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This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by THE PIZZA GUY, Salida de Celaya #71, 415 110 2153, Pick up, Delivery & Eat In.
Joe Ruffino has reopened the Pizza Guy on a limited basis Friday through Sundays Noon – 9:00 pm. Members who follow our Newsflashes are aware of the crisis and ailment that took our Joe’s terrific wife and partner, Ana. The restaurant had been closed since November with Joe attending to Ana in every way, but Joe is once again firing up the pizza ovens. Joe is getting in game shape and soon The Pizza Guy will be at full throttle!

The Pizza guy also offers pastas, anti-pastas, strombolis, Meatball sambo, subs and egg plant dishes.

Please consider the Pizza Guy for your next pizza or Italian specialty.

(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash – over 2000 are sent out locally and cost 2500 pesos.)


Happy Easter all!

Before we get rocking, Your Club desires to share some info we believe will benefit members.

During major holidays and celebrations, unfortunately those festive occasions often attract organized grifters and thieves to our town. “Aguas!” As they say in Mexico, we’re shouting out a prudent warning and especially to those of you who carry purses and tote bags.

Don’t ever place your purse or tote bag on the back of a chair while at a bar or restaurant. Recently a local surveillance video appeared on Facebook capturing a crooked couple situating themselves inches away from their mark and in a sneaky fashion easing their hand into the tote bag hanging on the back of the diner’s chair and swiping her wallet.

Beware! These people are pros. Their methods vary, yet distraction is a key move they pull off to bamboozle people. If someone suddenly slams you, or spills something on you, places their hands on you to help clean you up, or begins to converse in a convoluted way that doesn’t gel, cover your butt, Bob. Double check for your wallet or purse or anything that can be lifted and then get away.
A long-time VIP Club participating restaurant contacted us. They wanted Your Club to know they denied a person entrance to the restaurant who was accompanied by a dog. The person  became infuriated, producing paperwork from the US arguing how Fido was a service animal!

The restaurant manager, a twenty year associate, politely told the individual, Mexico is not the United States and their restaurant does not permit animals, That’s been their policy since Jump Street. According to the manager, who speaks perfect English, The Sherlock loudy ridiculed the restaurant’s policy and began to flaunt his so-called VIP Club status.

Just a reminder, ya’ll, The VIP Club stands for “Very Informed People,” not “Very Important People.”

We believe “Importance” is earned and not bestowed. Some years back the City of San Miguel banned dogs from restaurants but recently the enforcement, in many cases has gone by the wayside and is often left to the discretion of the business.

Your Club stands by the rules restaurants or businesses employ. Our advice to all is to go by the rules! There’s much more to unfold, so let’s get rocking!

Your Club welcomes BARDO, Zacateros #51, 415-154-9706, open Wednesdays to Sundays 8:30 am. to Midnight, Monday and Tuesdays, 2:30 – 10:30 pm. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinners and late night.

BARDO, presents a diversified Mexican-style menu that also includes a varied selection of delectable sea foods.

Raul, muy amable,  is your host!

Your Club welcomes CAVALICO FINE LIQUORS, Ancha de San Antonio #21, 415-152-1078.

Your Club’s been attempting recruit a liquor store for some time. We sold the management the Club membership itself and our hearty more-than-a-hundred bars and restaurants could have impact on their sales. COVALICO has offered the Club two separate offers.

If a VIP Club Cardholder buys 5,000 pesos worth of spirits, wines etc and pays cash they receive a 3% discount with free delivery. We negotiated the deal for those of you who might be having events, lawn parties, weddings etc at your home.

For participating VIP Club Bars and Restaurants: CAVALICO will provide a 5% discount, when paying cash, providing the minimum purchase of 3,000 pesos. In either instance the VIP Club Card must be shown.

Now after you’ve gone through 5,000 pesos worth of drink you might want to pay attention to our new participating business below!

Your Club welcomes THE FITNESS EXPERIENCE BY MELICE founder of (F.E.M.)

