, who passed on this past week who’ll be surely mentioned in our R. I. P. section at the end of this flash. Reesha joined the Club the very first day the card was for sale at the then, Nellie Lorenzo’s Border Crossings, while she continued to renew her membership every year thereafter!

Your Club also wishes to thank the restaurants and businesses who show faith that their participation will being them new and old customers.

What Your Club loves to hear from members: “We want to renew our membership. We use the card all the time!”

What Your Club hates to hear: “We never use our card in restaurants!”

Do know restaurant owners gripe, wondering aloud why they don’t see more card members when we advertise for them. Do know these individuals sign up with the Club because they want to see if our advertising works and they want to see that card in their businesses. We see many of our members frequent their establishments? No member has to employ their card for a discount if they don’t wish to, yet members could enhance Their Club by showing the various businesses they’re customers or trying them out because of the Club’s mention on one of the VIP Club’s promotional platforms.

Last word: TIPPING! What customers tip is their business! Your Club does ask, no matter what percentage you tip, 10-15-20% or higher, we respectfully remind the membership to please tip from the top number and not the net balance with the discount. Please take care of our great wait staffs.

Let’s get rocking

Your Club welcomes SAN MEZCAL & SAN BURGER, RECREO #88, 415-151-1422, Open: Wednesdays – Saturdays, 3:00 pm. – 11:00 pm, Sundays, 3:00 – 10:00 pm., closed Tuesdays.

San Mezcal & San Burger was created by three familiar and experienced faces on San Miguel’s restaurant scene: Longtime local restaurant operator, Juan (juanito) Leon de Vivero, Chef Jason Malloff & Master Mezcalier, Julio Hernandez. Popular local chef J.J. Castaneda also makes up part of the team.

San Mezcal carries a grand assortment of mezcals along with the creative meals  put together by Chef Jason. Each Thursday, Jason puts together a dynamite multi-course dinner, often paired with the correct mezcal.

On the other side of the house SAN BURGER serves tasty & juicy burgers so good they almost break the mouth.

If your curious about mezcal, like fine dining, or to devour a hefty selection of burgers, SAN MEZCAL & SAN BURGER is worth the visit.

VIP Club Cardholders can take 10% off using cash or credit cards, when dining at either Sa Mezcal or San Burger.

Your VIP Club welcomes MAKAMAH MEXICAN RELAX, Sollano #29A,  551-290 7502. Open daily.

MAKAMAH specializes in unique hand-made hammocks. Their motto is “Hand-made is heart made!” Produced in the Yucatan out of cotton, nylon & wool, the sturdy hammocks come in lively or basic colors. Makamah provides all the hardware and instructions for easy installment, rather outdoor or indoors.

Makamah is the first Mexican hammock brand to take this craft to the next level in quality, design, and passion for what they do. Makamah mixes something as traditional as a hammock, with the current world and trends in decoration and interior design.

Makamah also carries an array of scented candles along with other aroma therapy items. Daniel is your host. VIP Club members can take 10% of whe paying cash or CC.

Your VIP Club welcomes PUNTO ACTUAL, Art Gallery & Concept Store

Fábrica La Aurora, Local 4b, 415-150-1548, open Mon – Sat 11:00 – 6:00 pm, Sun 11:00 – 5:00 pm,
Punto Actual represents contemporary artists, photographers and designers from central Mexico. Celebrating its second year at Fabrica La Aurora and in San Miguel in the upcoming month, the Art Gallery and the gallerist have over two decades of trajectory in Mexico city, where it was established at La Roma as Traeger & Pinto.

Complementary to the gallery the concept store has a variety of products, from furniture to decorative pieces, and games suitable for own needs as well as gift options.
Punto Actual is offering a 10% discount to VIP card users, no matter if cash or with card IG / FB: @puntoactual 
whatsapp: 415 124 3756
phone: 415 150 1548


AnnouncIng an upcoming event TONIGHT, Saturday, April 29th, TEN TEN PIE al Carbón feature special events that takes place the end of every month in the Stirling District.

Come join Ten Ten for delicious food, drinks, a good chat, and to admire the mural work of local artist, Paul Rodríguez, who will cut the ribbon of his new art piece at Tentenpie, some time during the evening. Theye will have live music from 12:00 to 2:00 pm with Alejandro Zavala jazz guitarist, then from 3:30 to 5:30, Carlo Michel`s soft rock and folk entertains Please come join us for a delightful evening with great food and ambiance at TEN TEN PIE, 5 StIrling Dickinson, San Antonio. See you there!

BLACK TATTOO (hosting at Real de Minas hotel.






A letter to Solution’s subscribers from Angela Joy:

Hello Community!

We will be temporarily relocating to the corner of Insurgentes & Hernandez Macias while Mercado Sano is closed. This location is home to another project, The Velvet Cabaret, opening May 1st. However, in the meantime, it is open for our purposes and will be available during our normal hours until we can return to the mercado.

Our hours are: Monday – Saturday, 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm

This location has street parking available on the “Guadalupe side” of Insurgentes (during non peak hours) and there is also a parking lot on Insurgentes that a very short walk to the building (it’s across from where the ice cream vendor is on Insurgentes, closest to Hernandez Macias, perhaps a 2 min walk to the building).

Reminder: we also deliver, and are here to assist during this temporary and hopefully very short transition. Our phone number (415-100-2522) has not changed, apologies for missing a few calls this last week. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. I will continue to keep you updated.






For Mothers Day, La Contentt (Casa Maria Bonita) is going to give a free dessert and a rose for all mothers. Also we are going two have two special dining experiences.

The Breakfast experience is $222 pesos per person
It includes 1 coffee, 1 juice, enchiladas suizas, cup of fruit, bread with jam.
The Dinner experience $333 pesos per person
It includes 1 order of tacos, shrimp or rib eye, soft drink or lemonade or orangeade. 
Or one can order from the menu with the regular price.

EL PETIT FOUR (Congrat to Norma & Paco continue 25 years of excellence in San Miguel!)




In our last flash Your Club welcomed BARDO, Zacateros #51, 415-154-9706,


Your Club also welcomed CAVALICO FINE LIQUORS, Ancha de San Antonio #21, 415-152-1078.

MAGUAY NURSERY VIVEROS (Spruce up for Spring that garden or yard)




We also welcomed, F. E. M.  with monthly retreats that have been custom fit for the active traveler and locals who don’t wish to stop moving their body, mind and spirit, even while perhaps on vacation.

VIP Cardholders receive 10% off fees for them or their party. For more information or to book your next vacation, visit (F. E. M.) at or contact them directly at

There are only a few spots left on our 5 night/6 day Luxury Fitness Retreat July 11-16.”




We also welcomed in our last flash, MUSEO DE POPULAR, RANCHO JAQUAR, 415-181-1660

GAS PROVIDENCIA (65 centavos off each litro when paying cash!)

Call the truck direct, 415-109-5357.

THE PIZZA GUY, has re-opened with limited days, Fridays til Sundays Noon – 9:00 pm. Call 415-110-2153

Please give if you can.

R. I. P. Emily Marshall (wife of Doc Severenson)

R. I. P. Beto Gonzalez

R. I. P. Reesha Browning

R. I. P. James Arnold

Don’t forget to report lost VIP Club Cards for immediate replacement.

Follow Your Club and what’s going on daily etc.


Thank you for your continuous & loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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