(F.E.M.) specializes in all inclusive Luxury Fitness Retreats in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, offering small group retreats for 3, 5 or 7 nights and also custom private trips for groups and corporate retreats.

Melice says, she created FEM because she fell in love with San Miguel and felt there was an unmet need in the market for fitness lovers like herself by deciding to be part of the city, in motion.

F. E. M.’s  monthly retreats have been custom fit for the active traveler and locals who don’t wish to stop moving their body, mind and spirit, even while perhaps on vacation.

Members might fill in soon to be visiting relatives schedule to be in San Miguel this summer. Fill them in on how Melice believes a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to cease, when one’s away from home. Melice says “What better way to soak in all of San Miguel’s beauty than to engage all your senses and immerse one’s self in this magical city through physical activity.”

VIP Cardholders receive 10% off fees for them or their party. For more information or to book your next vacation, visit (F. E. M.) at or contact them directly at

“When booking don’t forget to mention your Club Card number when you contact us to book a retreat for yourself or for a loved one, and get 10% off the total cost. Hurry! There are only 4 spots left on our 5 night/6 day Luxury Fitness Retreat July 11-16.”

Melice looks forward to hearing from members!

In the continuous effort to make Your Club more diversified we warmly welcome MUSEO DE POPULAR, RANCHO JAQUAR, 415-181-1660

For those interested in folklorica learning about the fabulous craftspeople stemming from this part of the world, Museo de Arte Popular is a very special type of hidden-away gem, out in the campo, and very much, worth the trip.

Hundreds of one of a kind pieces are on display. VIP Club Cardholders get 10% off entrance fees for them and their party.




Steven Jaymes, and those other talents who accompany him, continue to wow customers at El Tupinamba on Sundays at 5:00 pm.


(Consider attending Kenny’s Place’s Chilli Cookoff, Thursday, April 27th. Still a couple of openings for those wishing to compete!)


Who’s got the Beef? HANK’S NEW ORLEANS CAFE & OYSTER BAR gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? THE RESTAURANT SOLLANO #16  gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? BERLIN BAR & BISTRO gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? LA PARRILLA AL ROJO gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? GARUFA STEAKHOUSE gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? TIO LUCAS gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? APERI (DOS CASAS) gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? FOOD FACTORY – LA AURORA gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? CARNICERIA LA LONJA gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? TIO PABLO gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? SOLLANO 18 BY VINCENTE gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? DON VALENTE gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? CUMPANARIO gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? FLORIOS, COCINA DE FUEGO gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? LA CONTENTT (CASA MARIA BONITA) gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? MI VIDA gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? LA DOÑA – SAN MIGUEL gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? ASADO DE CAMPO gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? BULLA gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? CAFE RAMA gotz the Beef!

Who’s got the Beef? CASAS  LOS MILAGROS gotz the Beef!

Perhaps we owe our now gagging Vegetarian and Vegan members an apology!

In our 19 March flash, Your Club welcomed Polk, Recreo #3, 415-154-9208


Also in the Club’s 19 March newsflash we welcomed, ASIA ORIENTAL EXPRESS, 415-215-3625.

Also, in case you missed it, FLORIOS, COCINA DE FUEGO, alligned themselves in the 19 March newsflash, an Argentine – Italian themed restaurant.

BODEGA HOME & GARDEN ALONG WITH BODEGA ORGANICA, both in Mercado Sano, were mentioned as joining in the 19 March flash.

Your VIP Club also welcomed two, boutique, luxury hotels, CASA CORDELLI VILLAS & CASA SCHUCK,

GAS PROVIDENCIA (65 centavos off each litro when paying cash!)

Call the truck direct, 415-109-5357.



Please give if you can.

Heal up: Barbara Eckrote
Heal up: Crystal Calderoni

Don’t forget to report lost VIP Club Cards for immediate replacement.

Follow Your Club and what’s going on daily etc.


Thank you for your continuous & loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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